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4660Re: When Will Klemp Update His "Official" Photo?

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  • noneckster
    Apr 30, 2009
      It's kind of like the Emperor's New Skin. He's probably counting on the same tired story, that "I'm just pretending to be just like you." lol I wonder if his corpse like look is a preview of Halloween. Although, it's interesting that everyone ages differently. It is probably mostly genetic. You'd think though that the m/lem would have the best genes of all. I guess the last three are very much lacking. Heart disease, alcoholic/addictive, poor immune system, to name a few. Oh and Schizoid Delusional mental illness, etc.

      Non eckster ; )

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > I've seen some recent seminar pictures
      > of Klemp, the M/LEM of ECKankar, and
      > he doesn't look good! He looks really
      > old and has very grey hair... all over!
      > And, he's lost a lot of weight! However,
      > I couldn't tell, from the photos, if he
      > was tanned or jaundice. If that was a tan
      > then it's probably from vacationing in
      > Peter Skelskey's house down in Tampa.
      > But, if he's jaundice I would imagine that
      > it's Not from EMF!
      > The thing is, Why doesn't Harry keep his
      > youth and health like 500 (plus) year old
      > Rebazar Tarzs... or any of the other EK
      > Masters still living in a physical body?
      > Why is Klemp the only (still) Living in
      > the same physical body ECK Master that
      > is aging... dramatically?
      > Actually, Klemp's rapid aging is proof that
      > he's Not an EK Master! Rebazar still takes
      > on Karma for chelas as does the other EK
      > Masters who still have the same physical
      > bodies... thousands of years old! Right?
      > And, doesn't Klemp claim to be (indirectly)
      > the most advanced M/LEM ever? Sure he
      > does! Klemp has even belittled Twitchell's
      > consciousness by saying it was "lower"
      > than it would be today. Yet, HK still uses
      > Twitchell's Shariyats (Books 1 & 2) and
      > has never written Books 3 & 4!
      > And, Why doesn't Klemp update the "official
      > photo" that he has printed on The Wisdom
      > Notes page of "The Mystic World?" It's because
      > of Vanity! Klemp is vain and delusional! He's
      > also is in denial. But, his followers are delusional
      > as well! They have to deny reality and buy into
      > the lies and myth of religious dogma like they
      > did before they found and "joined" ECKankar.
      > ECKists just can't let go after 20, 25, 30, 35,
      > 40 years! However, Gail Twitchell Gross and
      > Patti Simpson let go of ECKankar as have other
      > High ranking ECKists over the years!
      > EKists have to wonder, How long does it take
      > for Soul to take charge of it's own outer and
      > inner life? How many "tools" does one need
      > to accumulate in their "tool box?" How many
      > Mental Plane books, courses, guidelines,
      > requirements and tests does it take before
      > one can learn and experience on their own...
      > as a Divine Soul which is One with the Holy
      > Spirit? Why doe Soul still need a religion,
      > unless, it is still weak? Or, is Soul weak because
      > it is not yet evolved enough to see that it's
      > all a KAL trick/trap? Either way, it's illusion
      > that keeps ECKists on the "path."
      > Notes from the 2009 EK Springtime Seminar:
      > "Klemp was wearing a new dark blue suit, which
      > seemed a little too large on him, as if he's lost
      > some weight. He was wearing a periwinkle blue
      > shirt with a striped tie. His hair seemed a softer
      > gray all over."
      > Prometheus
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