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4373Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Look at what Twitchell said about "the Negro" in 1963!

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  • etznab@aol.com
    Feb 4, 2009

      I liked the content in your 3rd paragraph.
      It reminded me about something.

      It has to do with history when the timeline
      disappears & nobody seems to really knows
      for sure what happened beyond a certain

      I suspect there are many reasons why the
      older history gets the more fabulous. And I
      imagine it has to do with the fact that much
      of ancient history amounts to people who
      are not authorities. Not eye witnesses to
      the events and / or the time period, but so
      many people, instead, quote for an authority
      anybody and everybody who said anything
      about it, ever.

      If one were following a trail of popcorn in
      the woods (bread crumbs, whatever) and
      they suddenly disappeared ...? How would
      one continue to follow the path and arrive
      at a destination? Imagination anyone?

      I think imagination can be well and fine at
      times, but also that it's often a poor excuse
      for lack of knowledge and ignorance about
      the truth! And sometimes imagination can
      make things much worse ... as anybody in
      the woods who ends up totally lost comes
      to find out.

      History is a hobby of mine, but I really do
      hate it when a supposed unique authority
      is found out to have only quoted someone
      else before them but made it look like they
      were the original source. Either that, or it
      might be some channeled and / or anony-
      mous being who was claimed to dictate
      the informatio
      n. Too bad though when the
      information dictated is found not to be so
      original, but it was common knowledge &
      written in books years ago. This begs the
      question of who is fooling who, IMO. And


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      From: prometheus_973 <prometheus_973@...>
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      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Look at what Twitchell said
      about "the Negro" in 1963!

      Since the 971st, 972nd, and 973rd ECK M/LEMs

      were all married twice... How many times was

      Rebazar Tarzs married, as well as, the other

      ECK Masters?

      Can Klemp tell us via using his "powers of

      perception?" Or, could HK simply ask these

      EK Masters on the "inner?" Are questions like

      this "forbidden" for chelas to ask? WHY?

      Hmmmmm. I wonder. Has this question ever been

      asked before? Could it be that Klemp and his cohorts,

      at the ESC (RESAs too), simply discourage questions

      (especially the juicy ones) because they, too, don't

      know the answers? Probably! Actually, it's more than

      "probably" it's a big Of Course! And, this is, also,

      WHY there's a lot of Second Guessing and Imagining

      going on "behind the scenes" (locally) in ECKankar!

      One has to have answers and connect the dots for

      peace of mind. This is what Faith and Belief are based

      upon. Thus, one has to imagine, assume, speculate,

      rationalize, self-hypnotize and delude oneself for

      religion to work best!

      prometheus wrote:

      Hello Leanne and All,

      Sure Twitch married Gail! He was born (according

      to Klemp) in 1908 and she was born in 1942! She

      was young, cute, ambitious, and she inspired and

      helped him to create ECKankar! She was his muse!

      Their mission was a two pronged effort that paid

      off, especially, for her and Klemp!

      Of course, P.T.'s out-dated chauvinistic attitude

      is another reason why the EK dogma was written,

      thus, disallowing (negative) women from becoming

      the M/LEM, although, female EK Masters are, supposedly,

      possible. Catch-22?


      Leanne wrote:

      and he married Gail?




      Prometheus wrote:

      Twitchell thought that both Women and Negroes

      should, basically, step back and know their place

      as second class citizens. And, this is supposedly

      a time (1963), according to Klemp, that Twitchell

      was a Higher Initiate and being instructed by ECK

      Master Rebazar Tarzs! After all, Twit was in training

      to become the LEM and leader of ECKankar in only

      one and a half (1.5) more years (1965)!

      Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle, Washington,

      JULY 9, 1963=0

      "Paul Twitchell, Man Of Parts by Jack Jarvis

      He spent nearly a year in India in a monastery

      [the head of a monastery is called the Mahanta]

      and five years with an Indian religious cult in Maryland.

      He still writes occasionally for a magazine published

      in Japan by an Indian religious group... In his best writing

      year, Twitchell says, he sold 1,200 stories and articles.

      [more self-promotion and lies!]

      Of the five novels he's had published (four of them

      in England), one, a mystery, may be filmed in England

      soon. Unpublished manuscripts share bookshelf space

      with scrapbooks of clippings.

      And he feels that if a certain New York publisher had

      more men than women reading manuscripts, his diatribe

      'All About Women' would have been published too.

      During his three years in Seattle, he's had one book and

      five short stories published and has sold one television

      script... by his own admission he's an 'authentic nondescript

      individualist' who is against... many things...

      he [Twitchell] dislikes career women...

      he is against 'the flapdoodle of these modern times,' i.e.

      togetherness, credit cards, insurance, and ranch-type

      homes in the city. He shuns routine,

      thinks the NEGRO is 'whacky as a bug' for wanting to

      get into the White man's society, is a loner and a rebel..."



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