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455Re: Truthdecider's Post, "The Ex-Eckist Critics Vs. The Ex-Eckist Apologists

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  • Freefrom
    Sep 2, 2005

      I'm sure you may mean well, but the Katrina disasters of the world may
      not agree. Bad things sometimes happen to good people. I sometimes
      refer to the "I created and create all of my existence to every tiny
      detail as a reflection of my own consciousness" as New Age Guilt. The
      old Karma thing of ultimate and absolute responsibility for
      everything. This is also a good path towards self-hate and the old
      manic/depressive cycle so often seen in people making such grandiose
      propositions. I am not preaching, just conveying my experience.

      I have also seen Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in a lecture and she was a
      pretty fiesty outspoken person. She was not just an all accepting
      personality and if she had a beef with someone about something, she
      could very well let them have it without holding back, even as an old
      lady who had recovered from a serious stroke.

      My understanding of the grieving stages is that they are not
      necessarily sequential or linear. It is an organic process. Denial is
      always there and anger and sadness and all the rest. The point is
      accepting whatever comes up and working with it and through it IMO. In
      shamanistic terms there is a sense of accepting what is appropriate,
      what is for that moment. And then the Buddhists have their way of
      dealing with life, compasion and open awareness. I'm no expert, but
      this is my take on it. Denial is really a difficult one. I personally
      don't think that Paul Twitch intended his New Age religion to be a
      training ground for self-made masters of their own fate, once they
      realized the whole thing was just a sham, IMO.



      P.S. resisting feelings is a really hard thing to do, yet that is what
      eckiekar taught us to do. Har, Har. Sorry I suddenly felt silly.

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "truthdecider"
      <truthdecider@y...> wrote:

      On a different point about all of this, I believe very strongly that
      everything that we experience in life is a reflection of our own state
      of consciousness. I experience this on a daily basis, and have
      absolutely no doubt about this reality. And this is certainly not just
      something that is taught in Eckankar. This is the basis of most truly
      grounded spiritual teachings, such as the Shamanistic traditions, the
      Buddhist traditions, etc. So even if it appears that someone hits me
      with their car, or I am born into an abusive household (which I was),
      or I join a spiritual path that turns out to have a lot of deceptions
      and untruths in it that are mixed with some truths, this is all still
      my hologram! It is my universe that I created to learn from, and my
      mental projection. All of it! I can't disown certain parts of it,
      because all of it's mine, and I need to realize that I own all of it
      if I am ever to fully understand and transcend it.

      Now granted, as Elizabeth Kubler-Ross so wisely points out, most of us
      go through 5 distinct stages of grieving when we experience any kind
      of big loss or hurt. One of the earlier stages is allowing the anger
      and the pain to have their beingness. I can remember punching a heavy
      bag, sometimes for an hour or more a day, for several weeks when I
      finally was facing the anger that I felt towards my abusive childhood.
      But as even most Therapists will tell you, the real healing of the
      pain and damage from these kinds of experiences commences when you get
      to the point where you can not only forgive your abusers or deceivers,
      but when you can begin to see the experience in a positive light, and
      actually see how the whole experience helped you develop certain
      positive qualities that you may not have otherwise developed.
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