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426Re: Truthdecider's Post, "The Ex-Eckist Critics Vs. The Ex-Eckist Apologists

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  • ctecvie
    Aug 29, 2005
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      Hello Truthdecider,

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "truthdecider"
      <truthdecider@y...> wrote:
      > Hey Mish,
      > Thanks for your response. I feel that you may have missed some of my
      > points though.
      > Firstly, the main message that I was trying to get across was that
      > both schools of thought are OK, both the critics and the so called
      > apologists. I never said, nor did I mean to say that I thought the
      > critics were wrong.

      It's no shame to have an opinion and to account for it, Truthdecider.
      Sometimes it's very difficult to let another opinion be, especially
      if we feel very strongly about the issue. Sometimes we are ashamed
      about that, but it's human. I am certainly closer to Mish's point of
      you than to yours and I'm sure it shows in what I write! :-)

      > Secondly, bear in mind that the whole reason that I wrote that post
      > the first place was because of the judgements and criticisms that I
      > felt were being thrown at the so called ex-eckist apologists by some
      > of the posters on this site. So judgements were already being thrown
      > at people like me before I posted what I posted. And once again, I
      > no way meant to sound judgmental. And again, I apologize if I
      > inadvertantly came off that way.

      I'm glad about that you posted what you posted here, Truthdecider,
      and, well - you had a different statement from ours to make, and that
      is ok. And bear in mind the purpose of this site here - to vent and
      criticize. I just don't like the apologies about Eckankar (and I'm
      sure you know that by now ;-)) ), but I understand much better now
      where you come from after you have explained why Eckankar was so
      important to you.

      > Lastly, in this reply to me, you imply that if I am still in the
      > that is the so called apologist, that maybe "I'm just not there
      > This is still implying that the way of the critic is superior, and
      > that both camps have their equal place, which is what I'm saying.

      Lastly, feel free to have an opinion that doesn't please everybody,
      Truthdecider, and don't apologize for it!

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