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  • Sharon
    Mar 4, 2009
      Hi All -

      Prometheus, I thought your comments in this 'digest' were excellent, and I'm "compiling" them, and good grief I need to stop "compiling" and get to work on new website material!!

      Jonathan, you wrote:   "Just the same, mispelling the name did upset me a bit because I pride
      myself on remembering people's names."    I'm laughing here, I'm in the process of "maturing" and it's really hitting me, just the shock of realizing I'm not 50 anymore, 50 was pretty darned good!   The time comes when short-term memory goes, along with night vision.  I used to pride myself on remembering not only people's names, but their kids' & pets' names too, along with birthdays and all sorts of things.   Another thing I've noticed, when you don't have kids in school and you're not working anymore, it's *very* easy to lose track of what day it is, too! 

      Anyway, my daughter reminded me that even when I was young, I'd often call my children by my pets' names, and vice versa.  And a few times, my grandkids laughed when I called my daughter "Mom"!   I figure brains are just like hard drives.  They fill up and slow down.

      Many former cult members, not just eckists, can be too hard on themselves for falling for a con, and I think that's because they're so "trained" to not question, not doubt, and to look at their cult & the leaders as "perfect".  Over the years, many eckists have written to tell me that it's okay if I chose to leave, evidently I needed to in order to get "lessons" elsewhere, I'd return to "the master" one day, but it was *very* wrong to speak out against ekult, and I should think of all the bad karma I'd get if I prevented someone else from joining, etc. 

      Twitchell was pretty smart, and he'd studied cults and human behavior enough to know that some people *would* wake up and leave, so he incorporated "damage control" into the "teachings", figuring that the best he could hope for is that those who left would keep their mouths shut.  One of these tactics is when former members leave, they'll blame themselves for being dumb enough to fall for it to begin with. 

      The fault is *not* with the victim, it's with the lying scheming con artist!   Oh, that's another thing the cult does, eckthugs will try to silence former members by saying they're stuck in "victimhood".   That's not true at all.  Being quiet about it only enables con artists and criminals to keep doing what they're doing. 

      I was one of those who felt I lost my innocence, my sense of awe and wonder.  Well, ever since I was a kid, I preferred my own fantasy world to the sometimes harsh realities of life.  I'm glad it *did* come back, except now I'm much more "balanced", and critical thinking & discernment have a place in my personal "lalaland".  <gg> 

      It's a bit ironic, I had an "inner voice" long before ekult.  And it often whispered to me when I first encountered ekult that there was just something "wrong", but I stifled and thought it was the "Kal", thank to all those darned eckbooks!!!   Gee, I just had a "flash" - something I haven't looked at in many years, "Masters" from "The Impersonal Life":  http://geocities.com/eckcult/masters.html  - if anyone hasn't seen this, check it out, it's beautiful!!

      Eventually bought Benner's "Impersonal Life", a small volume, and another little one, I need to stop goofing off here on the internet & focus on things like unboxing the books & shelving what I can until I build more bookshelves!

      Prometheus & others have posted good examples of how that "magic" still works when you leave the cult - okay, I'm remembering recently reading a story of finding a diet soda in the fridge?  My memory works in a sort of "Reader's Digest" way anymore.  <gg>  Well, the difference I've found since leaving the cult is those "magic" happenings are *good* things now!  Over the years in ekult, I figured those "messages", etc., so often turned out just plain *bad* because I was working out old karma.  Well, that just plain wasn't true.  The problem was the *source*, ekult and its so-called "master". 

      Gotta run, hope everyone has a great day, and Think Spring!! 



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