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4844Re: EK 8th Initiate Dr. Bluth and the Mahanta - Paul Twitchell

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  • prometheus_973
    Aug 5, 2009
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      Hello Etznab and All,
      I was thinking about this myself and
      about how Klemp and company use
      the excuse that it all came/comes
      from the ECK. Words are words and
      they are there for everyone to use.
      And, every invention was already
      created (and simply needs to be
      manifested) and is recorded in the
      Astral Library.

      However, what becomes of creativity
      if this is true? Is creativity simply
      traveling to the Astral Library and
      reading about an invention and then
      remembering the dream experience
      after one awakes?

      I saw the movie "Flash of Genius"
      and the guy had to defend his ability
      to create. It was all about how he
      arranged his components (resistors,
      capacitors, diodes, etc.) to create
      the circuits that made his invention
      work (the intermittent windshield wiper).

      Writers do the same with their words.
      There are thousands of words in the
      dictionary but it's the arrangement
      of these words that comprise thoughts
      and great books like "A Tale of Two Cities."
      This is the creative flow which is unique
      to all Souls.

      However, Twitchell stole the creative
      writing style of those he plagiarized,
      especially, when he used their exact
      wording. 'Thou Shall Not Steal' meant
      nothing to Twitchell because he had
      been doing it for years. And to him
      the ends justified the means.

      Yes, this theft of creativity is what
      Klemp has turned a blind eye to.
      But, what does one expect from
      a person who uses other peoples'
      stories in order to "write" his books
      and to give his talks. If it wasn't for
      these other peoples' stories HK's
      talks and books would be even more
      boring. He'd stumble around quoting
      Mark Twain or Rumi, or retell a Bible

      Where is Klemp's creativity? If he can't
      write anything worthy of a best seller
      he shouldn't claim he's the highest
      consciousness on the planet (the 14th
      Plane of Con. Mahanta), and he shouldn't
      claim to be an international intellectual!
      Is it all imaginary with Klemp? Either that
      or it's another lie! I'm not imagining it
      (like Eckists) so it must be a lie!


      etznab wrote:

      That was the source I was thinking of.
      Thanks for posting it.

      The only problem I have with all of the
      copying and not giving credit is that the
      credit (it seems to me) was given - or is
      implied to be given - to Eck Masters and
      Eckankar (but is that where it all actually
      came from?)..

      There is some "divide" it seems to me
      between the sources of information and
      the history of where it "comes from" acc-
      ording to "Eckankar".

      Although I can kinda see where such
      practices are common to organized re-
      ligion - and some New Age groups which
      desire to promote "Masters" unique to
      each their own path - sometimes I think
      that "fabricated" and "fictional" history
      (mythology and legend, etc.) can often
      detract from the actual truth. Even to the
      point of preventing people from learning
      the history and origin of certain teachings.

      It doesn't always matter, perhaps, the
      place where information comes from, but
      taken to the extreme pseudo "man-made"
      history can make a real mess of people's
      lives! Especially when they see the myth
      and the truth side by side and organized
      religion appears to want "myth" to replace
      the literal truth.

      What does a person do? Search history
      for the truth? or forget about that and just
      swallow the ____ pill?


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      Mahanta - Paul Twitchell


      Hello Etznab and All,


      and found a lot of information. The following

      is one source that showed up on this search:

      Excerpted from a letter by Dr. Louis Bluth,

      former President of Eckankar, one-time

      follower of Sawan Singh, and Paul Twitchell's

      personal doctor when the Eck leader died

      in 1971:

      Date: June 19, 1980

      My wife and I opened the first Eck class

      in Sun City, Cal. I personally treated Paul

      [Twitchell] many times and was the main

      speaker in Cincinnati when he passed away.

      Paul was a sincere student in the beginning

      and I considered him honest.

      Problems between him and his wife Gail led

      him to believe she was going to leave him

      and he desperately wanted to keep her.

      So when she demanded more money and

      better living, he started to write things and

      copy from other books. He [Paul Twitchell]

      borrowed my books on Radha Soami and

      copied a large share from them.

      I helped him write the Herb book and went

      to Riverside University and took Sanskrit,

      so basically much of the material is good

      because it is copied.

      I confronted him [Paul Twitchell] with what

      he had done and his answer was "since the

      author the book said it better than I could

      I copied it." The trouble is that he never gave

      anyone credit as to where he got it.

      As far as Darwin {Gross} is concerned,

      my opinion is that he is a fake as a Master.

      I don't think that a Master would divorce

      his wife and seek many other female companions.

      Signed: Louis Bluth, M.D.
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