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4668Re: Interview of former EKists

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  • prometheus_973
    May 5, 2009
      Hello Amanda,
      I hope we hear more from you and
      that you list your questions for
      us to answer.

      I doubt if there could be a face to
      face meeting since the odds of one
      of us living near you isn't very good.

      Yes, ECKankar is both a cult and
      a religion!

      Anyway, please feel free to contact
      us with your questions. And, as Mish
      suggested, please review the topics
      and our comments in the archives,
      links, and files in order to have a
      broader understanding of ECKankar's


      Amanda wrote:

      I am currently working on a paper
      on Eckankar for Religions of the World

      While I plan on trying to interview someone
      that is currently practicing, I would also like
      to interview someone that used to practice
      the religion.

      I know there is controversy surrounding the
      religion and that some consider it a cult.

      If the person did not want to meet or talk face
      to face I could supply the interview questions
      to them and be emailed back the responses.

      Any assistance you could provide would be great.
      I do not want to do a paper with just the one side
      and would like a former member's insight to the
      religion as well. I would also site that the person
      is anonymous in my work.

      Thank you,
      Amanda Nankivel

      Mish wrote:

      Hello, Amanda!

      Could you explain a bit about yourself and why you
      selected eckankar for your Religions of the World
      class? How did you come to find eckankar?

      I hope you are reading the posts on this site--they
      should give you a very good look at former members'
      perspectives and experiences--many have posted
      why they dropped out of the cult!

      I also recommend that you check out Ford Johnson's
      book "Confessions of a God Seeker" and James Davis's
      posts on why he left eckankar. Both Johnson and Davis
      were long time followers of eckankar and quite active
      in the upper levels of the org.

      BTW, if you are a member of this site, you can go to
      the Files and read chapters 6-10 of Confessions of
      a God Seeker. The message board and archives are
      available for reading without joining. However, there
      is a lot of good info in the Files but they can only be
      read by members.

      Good luck,
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