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4542Maintaining That Sense Of Wonder and Awe!

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  • prometheus_973
    Mar 4, 2009
      Hello Sharon,
      Thanks for the insights. I'm thinking that Twit
      wasn't as smart as he was good at lying. And,
      since he had years of practice, he knew that
      a really good (believable) lie had to have some
      truth mixed in.

      BTW- I added other comments below.

      Sharon wrote:
      Many former cult members, not just eckists,
      can be too hard on themselves for falling for
      a con, and I think that's because they're so
      "trained" to not question, not to doubt, and
      to look at their cult & the leaders as "perfect."
      Over the years, many eckists have written
      to tell me that it's okay if I chose to leave,
      evidently I needed to in order to get "lessons"
      elsewhere, I'd return to "the master" one day,
      but it was *very* wrong to speak out against
      ekult, and I should think of all the bad karma
      I'd get if I prevented someone else from joining,

      ME: Well, we rejected the religion of our parents
      and thought that we knew more, and could see
      through these religious Myths. Because ECKankar
      was "different" and gave some "answers," involving
      Karma etc. versus the "Will of God," it appeared
      to be a more valid, honest, and higher "path."

      Twitchell was pretty smart, and he'd studied
      cults and human behavior enough to know that
      some people *would* wake up and leave, so
      he incorporated "damage control" into the
      "teachings", figuring that the best he could
      hope for is that those who left would keep
      their mouths shut. One of these tactics is
      when former members leave, they'll blame
      themselves for being dumb enough to fall
      for it to begin with.

      ME: Once again, I think Twitch just had
      a lot of experience lying. PT lied, plagiarized,
      exaggerated, and twisted facts in order to
      have his pre-ECK articles published. After
      all, he did write articles for "Ripley's Believe
      It Or Not!" And Yes! Klemp continues the
      damage control with his own "ekplanations"
      for why EKists leave. Plus, this is why Klemp
      uses so many testimonials in ECK Publications.
      Normally it would be like preaching to the choir,
      but in this case the testimonials are used to
      give the impression of validity to those chelas
      who aren't as discerning. It's damage control!

      The fault is *not* with the victim, it's with
      the lying scheming con artist! Oh, that's
      another thing the cult does, eckthugs will
      try to silence former members by saying
      they're stuck in "victimhood". That's not
      true at all. Being quiet about it only enables
      con artists and criminals to keep doing
      what they're doing.

      ME: Just because ECKists have to practice
      the "Law of Silence" they think that everyone
      else should too. Except, Doug Marman doesn't
      keep silent does he? I wonder why ECKankar
      won't print his books? Then again, I can see
      why Klemp leaves him alone... DM would be
      a dangerous enemy only because he knows
      too much! On the other hand Doug might feel
      too embarrassed that he was suckered for all
      of those years to say anything. Isn't that called
      cognitive dissidence?

      I was one of those who felt I lost my innocence,
      my sense of awe and wonder. Well, ever since
      I was a kid, I preferred my own fantasy world
      to the sometimes harsh realities of life. I'm glad
      it *did* come back, except now I'm much more
      "balanced", and critical thinking & discernment
      have a place in my personal "lalaland". <gg>

      ME: The same happened with me. It's taken me
      a long time to gradually recover. It probably depends
      upon ones personality, somewhat, and whether
      or not one tends to see the glass half-empty or
      half-full. I'm somewhat of a skeptic anyway and
      that's, also, why it was difficult for me to let go
      and truly "believe" in the Mahanta. But, seeing the
      negative behaviours of other H.I.s and them getting
      even more initiations was proof (among other things)
      that Klemp had No Knowledge or Awareness. Thus
      the claims of rank and title (14th Plane Mahanta)
      are false! Ford's revelations in "Confessions of a
      God Seeker" simply confirmed my suspicions and
      connected the dots for me! No wonder things didn't
      seem right with those initiations!

      It's a bit ironic, I had an "inner voice" long before
      ekult. And it often whispered to me when I first
      encountered ekult that there was just something
      "wrong", but I stifled and thought it was the "Kal",
      thank to all those darned eckbooks!!! Gee, I just
      had a "flash" - something I haven't looked at in
      many years, "Masters" from "The Impersonal Life": http:www.//geocities.com/eckcult/masters.html
      - if anyone hasn't seen this, check it out, it's beautiful!!

      ME: I had an "Inner Voice" way before EKankar as
      well! I also had more "phenomenal experiences"
      than any H.I.s that I talked with after first joining
      and for years and years later!

      I was also surprised to learn that EKists weren't
      that disciplined with the Spiritual Exercises. Twenty
      minutes daily, for me, didn't qualify as a "discipline."
      And, I was surprised to hear EKists complain about
      the membership costs because other groups were
      much more expensive. I got the impression that
      most ECKists didn't know very much about other
      spiritual paths or disciplines. This is probably why
      many EKists explore other things like Rune Stones,
      and other "New Age" discoveries etc. even after being
      EKists for many years.


      Prometheus & others have posted good examples
      of how that "magic" still works when you leave
      the cult - okay, I'm remembering recently reading
      a story of finding a diet soda in the fridge? My
      memory works in a sort of "Reader's Digest" way
      anymore. <gg> Well, the difference I've found
      since leaving the cult is those "magic" happenings
      are *good* things now! Over the years in ekult,
      I figured those "messages", etc., so often turned
      out just plain *bad* because I was working out
      old karma. Well, that just plain wasn't true.
      The problem was the *source*, ekult and its so-
      called "master".

      ME: Yep! That was my Diet A&W Root Beer miracle!
      In EK Klemp gets all the credit for anything and
      everything (good) since one is supposed to do
      everything in his (the Master's) name. This is,
      of course, a form of mind-control and hypnosis.
      Unfortunately, these controlling techniques will
      have negative repercussions later on when one
      tries to establish Self-responsibility, Spiritual
      Freedom, Self-Mastery, and independence for
      oneself as Soul. This more proof that Klemp is
      a KAL agent! And, "doing everything in HK's name"
      is a form of "worship!" ECKists are too confused
      to tell the difference! They, too, are worshipping
      a 2nd or 4th Plane God (HK- the agent of KAL,
      i.e. Satan, the Devil)!

      BTW, when an EKist does something that turns
      out negative and it's done in the Master's
      name how does that work? Why does a negative
      effect/result always becomes a "spiritual test"
      or "karma?" Klemp never takes responsibility!
      Besides, aren't the "good" and "positive" results
      sill a form of "White Karma (White Magic)?" What
      happened to "Karmaless" action, or is this the
      "Gray" (Catch-22) area that Klemp is now promoting?

      Are actions neg. (black) or pos. (white) or neutral
      (gray) on this lowest (physical) plane?

      Besides, isn't it true (according to EK Dogma) that
      the "Master" is "Always With You!" Therefore, why
      do EKists have to remember to self-brainwash
      themselves by saying or thinking to "do everything
      in the name of the Master?" Isn't that redundant?
      IF the "Master" IS ALWAYS WITH YOU Why do EKists
      have to do Everything in HK's name?

      Aren't they "covered" IF they're wearing their EK rings,
      or HU pendants?

      EKists should remember, too, (when chanting HU)
      the Tisra Til (Third Eye) is a Chakra and ALL Chakras
      are of the Astral! And, Klemp still teaches ECKists to
      focus upon the Third Eye when it's Not Even the Highest
      Chakra! Isn't it strange that after all of these years and
      the expansion of world consciousness under Klemp's
      reign (lol) that EKists are still instructed to use the Tisra
      Til instead of the Crown Chakra! Actually, this is just
      more proof that Klemp isn't who or what he claims to
      be. He's a two-faced Astral KAL agent!
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