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4713Patti Resigned and Was Not Removed!

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  • prometheus_973
    Jun 13, 2009
      Hi Etznab,
      If I could access the Truth-Seeker
      site I would show the minutes from
      the meeting where officers and trustees
      were appointed along with a long discussion
      of what to do about Darwin. Patti was
      appointed as Secretary during this very
      long meeting that went until 10:00 p.m.
      A recess was taken and the meeting was
      to resume the very next day.

      However, Patti resigned the next day after
      having the night to think or dream about
      what was being done to Darwin by Klemp
      and his new crew (EK Board). Apparently Joan
      documented the details differently, after
      Patti left, by showing that Patti was "removed"
      when, in fact, she resigned. Thus, HK's cover-
      up began early on. A "resolution" was simply
      done to officially accept Patti's resignation.
      Another motion and "vote" was made into
      a resolution to appoint joan to fill the empty
      position. Anyway, why don't you ask Marman
      to ask Patti how it went down, according to
      her, and get it straight from the horse's mouth!

      p.s. Tell Marman to have Patti email you rather
      than take his word for what she has to say.

      etznab wrote:


      I wasn't aware that Patti S. resigned. Instead, I
      had the impression she was removed. Here is why:

      "Another interesting development in the August
      7 meeting was the appointment, by resolution,
      of Patricia Simpson Rivinus [married in 1983],
      Paul Twitchell's secretary, as the new secretary
      of Eckankar. Only one day later, she was, by
      resolution, summarily removed from this position
      and told that

      ... her services as an officer are hereby terminated,
      both such removal and termination being effective imm-
      ediately. [....]

      "Joan Cross (later Harold's wife) was

      ... appointed as Secretary of Eckankar, effective
      immediately, to serve the unexpired portion of the
      current term of Secretary."

      [See: Ford Johnson, Confessions of a God Seeker,
      A Journey to Higher Consciousness, p. 233-234]Â


      Prometheus wrote:

      Hi Etznab,

      I figured Patti had left EKankar since

      she resigned as Secretary to the ECKankar

      Board the day after Klemp & his new Board

      went after Darwin. Joan was voted to take

      Patti's position as Secretary, immediately,

      the same day as the resignation. Apparently

      Joan took lessons from Harry on how to stand

      in the wings, and await, until opportunity

      comes a knocking.



      I've often wondered about Gail & Patti -

      ever since I started researching & posting

      as far back as The TruthSeeker B.B. Was

      it 2005-2007? I think it was some time

      around there.

      It's a big question mark, to me, about

      whatever happened to Gail's involvement

      with Eckankar. Why the apparent silence

      for so many years? However, I don't think

      Patti has been so silent. I don't think it a

      mystery anymore, either, whether or not

      she is a member of Eckankar. At least, I

      believe it was alluded to by Doug M. that

      she was not any longer active. Instead of

      going into the details about this, my recoll-

      ection is that Doug wanted to let Patti tell

      the story in her own time, in her own way.

      About how many books Paul Twitchell

      finished before 1966, I think I see your



      prometheus wrote:

      Hello Etznab,

      At one time Twitchell was a high ranking

      member of Scientology. It seems L. Ron

      was his original source of "compiled" info

      on Jupiter. Thus, this now becomes Klemp's

      handed-down source since he tends to use

      other people (usually dead) as inspiration

      for his "EK wisdom."

      As far as Marman goes... he speculates...

      a lot... and then calls it the Whole Truth! LOL!

      Plus, according to Twitchell, it was GAIL who

      inspired him to take his piles of "research"

      and do something with it. Wasn't it 1963

      when PT met, GAIL, his coconspirator! I blame

      GAIL for the fraud more than Twitchell! She's

      had all of these years to right a wrong, but she's

      kept silent. The sin of omission! She, too, must

      be a narcissist! GAIL has rationalized her role

      by thinking she'd helped people who were

      desperate to believe in something more than

      what they had with their former orthodox

      religions. Except, Scientology, etc., etc., and

      other cult-like religions can say and do the

      same. Therefore, Gail is more the KAL agent

      than Paul. Yet, she and Patti seem to be Marman's

      new buds. Gail should do the right thing and

      jerk the rug out from under Klemp. Gail could

      even come on this site (ESA) Anonymously and

      post some tidbits about Twit, Gross, Klemp, or

      Ginn, or Skelsky, etc. She really does need to

      clear her conscience and protect those Souls

      whom she helped to delude.

      BTW, on another note, didn't Marman say

      that Kirpal didn't return the Tiger's Fang

      manuscript to Twit until around June, 1966.

      Thus, the only book PT had completely compiled/

      written, and printed, prior to 1965 was, maybe,

      a book of poetry?

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