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    Aug 1, 2009
      On the subject.



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      Thank you for a new line of inquiry, and yes I would be very grateful
      for references to the Inayat Khan work
      from a fellow seeker 
      Thank you
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      The shame of this is that the sound HU has a long time usage and is in
      Rumi's poetry.

      Hazarat Inayat Khan brought Sufi mysticism (separate from Muslem
      religion) to the west. It was right around the time that Paul was
      involved with the other sound current groups.

      No one has looked into this, but I have read a bundle of what Inayat
      Khan wrote at that time. If you look at those writing you can the
      perversion of higher level masters that Paul turned into the Mahanta
      (there was not just one in their ideology), you can read about the HU,
      you can read about the spiritual planes and its sounds, you can read
      about the higher beings that Paul perverted into the nine silent ones
      It was when I read all of this that I left Eckankar, sadly.

      I think that Paul may bave been experiencing something through a
      filter. I don't know if he was as much currupt as confused and going
      through profound changes. I say this because I read the out of print
      Letters to Gail Three. It is an amazing book showing the transition
      that he went through. Just amazing and he came out the other end to
      love being most important. In that book all that he read is laid out
      (incuding Path of tha Masters). It is impressive. I always think
      about all the close to five hundred books that I read while living in
      Japan. Do you think I remember what was in what book that I was
      reading sometimes four at once? Not. He supposedly had a photographic
      memory at a time when copyrighting was very different.

      There are so many Masters who went astray that it makes me tearful and
      more than criticize wonder what it is that that happens and that God is
      not more present for them in a way that they don't fall. I don't
      understand it.

      I wonder if any has thought about this. I wonder if anyone has come to
      some conclusion as to how to get to these higher realms without
      succombing to whatever causes this. It is painful for me to notice. I
      will say more later. If anyone would like reference, and does not want
      to do the research themselves,20I can lead them to the writings of of
      Inayat Khan (who did not live a long life) where I believe Eckankar
      truely came from and has never been mentioned. I think Lane was young
      and wrong about many things much of which he has admitted.

      Yet, I have left Eckankar and I do think that there is much that is not
      what I can follow. The shame is that I can not sing the HU anymore,
      because I am always in days getting hooked to the whole Eckankar
      energy. This is the problem, a big problem, the energy of something
      that should be united people perverting and it can be seen all over the
      place....everywhere not just in Eckankar. Even in Inayat Khan's group,
      after his unexpected death, the succession had problems and groups
      splitting off. I find it all more sad than something to criticize. I
      do not find us humans very civilized and few people live up to their
      spiritual beliefs on a daily basis. It is something worth
      contemplating, but people would rather criticize than contemplate and
      find the means to change. That is my problem and sadness and
      unfortunately I do not have an answer.

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