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4529Re: "Paul Twitchell played jokes on us."

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  • prometheus_973
    Mar 2, 2009
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      Hello Jonathan and All,
      It's true that there are many longtime H.I. chelas
      that don't really care about the EK RESA hierarchy
      and the "Guidelines." I've known some 7ths who've
      acted very passive/aggressive toward this structure
      of doing business.

      As to PT's Paris (France/Kentucky) and India visits to
      meet Sudar Singh and Rebazar Tarzs...it didn't happen!
      Klemp didn't even see his mistake with the info (dates)
      he gave on ECKankar.org with Twitchell's timeline.

      HK states (on the copyright page of the Combined Shariyats)
      that PT was born in 1908. HK, also, states that Twitch,
      at 27 years old *(1935), was "exaggerating" and "twisting
      facts" to get into "Who's Who in Kentucky." Klemp states
      that Twitchell had never traveled far from home although
      he tried to make it seem he had in order to get into this
      Who's Who publication for his own self-promotion. I guess
      that this was another Joke/Lie from that "rascal." Later,
      in this article on Twitchell, Klemp states that in *1935
      that Twitchell met Sudar Singh on his FIRST visit to India
      and that on his SECOND visit, in 1952, PT met Rebazar.
      Note the two 1935 dates that Klemp overlooked!

      It's rather ironic that Klemp did his own self-promotion
      by getting into "The International Who's Who of Intellectuals."
      And yet Klemp, as well as, his chelas don't see his own huge
      ego needs, or that he too is a liar and jokester like Twitch!
      However, the biggest joke is on those 8ths and 9ths! They
      will never see the Light because they will never let go of
      those coveted higher initiations! That's another irony...
      the desire to have that next initiation and the attachment
      to being "high" on the pedestal, and in the EK chicken pecking


      Jonathan wrote:
      Thank you Etznab and Mish for your comments.

      I also don't believe that every member of Eckankar
      is as severe as this guy. This person believes in Eckankar
      100%. I've met quite a few others like this, but there
      are some in Eckankar who are not this serious in their
      devotion to Eckankar and it's masters.

      Etznab, in another branch of this thread you wrote:
      "My question is this: If Paul didn't go to Paris,
      France, then where and when did he meet his
      first Eck Master in the physical? Sudar Singh?
      Has Eckankar Inc. ever clarified this question
      which naturally arises? I don't know that it has."
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