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4738More 2004 TS Comments by Doug Marman

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  • prometheus_973
    Jun 30, 2009
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      These are excerpts of Doug Marman's
      comments and responses to questions
      posed to him from 2/3/2004 & 2/9/2004
      on Ford Johnson's thetruth-seeker BB.

      Subject: Another Response to Ford From Doug Marman

      DM: "In fact, Paul hadn't published any
      of his teachings or his experiences about
      his teachers before 1963. So the names
      Sudar Singh and Rebazar Tarzs appear
      for the first time right alongside the
      names Kirpal Singh and Swami Premananda
      and others...

      I am not trying to say that this proves that
      Sudar Singh or Rebazar Tarzs were real people.
      In fact, I have seen no evidence to prove this
      matter one way or the other." [2/3/2004]

      Subject: A Few Responses

      The following are Marman's responses to
      certain questions posed to him. DM will,
      at times, also include the full question.

      FYI: Previously, Marman stated that he does
      not give "Yes" or "No" answers.

      "3. Did Paul Twitchell copy other writers

      DM: "Yes. Well, I guess that I can give yes
      or no answers sometimes."

      "4. Did Paul Twitchell use other writers words
      and put his Eck masters names on them as if
      the Eck Master were saying them?

      DM: "Yes"

      These next DM responses were to (me) Nacal
      (aka Usually Skeptical).

      DM: "You seem to be right. Paul didn't use
      the word, Mahanta, until the January 1969
      Illuminated Way Letter and the February 1969
      Wisdom Note.... This is interesting. Thanks
      for pointing it out."

      FYI: Actually, it was the January 1, 1969
      Wisdom Notes where Twit first used the
      word "Mahanta."

      DM: "You wrote: 'Is what Harold teaches
      (Eckankar) a myth? Since I brought this
      subject up can you tell me if the Holocaust
      was a myth or not?'"

      DM: "Yes, I would say that a lot of what is
      taught about Eckankar is a myth.

      Yes, I think a lot of what people think about
      the Holocaust is made up of myth as well...
      History is largely made up of myth."

      ME: Doug gives a wishy-washy conclusion
      (not included) to his original anti-Holocaust
      statement in order to soften it some. Marman
      is, basically, saying that the "truth" (of history
      and life) is too complex to analyze. With Doug
      "this" or "that" or a combination of both, depending
      upon one's individual observation, is their "truth"
      which is a "myth" to others! But, what about the
      mass observation and experience of the Holocaust?
      Thus, Marman likes to sit on the fence when
      it suits him. This flip-flop to a non-position
      allows him to shirk the responsibility of saying
      words that stick and have real meaning. Instead,
      Marman constantly side-steps the issues and
      what he has previously stated. However, this
      merely shows his true two-faced, Kal-like demeanor.

      DM: "I think he liked the idea that his past
      was mysterious, and he helped to create
      this mysterious past. Yes, Paul is only known
      to the world as Peddar Zaskq because he told
      the world that was his spiritual name.

      And yes, this is the kind of writing that is
      mythological. Did you think I would say
      something else?"

      DM: "You ask, 'Are the initiations in Eckankar
      valid as a means to greater spiritual growth
      over those who are non-Eckists? Or, is this
      a myth too?'"

      DM: "I think the initiations are a mixed bag...
      they have become mixed with myths as well.
      I can tell you that Self-Realization is rare,
      HI or not. The initiation level doesn't prove
      anything. I don't think that anyone should
      be judging another person's worth or truth
      by what initiation level they are at. Including
      the Master."

      ME: I, also, asked why Klemp hadn't gone
      to the "Astral Library" to finish Book 3 of the
      Shariyat that Paul had begun as he stated on
      page 136 of "Difficulties Of Becoming The Living
      ECK Master."

      DM: "I think that Harold thought about completing
      book three but for some reason decided it wasn't
      his place to do so. i would be surprised if Harold
      ever finishes book three, or tries to." [2/9/2004]

      ME: Nice second guessing! Why wouldn't the
      14th Plane M/LEM be able to go the the Astral
      Library and copy the rest of the Lower Plane
      Shariyats? Hmmmmm. Maybe it's because HK's
      powers are all Mythological!

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