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422RE: Truthdecider's Post, "The Ex-Eckist Critics Vs. The Ex-Eckist Apologists

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  • mishmisha9
    Aug 28, 2005
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      Hello, Truthdecider and All!

      It seems to be that we are all going around in circles a bit,
      debating what is truth and what is good. We seem to have broken into
      two camps that Truthdecider has aptly labeled Ex-Eckist Critics
      while others, like him, prefer to be Ex-Eckist Apologists. I posted
      recently a portion of Ford Johnson's Introduction to his
      book "Confessions of a God Seeker" where he talked about how much
      truth is good enough. He concluded and stated this underlying theme
      of his book, "good enough is not good enough if it means avoiding
      the truth."

      As an eckankar critic, I do feel that the on-going praise and
      attention to what some apologists call the truths and valuable
      teachings in Eckankar is actually avoiding and delaying the truth. I
      appreciate Truthdecider's story about what he experienced while a
      member of eckankar and that he does value and appreciate it for
      that, but still, I think there will be a final step for him when he
      totally lets go of it. I'm not sure that he is there yet. : )
      Letting go does not mean replacing it with anger either, or that one
      would have to become an eckankar critic such as we are. It just
      means, hey, those experiences came from within the individual--
      Eckankar as the instrument was just a delusion. Truthdecider, I am
      very happy that you have achieved so many personal goals and

      Truthdecider, I think the one thing that bothers you about the posts
      you read here is that we posters no longer obey the law of silence,
      and we don't question the "is it true, is it necessary, is it kind"
      little brainwashing ditty we all learned while in Eckankar. And
      while you and some others can see Eckankar as a positive experience,
      there are many others who did not. In fact, many suffered confusion
      and stress--especially, in regards to those darn fake initiations. I
      remember that you made a statement on Eckankar Truth where you
      criticized others, including me, as making uneducated and judgmental
      comments about certain topics that you judged we were ignorant
      about. Yet, again, in one of your recent posts here, you throw out
      your own opinion that posters here are on some sort of wheel of hate
      and that this is very wrong--it appears that you both accuse others
      of judging, while it is okay for you to judge. I will agree, though,
      that we all can come across as being harsh and judgmental at times!

      You said "that those like myself who will always feel Eckankar was a
      very valuable stepping stone for them are blind and attached
      fools. . ." Just remember that "always" is a long, long time, and
      like I mentioned above, you may eventually let go of this
      attachment. In the meantime, perhaps, a better way to state this is
      that Eckankar was your stepping stone, but not a necessary one for
      everyone or even anyone. It's just where you were when you became
      aware of certain things that you found helpful and valuable. I
      wasn't a member so long and didn't really get so deeply caught up in
      the delusion of the teachings. I can't say, as you do, that I found
      anything of value--in fact, I felt I was held back. I did enjoy
      singing HU, though! I liked that vibration. : )

      You also, stated, "It has long been scientifically proven and
      documented that thoughts and feelings send out electromagnetic waves
      of engery. So the kind of thoughts and feelings and words that we
      give out, do return to us and affect us." This seems to promote the
      Law of Silence that is very well engrained in Eckists, and with it
      comes a veiled threat of speaking out. In other words, it is a fear
      tactic to keep critics quiet!

      I do understand, though, the basic premise of your statement about
      the electromagnetic waves of energy. Positive thoughts are superior
      to negative ones, in my opinion, but as Prometheus points out in his
      post, two negatives do create a positive! So there is need for both
      viewpoints from time to time--it helps maintain balance and positive
      thoughts helps achieve better health and well being. However, it
      should be truthful positive thoughts and not those that come from
      lies and delusion. I also believe that electromagnetic waves that
      are sent out with our thoughts and feelings are a part of our
      intuitive sense. For instance, early on when I first met my husband,
      a long time Eckist, I had this initial thought: it crossed my mind
      that I should lead him out of Eckankar! But then, I said, no, I had
      no right to do that. So, instead, I became a member. Later, when we
      both left, I understood that my Eck experience was just a part of
      his and my true purpose in joining Eckankar was actually to do what
      I had thought in the beginning--to help him leave when the time came
      for him to do so.

      The criticisms of Eckankar and its leadership expressed on this site
      is really our karmic obligagion, to point out the truths which are
      the lies of Eckankar and other cults and scams that come to our
      attention. We are not on a "hate-wheel of criticism for the sake of
      criticism" as you suggest. And I do not regard you as a fool for
      holding on to what you believe were valuable lessons and teachings
      in Eckankar, but I was fooled and I was foolish for falling for its
      trap! Just remember we are all still on our individual journeys as
      Truth Seekers.

      Best regards,
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