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4257Re: The fear-based curse that HK put on Darwin's materials

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  • prometheus_973
    Jan 8, 2009
      Hello Jonathan,
      I found your post interesting. However,
      I can't say that I believe in curses.
      That's probably why they don't work
      on me. As for healing I use to do Reiki,
      but now do various combinations of my
      own individualized methods.

      BTW- I saw your correction:
      "When Harold said that Darwin's photo
      and written materials were dangerous
      or harmful, it was a fear-based curse
      that Klemp put on all Eckists."

      I believe that HK's point was to spread
      doubt and mistrust with Darwin's image
      (Darshan), and with his words, as the
      Mahanta, which tends to influence ECKists'
      visualizations and dreams.

      Therefore, Klemp was definitely hinting at
      eliminating such things, while instilling fear
      and self-righteousness, by referring to Darwin
      as a "Black Magician."

      Yes, Klemp was the one using a fear-based
      motivation to manipulate and entice us to
      do the the right thing (for him) and reject D.G.,
      and toss out his books and photos. Thus, Klemp
      was/is the real Black Magician!

      I do believe that I was either too trusting, too
      gullible, too immature, and/or too impressionable
      like most ECKists! Plus, those initiations were status
      symbols for the ego. Then again, most people, who
      believe in Religion, have similar fear-based and
      ego-based traits built into their hierarchical belief
      systems too!



      jonathan wrote:

      I messed up my first sentence:

      "When Harold said that Darwin's photo and written
      materials were a fear-based curse that Klemp put
      on all Eckists."

      should have been:

      "When Harold said that Darwin's photo and written
      materials were dangerous or harmful, it was a fear-
      based curse that Klemp put on all Eckists."



      I only carried your text forward, and not my original post.

      When Harold said that Darwin's photo and written materials were a
      fear-based curse that Klemp put on all Eckists. Because from that
      point on, Eckists would be afraid of Darwin's materials. The fact
      that you and another person threw them out so promptly proves that
      the curse worked. The curse worked on me in the same manner because I
      had the same reaction. A short while ago I bought a copy of "Your
      Right To Know." As soon as I unwrapped the package I went into a
      severe state of fear and panic. So I put the book away and went to my
      healer. It turned out that my fear was caused by the fear-based curse
      that Harold Klemp put on Darwin's materials. My healer cleared
      that "energy" from me. A few days later, I picked up Darwin's book
      and read the first half of it with no problems. I was as calm as can
      be. So these curses that Eckankar uses are real, but they can be
      healed. The healing technique used was NET (Neuro-Emotional

      Regarding Harold's photo showing him much younger than he really is.
      I agree with you. It might be his ego, but my take on it is that this
      is a type of Madison Avenue Marketing that Eckankar Headquarters
      dreamed up: "We want a young guy heading our religion, not some old

      Your comment about Eastern gurus always having a photo and flowers is
      right on. I was in TM before Eckankar and the way you described it is
      absolutely right. I believe that this very common in India, and they
      don't even think about it. But people should realize that not all
      Hindus follow a guru, and I would say that the vast majority do not.
      They go to the local Hindu temple. There are preists there. The
      followers worship their supreme, omnipresent God (Ik onkaar). They
      worship the Hindu Deities. There are rituals at the temple. They read
      the Hindu scriptures. And that's about it. There are no gurus at the

      I don't know specifically about Sikhism, but
      I would guess that it might be similar. Sikhism
      certainly has gurus because Paul Twitchell's
      teacher Kirpal Singh was a Sikh guru, not a
      Hindu guru.


      prometheus wrote:
      > Hello J.J.,
      > Welcome to the site! Klemp does have a problem
      > with photos. I wonder if that's related to those
      > meetings, with Darwin, in that Sound Proof Dark
      > Room, that Klemp worked in, at the ESC?
      > Remember, long ago (circa June 1983), what we
      > heard Harry say on that H.I. Tape about Darwin?
      > Klemp said that Darwin was a Black Magician and
      > that we chelas could be influenced (negatively) by
      > his written words or his photos. I had one ECKist
      > (a 4th) say to me, "Well, if Darwin's photo has a
      > negative or psychic effect upon people then why
      > wouldn't Harold's photo as well?" That should have
      > been a "WAKE-UP CALL" for me! His "GOLDEN TONGUED
      > WISDOM" fell upon my deaf ears. His too apparently
      > since he's now a 6th! And, since I was the ECK Center
      > manager, and my friend was the EK area rep, we went
      > in the next day and tossed everything of Darwin's
      > in the dumpster!
      > BTW- Have you ever noticed that on the Wisdom
      > Notes page, of The Mystic World of ECKankar, that
      > Klemp's "Official Photo" is used versus any "current"
      > seminar or "real" photo! The "Official" and the special
      > larger and smaller wallet "Donation" Photos are earlier
      > photos and make Klemp look 10 years younger! And
      > yet, Klemp preaches to ECKists about their vanity!
      > Some individual ECKists (RESAs, etc.) are probably buying
      > the larger "Donation" Photos for display at "special" events
      > while the ECK Centers must update (according to Guidelines)
      > and have a current "Official" photo, on display, at the ECK
      > Centers, as well as, at EK events like Satsangs classes, the
      > EWS, Roundtables, etc. However, ECKankar is run rather
      > loosely and I doubt that All local areas are using the current
      > "Official" Photo. For these ECKists, Klemp looks like he's
      > 50 something! LOL!
      > BTW- Did you ever notice how the followers of those
      > Eastern Gurus always had Photos displayed with flowers
      > around them. Just like ECKists do! I was once in TM and
      > have been to ashrams and shrines and it's all the same...
      > except for one thing. In ECKankar there's no incense being
      > burned! Even Catholics burn incense and have photos
      > of Jesus or the Saints with flowers! Then again... I guess
      > that second-hand smoke can be harmful, but wouldn't
      > the Mahanta protect his chosen ones from harm? Actually,
      > it doesn't really matter since Klemp writes it all off as being
      > one's karma, thus, he never has to "protect" anyone! It's
      > always on them! Catch-22 again!
      > Prometheus
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