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4775Re: Overall Observations over History of Eckankar

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  • prometheus_973
    Jul 18, 2009
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      Hello paulji teen,
      I'd like to respond, again, to your below comments.

      paulji_teen tigeroverflow wrote:

      I found your site when looking for an update
      on a former HI. I first studied under Paul as
      a teen, the first seminar I went to was when
      he "translated" in Cincinnati. That was an
      interesting place to be.

      *ME: Yes, it must have been interesting
      to listen to all of the speculation while
      looking forward to the miracles that a
      change in leadership and a changed
      consciousness would bring. Wasn't that
      the implied promise (via initiation) and
      Darwin did hand out a lot of initiations...
      too bad they were worthless! Just look at
      those he gave Klemp by proxy and in

      More to the point for those of your readers
      who were not around Eckankar in the late
      1960s, to present, and / or never walked the
      same library floors researching in books that
      Paul once read (and finding his pre-Eckankar
      bookmarks), there is the path of Eck (or whatever
      you want to call 'it') and then there is the I'll
      say bizarre manifestation that has evolved from
      what Paul set up.

      *ME: Well, let's clear the air and say that Paul
      wasn't exactly honest about the origins of his
      (and Gail's) new creation. After all, why reinvent
      the wheel when Ruhani Satsang and Radha Soami
      Beas had "The Path of the Masters" and ready-
      made dogma. And, Paul learned how to exaggerate
      and stretch the truth early-on in his Sci-Fi pre-eck
      writings. PT even fooled Gail and Patti with his age/birth
      date phobia because they thought since he was
      (supposedly) 19 years older than Gail that it bothered
      him. Actually Paul was 32-33 years older than Gail,
      and this is what he was hiding from them. However,
      I will say that Eckankar has become more like
      a Bizarro World under Klemp's Kingly reign.
      It never should have become a religion!

      Even if Paul plagiarized, I suspect, some /many
      of his writings, his goal for the most part, I think
      was pure - he wanted to compile his theories of
      the common threads of where all or most of the
      secret teachings of world spiritual paths intersected -
      the common ground. Paul, to me was nothing short
      of a man with a genius IQ, and a master at multi-
      tasking. He even foresaw that his dream of how
      the teachings would develop as the outer organization
      matured, would not be what he wanted - that the
      purer teachings would stay on the Inner and the
      outer would my words based on his writings,
      something like 'become watered down'?

      *ME: I think that Paul had mixed feelings about
      what he was doing. As the "Cliff-Hanger" he
      wanted each of us to find and create our own
      religion. Gail, his very young wife, however, was
      greedy and encouraged him to focus upon making
      money by expanding the membership base.
      Then, when John-Rogers left and started a copy
      of Eckankar (MSIA), Paul took the offense. He
      created the "Mahanta" position (Jan. 1969) that
      placed him over all other Masters inside and
      outside of Eckankar. And, believe me, Paul did
      not have a genius IQ any more than Klemp does!
      And, these "teachings" were not pure to begin with...
      they were altered! However, the original Ruhani
      Satsang and Radha Soami are flawed as well!
      NO Living (or inner) Master is needed for
      30-40 years let alone an entire lifetime!

      Over the years I wrote the EIO office drawing to
      their attention gaps in writings / content and pointing
      to references I had found of what Paul had read
      so these gaps could be 'fixed' (based on books
      Paul had used)...alas, there wasn't any interest in
      this, which I found strange at best. (At one point
      I was told to "Park the info on the Inner!")

      *ME: Actually, Klemp did do some tweaking
      to Paul's Eckankar Dictionary with his Eckankar
      Lexicon. However, HK left some info as incorrect
      and distorted as Paul had and worse. For instance,
      HK added "Anami Purusha. Lord of the tenth
      plane, the Anami Lok. The first individual manifestation
      of God." Yet, if one looks at the word above this:
      "Anami Lok... the world of the Supreme Being,
      the Sugmad,... and the word is HU; the Tenth Plane."
      And then the definition, "Sat Nam... the first manifestation
      of God." Thus, how can Anami Purusha be the lord
      of the 10th Plane the Anami Lok when Sugmad
      resides there! BTW- Why does Sugmad reside on
      the 10th Plane when Klemp has a 14th Plane Initiation?
      And, Anami Purusha was Not the first manifestation
      of God when it was Sat Nam!

      I also have no idea if Darwin was guilty, or not,
      of what he was accused of - if he were in fact truly
      guilty, I think Eckankar may have wanted to press
      charges. Explanations even at the time, just didn't
      ring 'true' to me. The older me, now a few decades
      older, think it was more about not wanting Eckists
      to try to follow two "masters" - Harold, Darwin --
      and the competing third master -memories of Paul
      were still very strong at that time. It's one thing to
      have 'masters' with drawings on cards and another
      to have the 3-D version.

      *ME: Darwin was not guilty of a crime. However,
      he was guilty of trusting Klemp's word. Then again,
      Klemp had DG meet with him in that Sound Proof
      Dark Room (at the ESC) that HK worked in. This should
      have been a clue, a heads-up, or a Waking Dream
      to alert him that something was amiss when no Light
      or Sound could get in. [Soul Travelers of the Far Country,
      CH.7] Darwin should have announced that he would
      be staying on as the Mahanta. This would have made
      it much more difficult for HK and the Board to have
      him removed since Klemp was just a 12th!

      As for Harold -- his autobiographic past and career -
      I can't help but wonder "was he selected as a puppet-
      head of Eckankar", someone who could be controlled
      by the Board? I have always found his parables to be
      very uninspiring and his talks mostly boring. I was
      one someone who lived for the next seminars - and
      had soon found myself enjoying the other talks, art
      and music, and leaving when Harold talked. His style
      on the outer does little for me.

      *ME: Yes, Klemp has boring one-dimensional stories.
      After a long day his stories will, easily, put you to sleep.
      It's funny because they say that you've gotten it on the
      inner! But I knew one person who was always going to
      the "inner" and was punished for it! He had to wait for
      his 5th for 30 continuous years of active membership!

      Probably my biggest complaint about Eckankar's
      outer organization is it feels to me like a "brownie
      points" plan. If you volunteer, go out and try to sell
      others on this being the 'perfect way to God' then you
      get noticed and get rewarded with another initiation
      "stripe". If you are an HI not volunteering at Eck
      events, or doing Vahana work for Eckankar, and just
      are living the Eck life quietly (in my case doing volunteer
      work for over 20 years outside of Eckankar) and working
      in bereavement counseling - according to the outer
      Eckankar I've practically been told it doesn't count...
      I don't do it to have it 'count' - I do it as it just what
      I do. So, comments from head office that I need to be
      more 'involved' in the local Eck community to evolve
      spiritually, left me cold (Sort of like a conversation like -
      "If you only prayed, 'better', 'harder', 'more', 'different',
      etc then you would get "x" benefit - a frequent Christian

      *ME: RESA "brownie points" are important. One must
      Serve (volunteer), be Silent (don't question), Submit
      your will (surrender). It helps to be a close friend to
      the RESA too. Donating money, locally, and to the ESC
      helps too! One, also, has to be part of the local hierarchy.
      Thus, all-in-all, this doesn't leave much time for other
      activities. This is where Klemp, and his underlings, give
      lip service to compassion. However, one could always
      play the "Contemplation Order" card. It isn't used much,
      but it does keep most of them (RESAs) off your back.

      I probably sound jaded. I suppose I am. I know what
      I know on the Inner, but the outer - I have this love vs.
      dislike of the outer organization....waiting for a new
      spiritual head of the organization. It's time, I think,
      for Harold to retire. He isn't a "pope", or a "king". So
      many of us older timers from Paul's days have either
      left, or just sort of hang-on.

      *ME: You're no more jaded that other long-time H.I.s.
      Let's face it... it's all a scam! The initiations are by
      proxy on the outer. and they don't even exist on the
      inner. Look at Klemp as proof! How can "Soul equal
      Soul" exist in a Hierarchy? Klemp should have stepped
      back when he first had his EMR/EMF problems. This
      was Golden-Tongued Wisdom/Waking Dream stuff
      from Sugmad that he ignored. This EMR thing began
      when... 1990? HK's was afraid that someone might
      do to him what he did to Darwin. Now, it's just an ego
      desire to hang onto power and prestige.

      Eckankar, to me, if an awkward experience - when
      I have left, I have found on the outside looking in.
      When I came back, I still felt I so look forward to
      Harold moving on. I hope whoever follows Harold
      is more into providing spiritual teachings or training
      similar to Paul.

      *ME: Sorry, I just don't see any of that happening.
      Klemp won't leave, and he's screwed things up so
      much that it can't be corrected. Besides, why do
      advanced Souls (like eckists) need to be codependent
      upon a "Master?"

      Why I do find it hard to leave -- over nearly 40 years
      I have had so many experiences on the Outer with spiritual
      beings (masters?) and other uncanny coincidences that
      leave me knowing that there is a strong 'something' to
      all of this. And I still feel I am taught on the Inner.

      *ME: It's all you know! It's no wonder you're having
      trouble leaving. Look at all of those EK friends and
      relatives too! But, all of that stuff you've experienced
      has nothing to do with Eckankar, except, in how your
      mind has created its reality. Look at other religionists
      and their similar experiences. Other people have spiritual
      experiences without initiations and without religion.

      My thoughts....I am interested in your comments -
      and insight. So many of you must have been in similar
      situations - where the outer path just left you more
      with doubts and frustrated?

      *ME: It did with me. I just didn't want to believe
      that this new religion (Eckankar) was as bogus as
      the ones I had left behind decades ago! Still, it
      was hard to believe that some people were H.I.s
      (stupid and/or mean spirited) or got promoted
      when they smoked and drank! Didn't the Mahanta
      know what was going on? Why did he need Initiate
      Reports and why did RESAs need to call local H.I.s
      for a report when the computer generated initiation
      list came down from the ESC? And, that was just
      part of it. There were also all of those contradictions
      that nobody wanted to discuss... it could only be
      understood on the "Inner" so keep silent!

      Of those of you who have left - are you coming together
      to continue studying on the outside of the Eckankar
      organization? If so, interested!

      *ME: I don't study religion nor have the need to
      join one. I will, from time-to-time, read something
      that has a (Soul) feeling/reflection of higher Truth
      (for me). Some of the info on The Church of the Churchless
      was interesting as is rereading about the Tao. But,
      I'm done with anything too organized or hierarchal
      or religious or with a group think about individualized
      experiences. Who has authority over me or you (Soul)?
      No one!

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