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4570Re: Fundamentalism and Religion

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  • prometheus_973
    Mar 10, 2009
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      Hello Mishmisha,
      I agree with what you have said. Here's a
      site that has some information as to how
      and why Islamic men see women as they do.


      BTW- I hope this come up.

      It's interesting, too, that ECKankar denies women
      the opportunity to become LEM's (12th Initiates),
      due to "polarity" since women are "negative."
      Also, the Order of the Vairagi Adepts (pg 222
      EK Lexicon) is made up of "just men," but then
      a make-believe female Master (Kata Daki) is added
      to the "inner" ranks in order to placate the EK
      female members who do most of the work!


      mish wrote:
      > Jonathan,
      When I stated that I was concerned and bothered by fanatics,
      fundamentalists and radicals, I was applying this to all religions.
      I think you misunderstood by comments when I pointed out that
      Islam is an antiquated religion, primitive and one as a woman
      I would not want to be associated with . . . . but there are plenty
      of zealots in various religious groups throughout this country.
      I also think it is ridiculous for people of differing faith to go as
      missionaries into foreign countries to convert . . . but many religious
      groups, including eckankar and its vahana missions, fall into this
      category as well. So I do agree that we should not be working to
      convert peoples of the world to other religions. Also democracy
      does not work everywhere either. All this government needs to say
      in order to get support for a war in the Middle East is to say our
      troops are going there to free the people, etc. LOL! But there is
      also the flip side to what our intentions are and what other zealots
      in other countries have on their agenda. A fanatic is always wanting
      to convert others . . . that is a forefront mission. And they will do
      it in various ways, including conquering and forcing their will/belief
      on others. For instance, just take a look at the history of Egypt and
      how it came to be 90% Moslem . . . I can assure you it was not nice.
      It was very bloody . . . people converted unwillingly . . . a country
      that had some of the earliest Christian churches in the world almost
      converted totally overnight . . . just how does that happen? An epiphany
      by the masses . . . or was it by force? And try to live there as a non-
      Moslem today . . . 10% are not Moslem. .
      Now, getting back to just letting people have their religions and
      not be concerned? Well, for the most part, I guess one can. However,
      many cruel things have been done and continue to be done in the
      name of God/religion. My whole point basically is that religions
      as I said before exist to control and manipulate people, women
      usually being the most controlled and kept subservient. Religion
      to me does not afford freedom . . . so why should they have free
      range to do some of the idiotic and atrocious things they do. Why
      turn a blind eye?
      I lived in the Middle East for a time. I enjoyed the association
      with many Moslems, but among them are the fanatics . . . and
      at one time, I got caught up in a disturbance which was dangerous . . .
      with my child . . . Mob mentality is really scary . . . to the point that
      the non violent of a faith are intimidated to keep quiet.
      But we have many hard headed fundies in this country too--not
      so sure they are as violent though . . . not at this time.
      I could say more but I'm not seeing the point of going too deep
      on this subject. Sam Harris' book End of Faith is an interesting
      read. I do recommend it if you haven't read it already. : )
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