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4272Re: Is Rebazar Tarz Tibetan, Indian, Pakistani or Afghani

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  • jonathanjohns96
    Jan 11, 2009
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      Regarding the lady who got defensive, you are exactly correct. Today,
      I look at it exactly the same whay that you do. Back then I'm sure I
      was aware of it to a large degree also. But back then I found this
      behavior so hard to believe that it was if I had to repeat it five
      times with different people at the Eck center before it really sank
      into me "These people really are living in their own world where
      reality doesn't matter." At times, from my point of view, it was
      bordering on a Kafkaesque nightmare. Also, I think at some level, I
      was hoping that somehow these people were going to change. When I
      finally realized that they weren't, I was one big step closer to
      leaving Eckankar.

      bty, I think that Ford Johnson's implication that Gopal Das could
      mean, as I read it, "Disciple of Krishna" is as good as any
      interpretation. It's really a moot point anyway becasue the Hindi
      word for "das" would translate into English as "Das", and the Hindi
      word for "daas" would also translate into English as "Das." We'll
      never know which one Twitch was using, nor does it matter. We would
      need to see the original Hindi script which in Twitchell's case we
      are never going to see. The important point is that both Gopal and
      Das are Hindi names in India, something that Ford already figured out
      and I unexpectedly confirmed with two people from India. I must have
      been dozing when I read that in Ford's book, because I honestly don't
      remember it. When the first lady from India told me that Gopal Das
      was a Hindi name I was surprised, but at the same time I was saying
      to myself "Ya know, it does sound Hindi, doesn't it?"

      Prometheus wrote:
      Hello Jonathan,
      I agree, Rebazar is Not "Tibetan," nor a "Lama,"
      as Twitch had claimed. The Dalai Lama, and
      other lamas, and Buddhist Monks, look Asian
      or part Asian, and Rebazar Does Not! You've
      made some very good points!

      I think that the ECKist you spoke to about
      Rebazar Not looking Tibetan got very defensive
      because she (unconsciously) had to protect herself
      from the Truth. If not, her imaginary world might
      have developed fractures in its foundation. And
      then what?! She isn't ready to explore any "what
      ifs," or to open herself up to any drastic changes
      toward higher levels of consciousness. ECKists
      can't think out of the box because that would
      entail a Freedom of Will and Thought versus blindly
      accepting and following myth and dogma.

      Perhaps, the fictional character, and Master, Rebazar
      Tarzs, actually represents the Potential of everyone's
      inner Self (Soul). Thus, the stories about Rebazar,
      along with the conversations (like in "Stranger By
      The River"), are merely fables.

      I'll have to repost Twitchell's descriptions of his
      ECK Masters, unless, I can find the post in the
      archives. The descriptions given in "Difficulties
      Of Becoming The Living ECK Master" are much
      different than what Klemp gives and are very
      different from the sketches that are offered for
      sale, as well as, the ones on display at The Temple
      of EK and at EK Centers.

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