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4546HK:"Do everything in my name and ye shall be free (of karma/sin)"

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  • prometheus_973
    Mar 5 7:50 AM
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      ECKists are told that Klemp (the Mahanta) has
      God-like powers and that when they do everything
      in his name (the Master's) that they will be free
      of karma (sin). And, they will live forever and
      never die because Soul is eternal. They will then
      go to one of the higher heavens where only the
      most advanced Souls can travel to and live.

      FYI- PT was born of a virgin, thus, his sister
      Kay-Dee was actually his "step-sister" and PT
      was anointed by an invisible 500 year old Tibetan
      lama (Rebazar) who lives in a hut in the Hindu
      Kush Mountains.

      Doesn't this sound, vaguely, like all the other
      religious bullshit out there? Christianity, Islam,
      Judaism, Scientology, ECKankar and the Mormons,
      to name just a few, are why the world is so screwed

      BTW- I suggest that everyone buy the DVD of
      Bill Maher's "Religulous." It's really really good!

      Bill "takes a pilgrimage across the globe on a mind-
      opening journey into the ultimate taboo: questioning
      religion. Meeting the high and low from different religions.
      Maher simply asks questions, like 'Why is faith good?'
      'Why doesn't an all-powerful God speak to us directly?'
      [Or, why doesn't Rebazar attend the EWWS?] and 'How
      can otherwise rational people [like ECKists] believe in
      a talking snake [or invisible 500 year old Masters]?'
      For anyone who's even a little spiritually curious, this
      divine entertainment will deepen your faith...in comedy!"

      Actually, it will open your eyes to the fundamentalist
      insanity and the similarities that ALL religions (ECKankar
      too) have in common. Basically, the more rational people
      who still belong to a religion, will pick and choose what
      they believe and discard the the rest. This happens with
      ECKists too. However, one has to wonder WHY these people
      still have the need to be a member. Maybe it's to remain
      within the church as a rational channel for thought and
      change. I don't know.

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