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4706Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Klemp: Aryans Are From JUPITER!

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  • etznab@aol.com
    Jun 8, 2009
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      You illustrated:

      I don't see how Klemp "got it" that the
      5th ARYAN ROOT RACE came before the
      1st POLARIAN ROOT RACE and, especially,
      that man was "placed here by colonists
      from JUPITER." This is another dirty little
      secret that EK VAHANAS can't speak of!
      Another dirty little secret is that ECKists
      are expected to "serve."

      That was a good point, I thought. Because
      legends, myths, fables and folktales are part
      of organized religious dogma, IMO. And if not
      in the beginning, they seep in over time when
      people speculate about what they read, and /
      or what they were told. Fiction and pseudo
      (man-made) religion / history are a part of the
      organized religion legacy, too (IMO). However
      when the latter gets taken literally, as if true &
      actually happened I believe people have every
      right to challenge such allegations.

      Here are some examples. The early manu-
      scripts of Dialogues With The Master and The
      Tiger's Fang were written around mid to later
      1950's (reportedly). Today the Eckankar books
      by those names feature Rebazar Tarzs.

      These are examples about truth vs. fiction -
      not because I absolutely know all the details -
      but because the subject is "suspicious" and
      /or requires additional scrutiny, IMO.

      Paul Twitchell had associations with Kirpal
      Singh round about the mid 50s when the two
      manuscripts were reportedly written.

      In 1963, I believe, Paul Twitchell took his
      0A"wife to be" to get initiated by Kirpal Singh.

      In one of your past posts (I don't have the #
      or date) you wrote:

      "Kirpal Singh initiated Paul Twitchell in 1955 on
      his first visit to the United States. Kirpal came
      back to the U.S. on two other visits. The second
      was in 1963-64 and the third was in 1972."

      I think that information was mentioned in Ford
      Johnson's book, too.

      Consider what Doug Marman gave back around
      the year 2000:

      ".... Paul wrote The Tiger's Fang in 1957, but
      did nothing with the book until he offered it to
      Kirpal Singh in 1963. Paul wrote Dialogues
      With The Master around 1956, from the refer-
      ences I have seen, but didn't publish it until 1970.
      Paul also wrote The Flute of God in 1959, but
      didn't put it into print until 1966, in the Orion
      Magazine series. This pattern is similar to Paul's
      writing of The Far Country in 1963, which wasn't
      published until 1970."

      [Dialogue in the Age of Criticism, Chap. 6]


      I find the Rebazar Tarzs history controversial be-
      cause Paul includes him in the two books. One of
      them written one year after being initiated by Kirpal

      Also, the Tiger's Fang manuscript sent to Kirpal
      Singh in 1963 and the number of paragraphs in
      Eckankar books mirroring what Julian Johnson
      wrote in 1939. In some places apparently "spoken"
      by Rebazar Tarzs to Paul Twitchell.

      A Although I don't absolutely know all the details,
      since I have not necessarily seen the early manu-
      scripts (before revisions and additions of Eckankar
      terms), I did take note of the fact that Kirpal Singh
      reportedly DID RETURN the Tiger's Fang manuscript.
      And it might possibly have been in the possession
      of Eckankar for a number of years.

      According to Kirpal Singh?

      "Later he sent me another letter, 'Return my book,
      The Tiger's Fang.' I returned his book. That was dict-
      ated by me on the inner planes, and that's all right.
      He changed that book before printing; where he men-
      tioned my name, he changed it to another guru's name."


      My point is not necessarily whether Kirpal Singh
      dictated and / or should have any credit for the book.
      THAT NAME!

      Was the name Rebazar Tarzs featured in the early
      manuscript? Eckankar should know that answer, if it
      has the manuscript in its possession.

      There has been controversy over when the name of
      Rebazar Tarzs first appeared in print. The popular date
      I saw was 1964. However, if one were to search for an
      illustrated Rebazar Tarzs history prior to that, where is
      the evidence for it? Is it in that early The Tiger's Fang
      manuscript? Pre-1963? Was the name Rebazar Tarzs
      given in the first20Letter to Gail in December 1962? Was
      it in the original Dialogues With The Master manuscript?
      If these documents are in the possession of Eckankar
      it could settle a lot of controversy (IMO) about who
      came to Paul Twitchell? and exactly when?


      Those were examples because I have mostly seen
      the later revised versions of Eckankar books and don't
      have access to (haven't seen) all the earlier history.

      If it ever turns out true, beyond a reasonable doubt,
      that Kirpal Singh once appeared where Rebazar Tarzs
      does now - in Paul Twitchell's writings - then I would
      have a case for saying that something "seeped in" to
      the written works of Paul Twitchell over time.

      I've seen multiple apparent timelines for Rebazar T.
      One that has him appearing after Paul met Gail. And
      in 1963 when Paul started writing The Far Country.

      Why are there so many paragraphs by Rebazar T.
      (in The Far Country) similar to what appears in The
      Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson? The ones in
      Johnson's book are closer to what Kirpal Singh may
      have endorsed, and Gail was reportedly initiated into
      that path in 1963. So ...?

      Of course, for verifiable evidence, one would have to
      have the early Dialogues With The Master, The Tiger's
      Fang and original Letters to Gail to confirm what is the
      name that appears. Kirpal Singh or Rebazar Tarzs, etc.

      I have asked ab
      out all of those, at E.S.C. and A.R.E.
      Before that, I may have inquired at the original The Truth-
      Seeker Bulletin Board. I asked current and former Eck-
      ists. Even long-time members from the early days.

      Good questions Prometheus. I think you have a right
      to have the truth.

      I would call this a certain form of being a vahana.


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      Sent: Sat, 6 Jun 2009 9:27 pm
      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Klemp: Aryans Are From JUPITER!

      Hello All,

      I thought I'd bring this back for

      another laugh. Are ECK Vahanas

      Ever to mention the Jupiter and

      Venus connection with the EK

      Masters when speaking to seekers?

      Of course Not! Are EK Vahanas

      ever to mention the lifetime "service"

      requirement to new seekers? No,

      again! I wonder, why Not? Too

      much Truth... they'd get spiritual


      - Aryans Are From JUPITER! -

      Harold Klemp (LEM/Mahanta)

      "The Wisdom Notes" SPRING

      1984 writes:

      "... the MAHANTA, the Living ECK Master,

      The world is never without him, for the line


      ARYAN PEOPLE were placed here by colonists

      from JUPITER."

      Yes! Eckankar has more space Gods

      (i.e.ECK Masters) than they want to admit!0D

      Gakko and Rami Nuri are from VENUS!

      Dap Ren (Darwin Gross) was from

      Clarion! Klemp even has this planet

      mentioned in his EK Lexicon--

      "CLARION. A planet where higher

      evolved Souls are living to help carry

      on the work of GOD throughout the


      Etznab wrote:

      More "space-people" & Eckankar trivia.

      "Eckankar was brought here from Venus

      by a little known race which is living in

      Agam Des, and whom we know as the

      Eshwar Khanewale [last two words

      in italics], or simply as the God-eaters.

      These beings are members of the Ancient

      Brotherhood, or Order, of the Vairagi.

      They attained their name, the god-eaters,

      from the fact that they absorb cosmic

      energies instead of assimilating plants

      and other foods." [my brackets]

      Based on: Herbs The Magic Healers,

      Copyright 1971, 2nd printing 1987,

      p. 100 (3rd paragraph) Paul Twitchell


      prometheus wrote:


      Klemp is a scammer and his followers

      are gullible New Age wannabes!


      How can rational and intelligent people

      believe in this crap! Most ECKists came

      from orthodox religions that taught

      similar fiction and myth. And, these

      Old Orthodox religions, as well as, the

      New Age ones have complex dogmas

      and glowing "spiritual" test

      of miracles, visitations by angels and/or

      Masters, etc. just as Eckankar does!


      All religions rely upon the current

      LEADER's ability to control and manipulate

      the imaginations of his believers!


      I'm still wondering how Klemp can say

      that the Aryan Root Race was "PLACED

      HERE [earth] BY COLONISTS from JUPITER"

      when in the Shariyat 1, CH 3 it states:

      "The floor of Heaven opened; and ALL

      Souls went TUMBLING DOWNWARD

      through the worlds, through the Planes

      and Regions of light, darkness, the sounds

      of the wild winds, the Universes and Heavens.

      At last, Each came to rest upon the worlds

      of matter--some of the newly formed

      planets of VENUS, SATURN, JUPITER, and

      THOSE NAMED BY MAN from this little

      world of EARTH.

      Many CAME to the EARTH planet and

      formed the consciousness of man in

      the flesh temple of the human body,

      to wear the cloth of misery and unhappiness,

      and take up the burdens of karma until

      at last, one day, each would be ready

      to return to the heavenly home." [end]

      I don't see how Klemp "got it" that the

      5th ARYAN ROOT RACE came before the

      1st POLARIAN ROOT RACE and, especially,

      that man was "placed here by colonists

      from JUPITER." This is another dirty little

      secret that EK VAHANAS can't speak of!

      Another dirty little20secret is that ECKists

      are expected to "serve."


      Here's an interesting definition from

      Klemp's Eckankar Lexicon (pg. 162):



      which lived in POLARA, the GARDEN

      of EDEN; the ADAMIC RACE; ADOM

      was the FIRST MAN and EDE, the


      the RACES OF MAN upon EARTH."


      It's true that Twitchell was a professional

      liar and plagiarist, but Klemp is too! Twit

      stole the words and ideas of others without

      giving them credit. Klemp steals the stories

      of spiritual experiences from chelas written

      in Initiate Reports and letters in order to

      use these as "inspiration" for his books that

      he receives 50% royalties on!






      Paul Twitchell himself seems to have messed up

      when mentioning the Arayans too. Unless someone

      mistranslated it to begin with.


      "[....] The destruction of the kingdom of Lemuria and

      all its colonial empire came about by gas pockets under

      the crust of the earth some hundreds of thousands of

      years ago. It was a land of the Aryans who spread the

      empire throughout the world. [....]"


      [Based on: Paul Twitchell, The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad,

      Book Two, seventh printing, 1982, p. 97 & eighth printing,

      1986, p. 97 ]


      0A"[....] The destruction of the kingdom of Lemuria and all

      its colonial empire came about by gas pockets under the

      crust of the earth that formed some hundreds of thousands

      of years ago. [....]"


      [Based on: Paul Twitchell, The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad,

      Book Two, Second Edition - 1988, p. 112]


      It looks like someone got rid of that reference

      to Aryans in the Satya Yuga. And it only took

      until 1988!

      prometheus wrote:

      > >

      Harold Klemp (LEM/Mahanta)

      "The Wisdom Notes" SPRING 1984:

      > >

      "... the MAHANTA, the Living ECK Master.

      The world is never without him, for the line


      ARYAN PEOPLE were placed here by colonists

      from JUPITER."

      > >


      > >

      When one looks at the definition for "ARYAN,"

      in Klemp's EK LexiCON, he states that this is

      the FIFTH and Current ROOT RACE!

      > >

      People in this Current ROOT RACE, according

      to Klemp, "were placed here by colonists from


      > >

      Where are the other RACES from?

      > >

      Is this JUPITER thing mentioned in any ECK Brochure?

      I don't think sooooo!!!

      > >

      What planets were the other "Previous" ROOT RACES


      > >

      Was "Atlantis" a place in another Galaxy Far

      Far Away? That sounds like t
      he makings for

      another Klemp story! Yawn!

      > >

      Really! Do ECKists remember this comment that

      Klemp made as a newer member of the Vairagi

      Order in the Spring of 1984? I never did! It was

      covered up and never mentioned again wasn't it!

      > >

      This is how the "Law of Silence" or "take your

      question to the inner" works in Eckankar!

      > >


      > >

      P.S. Am I missing something? Were both or

      just the "colonists" from JUPITER? Were the

      Aryans being "placed here" (earth) from Jupiter

      too, or were they from somewhere else? Did

      we Aryans come from test tubes, or were we

      aliens from Clarion and enslaved by the Jupiterians?

      > >

      Shouldn't the Highest Consciousness in All

      the Universes (Klemp) have access to more

      of this info in order to give some clarity (excuse)

      for his contradictions of information? Or, does

      Klemp have his head in the clouds (or sand)

      and is more focused upon those Souls residing

      on the Inner Planes? LOL!

      > >

      I must admit the JUPITER thing does sound

      sort of fictional (like Star Wars or Battlefield

      Earth). Lies do build upon one another! Could

      it be that Klemp, early on, was influenced

      by L. Ron Hubbard as much as Twitchell was!
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