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4535The Loss of Innocence via The EK Con

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  • prometheus_973
    Mar 3, 2009
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      Hello Jonathan and All,
      Yes, the emotional upset and the mental anguish
      of discovering that one's religion was a big lie, and
      a con, is disappointing and hurtful. One places their
      trust in the words of authority figures who are seen
      as more "spiritually advanced," and in one's own inner
      experiences. Then, when the follower/seeker opens
      their mind to other possibilities and questions the
      contradictions they begin to "see" the Truth. The trust
      in the imagined worlds they have helped to create
      begins to fracture and is eventually shattered. Thus,
      it now becomes difficult to hang onto any real truths.

      One has to ask, What is Truth? Truth is God! And It
      is our own personal and private relationship Without
      the need for someone else to intervene or interpret
      these revelations/experiences of Truth for us.

      On Discovering the Truth About ECKankar:

      There is a danger of developing a disbelief in all things!
      One must Not Lose their Sense of Wonder, although,
      one's "innocence" will certainly be affected. However,
      one can still keep an Open Mind and see the Glass as
      Half-Full. Thus, that Loss of Innocence can be seen as
      a good thing and as "spiritual maturity." One just needs
      to "Keep the Faith in One's Self" and in ALL THAT IS,
      SPIRIT, the FORCE, i.e. SPIRIT, TRUTH, or whatever we
      call IT.

      Religion is, of course, a fraud. It's a Group Belief with
      a Leader that is placed far above his followers and High
      upon a pedestal (M/LEM). And, there are always "carrots"
      that are "dangled" in front of these followers to keep them
      in line, under control, and desiring more. More rewards
      are promised on the "inner" invisible planes of heaven
      and for the next lifetime for Soul (after one's physical
      death of course). the negatives in life are explained away
      as tests and karma while the positives are seen as coming
      from the blessings and intervention of the religious leader.

      Thus, ECKists can only imagine (as the mind naturally
      does) anything that makes them happy and that alleviates
      their natural fears. Then, when this religious delusion
      is shattered, with Reality and Truth, one can become
      disheartened with deception via another religion that
      has become a business. True, some religious cons have
      changed and matured over the years, but all are meant
      to give crumbs of hope to certain like-minded groups
      of individuals. Religions, and their leaders, make money
      and have power which is used to control and manipulate
      the followers.

      The journey, toward the goal, requires one to develop
      their own private "religion."

      This is what Twitchell's "Cliff-Hanger" started out
      to be until Gail encouraged the liar Twit to "share
      it" and "Sell it" to others! Perhaps Twit rationalized
      as Klemp has. This "ECKankar" belief was helping
      those who had rejected the lies and myth of the
      Orthodox (mostly Christian) Religions of their youth.

      See, if religion can remove the fear of death and
      the fear of the unknown and can give the mind peace
      and reassurance through Belief and Faith (along with
      high principles to live by) via the use of the imagination
      then one is doing good for mankind! This is how Klemp
      rationalizes his lies. But, look at the harm he is doing
      with his threats, and to those who are being mislead
      and don't need his religion any longer. HK's threats
      no longer make him a "benevolent dictator" as he likes
      to view himself.

      Klemp sees himself as doing a benefit to Mankind
      (as a KAL agent) by sorting the wheat from the chaff.

      In others words, the ECKankar religion can be seen
      as a "test" for Soul (all religions are a test for Soul).
      Those Souls who are weaker and in need of more time
      and experience (to "cook"), in order to drop their egos
      and desires will need more EK initiations, status, and
      thus, more time to mature. These long-time ECKists
      need much more time and experience in the religion
      before discovering their TRUE nature, Self-confidence,
      individuality and Mastership, and their Oneness with Spirit.

      I admire David Lane and Ford Johnson for their tenacity
      and dedication to uncovering the lies and deceit of ECKankar.

      These two people (Lane and Johnson) helped me and other
      EK Higher Initiates with 25 plus years to pass our "test" and
      "wake-up" in order to see the Truth and leave EK. Even those
      35 plus year 7th Initiates who had finally awakened and left
      ECKankar were brave enough and ego-free enough to leave.
      I will say that I just wasn't as strong or mature to let go of
      religion until I had years of accumulating insight and experience
      via the ECKankar experience and Klemp's fraud.

      Of course, there's another perspective that there was No "KAL"
      or "test" because the belief in the KAL (Devil, Satan) is just another
      Myth of religion.

      Many have remained in ECKankar because of family
      and friend connections (attachments) and, of course,
      due to Ego!

      However, Twitch, in his "Shariyat Book Two, Ch 12"
      gives 7ths a hint, and a choice, as to what they can
      now, finally, do. "He now has the right to choose
      whether he will pursue the rest of the way on the
      path of Eckankar."

      However, for those 7ths who still have some weakness
      (fears) with attachments to strong egos and who haven't
      realized that it was a KAL "test" PT states, "There are five
      more initiations for him to take before entering the circle
      of the Adepts.."

      Thus, (religion) ECKankar is not just Twitchell's joke,
      it is also KAL's! Sometimes old sayings have some
      truth in them... "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"
      And, "Keep the Faith," but in your own SELF!


      Jonathan wrote:

      Etznab and Mishmisha,

      I have a little bit more discussion on emotions that
      I went through yesterday. They both have to do with
      when I discovered that Eckankar was a fraud.

      As I was falling asleep last night it occurred to me
      that another emotion that came up yesterday was
      "disappointment." That doesn't sound like a severe
      emotion for finding out that your religion was based
      on lies, but believe it or not, that came up yesterday

      Something that didn't come up was "loss of innocence,"
      but that is another emotion that commonly comes up
      when someone believes in something and then the rug
      is pulled out from under them. I don't recall whether
      "loss of innocence" is something that I went through
      regarding Eckankar, but I heve been through if for some
      other things and that can be a very overpowering emotion
      to go through.

      [Klemp - Mr. Obvious/Oblivious]

      prometheus wrote:

      Hello Etznab and All,
      I'm thinking that Klemp will soon be coming out
      with a newly revised version of his EK LexiCON.

      HK'll want to "clean-up" the mistakes and oversights
      (of PT's EK Dictionary) from his 1998 copyright, and
      add some new terms that he's used recently (in the
      March 2009 Ask the Master Q&A, The EK Mystic World)
      like: White Magic; White Karma; Gray Magic and Gray
      Karma, with lines and degrees of demarcation, etc.

      Perhaps, Mr. Obvious/Oblivious (Klemp), will also
      define the "fibs" and "white lies" that he and Twitch
      have told as a form of (positive) 'White Karma' since
      the end result is doing "Good" (especially for himself)!

      And Yes, the EK Masters did get a MAKE-OVER!
      But, Why did the EK Masters, of Twitchell's creation,
      need another Make-Over? It's all about appearance!
      This is just another form of editing where Klemp
      needs to add his own KAL-like touch. This enhances
      the Unreal for the benefit of his followers imaginations
      in order to make the EK con more acceptable and, thus,


      etznab wrote:

      I think the Eck Masters (some, at least) got a makeover
      for the new Eckankar catalog.


      [Followers versus Seekers]

      Prometheus wrote:

      Yes, PT visiting his sister (Kay-Dee) in Paris, Kentucky
      versus Paris, France is a more significant lie than most
      ECKists what to admit, or to examine more closely. If
      EK chelas realized the greater implications their giddy
      laughter might turn into a nervous laughter. You see,
      according to Paul, after he met K.D. in "Paris" he then
      went to India.

      Well, since "Paris, France" was a lie (joke) then it only
      makes sense that going to India was too! Thus, there
      was never a meeting up with LEM Sudar Singh, or Rebazar
      Tarzs. Now most ECKists will say that this "joke" was told
      a long time ago way before Twitchell became the Mahanta.
      That's not true! Twitchell recounts this story (i.e. lie,
      joke) in "Difficulties Of Becoming The Living ECK Master"
      around mid-1971.

      The reason why PT's & HK's lies bother some ECKists
      and not others is because some a Truth Seekers while
      the rest are Religious Followers. I've always been a Seeker
      of Truth even before, during and after ECKankar. Those
      EKists who close their eyes, ears, and minds are Religious
      Followers who need to believe in Myth! These EKists don't
      even realize that if a/the "Master" did "appear" to them in
      the "physical" that it would be in an Astral Body! And, isn't
      it strange that Rebazar and the other ancient EK Masters,
      who still have physical bodies, can't manifest for at least
      the H.I. Meeting at an EK Seminar! They can only "appear"
      on an individual and private basis. They never have and
      never will appear to a group of ECKists because it's all
      a "joke!"

      I think that the reason for most ECKists Not hearing or
      seeing the Truth is because their egos are too strong and
      protective. And, the fact that most people want to believe.
      The problem is that we are taught to be followers. We are
      inundated with rules at a very early age and are taught to
      comply and obey. There are always those authority figures
      and experts who know more than we do, at least until we've
      become more "educated" and have matured. One has to learn
      that there are no absolutes (except for decay of the physical).
      Still, what turns a Follower into a Leader? Normally, and more
      often than not, it's a combination of charisma, ego, intelligence
      and power. What turns a Seeker into a Follower? It's simply
      losing one's way and sleep walking through life! And, what
      turns a Follower into a Seeker? Perhaps it's realizing that
      one has been a Seeker all along!

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