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42Re: More on the Power Elite and other distractions to spiritual growth

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  • ctecvie
    Apr 10, 2005
      Hello Prometheus,

      > I thought I'd start another thread. You mentioned cassiopaea.com
      > an information site and yes it does have tons of information.
      > However, they make a disclaimer which I find is honest on their
      > part, but it also tells people to take these stories and
      > with a grain (or more) of salt.

      So there you have it! I think it's necessary to develop critical
      thinking everywhere. It's easy to be critical with
      something/somebody you don't agree with. It's much more difficult
      with something/somebody you agree with! There are always several
      degrees of critical thinking in my opinion. For me, the most
      difficult would be to develop this critical thinking towards people
      and things I like.

      > They state that these are theories
      > of possibility or of probability based on the information they
      > available to them. In other words these are the (educated?)
      > or the opinions of people who may or may not be experts. What is
      > an "expert" anyway? Also, much of this information can be simply
      > based on one's imagination of what is or what could be. There is
      > real validation so one could refer to these "theories" as pure
      > fiction. However, I would say that there is some truth (and half-
      > truths) interspersed within the references and opinions of these
      > sources.

      In my opinion, there is always some truth in everything. It's up to
      us to distill the truth that is meaning something to us. For me,
      it's all about us - whatever helps us to grow and to be of use for
      the great whole is good. And isn't it great that we have so many
      possibilities to choose from? Yet, choice becomes difficult, too,
      with all those possibilities! :-)

      > It is all quite confusing in trying to discern the truth
      > from the lies and prejudices of others. Where does it all lead to?
      > What can be done? Are there higher truths to concern ourselves
      > instead?

      As I said before, I think we have to decide what is important for us
      to be able to grow. Spiritual growth and service to the great whole
      should always come first. Well, of course there are a lot of so-
      called distractions, too. If we fall for some of them, well - they
      will shape us. The most important is to move on when the time has
      come and not to remain stuck into a belief system which is not any
      more ours.

      > I never got back to you on the TV show 24. Actually, I did but it
      > never got posted. I think I forgot to hit 'Send' after doing the
      > preview. You can GOOGLE Kiefer Sutherland (his initials are
      > K.W.F.D.G.R.S.) the star of the show, and there is a BBC site that
      > has a lot of info.
      > Anyway, Kiefer's character is a head field agent for a CIA (CTU)
      > like U.S. Government agency. Kiefer tries to stop conspiracy plots
      > from without and within to assinate, kidnap, detonate nuclear,
      > biological or chemical weapons, etc., etc. His character will do
      > whatever it takes (including murder) to succeed in uncovering the
      > plots to discover the "truth" and will do what is needed to
      > and serve.

      This is interesting and the downside of religious, political or
      whatever belief. It begins (mostly) with good intentions, and then,
      in order to defend the belief, more and more serious measures are
      taken to maintain the state-of-the-art. And then even murder
      becomes "politically correct" because it's for a "good purpose".
      Doesn't that sound quite like what sects and cults are doing?

      > Isn't it amazing how some of these conspiracy people on Ford's HCS
      > and TS sites think that their obsession to inform people of the
      > government lies will somehow lead to spiritual growth! When in
      > college I was involved with the Socialist Workers Party and the
      > Union Movement and Civil Rights. From there I evolved to the
      > field of doings "readings" and healings and teaching meditation. I
      > was involved with all kinds of things and various groups. But, the
      > spiritual was always lacking.

      Well, you certainly had an active "former life"! :-))

      > Then I found Eckankar and it was a
      > mixed bag of worms but I did get some good from it and from all of
      > the other resources. Basically, Karma and Grace has a lot to do
      > it all. The distractions are simply part of the lesson of balance.
      > It doesn't really matter, and yet IT does matter. And,
      > responsibility and love do matter as well.

      Yes I got something out of Eckankar as well for sure. But this was
      at another time and it was another step in my life which I have left
      behind now, but which has shaped me, among other experiences, to
      what I am right now. Yes, responsibility and love do matter - and

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