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  • etznab@aol.com
    Dec 5, 2008

      I probably shoulda read all the threads for today
      first, before responding to Ma-Li. I think if I had read
      your response first, I probably would have said much
      less myself. It sounded like some good advice to me.
      What you shared, Mish.


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      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: What now?

      Hello Ma-li!

      I like your questions about filling in the empty spaces,

      what to do now? Likening it to finishing a 3 hour test in

      one hour, reminded me of my college days! Actually, I

      remember a few occasions when taking an exam that I

      did actually finish quite early . . . and I remember some

      self-doubts about why I finished it so quickly while others

      were still laboring over the exam. What did I do?? I turned

      the exam in and left the room! And then I did sort of a

      happy dance outside, glad to be free of that exam room . . .

      and how did I do? Well, I did quite well, because I had

      aced those exams, and I was free to go on to the next

      thing . . . and being a college student, I remember heading

      to the beach with some friends for one time and having so

      much fun. Can't quite remember on the other occasions, but

      if it was just before school break, I probably got an early

      start for home! So I guess my message is to trust yourself! : )

      Empty spaces are a luxury really, but they often come at a

      hard time, so there can be the feeling of loss . . . and we

      want to quickly fill it up again with something else. I think

      it is good to just take one's time and find things that are of

      interest. I remember one time in my life when I had to sort

      of re-invent myself. Every morning I'd ask myself what it

      was that I wanted and needed to do with my life to make

      myself happy. Happiness is so essential--it is not selfish to

      want to seek this IMO. My goals had to be reasonable and

      attainable goals--that was one stipulation I placed on myself.

      I finally defined what it was I wanted and wanted to do and

      then I looked for the ways to accomplish it all, one by one.

      I guess what I'm saying you have to ask yourself what it is

      you need and then find the ways to have it. But take your

      time and enjoy the freedom of those empty spaces because

      they allow you freedom for introspection which is needed to

      take the next steps--all by your own choices and decisions!

      Good luck! And I'd like to offer a couple of books for reading

      as well. One member of our site who left eckankar after 30

      years found Jed McKenna's book "Spiritual Enlightenment, the

      Damnest Thing" to greatly help her to handle
      the void. She

      still says it is the best book! I also like Sam Harris' book "The

      End of Faith", and also enjoyed Bill Moyers TV series on "On Faith

      and Reason" to be quite valuable. You can google for the Bill

      Moyers series to find and read the transcripts.


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, Ma-li
      <mhstarlings@...> wrote:


      > Hello Non ekster et al,


      > It's not so much that I'm searching for anything, it's more like
      I'm living in the Now all

      the time. However, on another level, I think/feel that I should be
      doing/being something

      more than just being.  Don't know if that makes sense, so I'll liken it
      to the student who

      finishes a 3 hour test in an hour.  What does he do for the other 2
      hours...just sit there

      quietly, leave the room, or go back over the test yet again?  He's in a
      quandry, and it

      doesn't feel right that he's finished early. Then the doubts and mental
      processes begin

      working until he's got himself almost convinced he really screwed up
      the test, but he

      doesn't want to go back and change answers because he also feels he did
      the best he

      could.  What does he do to fill the empty space?


      > Namaste


      > Ma-li


      > --- On Thu, 12/4/08, Non ekster <eckchains@...> wrote:


      > From: Non ekster <eckchains@...>

      > Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: What now?

      > To: EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com

      > Date: Thursday, December 4, 2008, 12:02 AM







      > Sometimes it's best to just stop Searching.


      > Non ekster ; )


      > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAn onymous@yahoogro ups.com, "mhstarlings"

      > <mhstarlings@ ...> wrote:

      > >

      > > Hello All,

      > >

      > > I have come to the place where I was in 1973 before I joined

      > > Eckankar. The difference is whatI know now, and all the years
      of Eck

      > > teachings that have filled those years up to maybe 7 years

      > > Seven years is how long it's been since I felt "right" about

      > > remaining in Eckankar, and it's taken me this long to find

      > > and to make the decision to sever my ties with it.

      > >

      > > Would anyone like to share with me how you handled it when

      > > decided to leave, and especially what did you do about the

      > > exercises? If Jesus, the Mahanta, and all the Eck Masters

      > > really existed, except in writers' fertile minds, then
      who/what is

      > > left but God?

      > >

      > > God has
      always been the "real" aspect of my beliefs. IT is in

      > > everything, be it rocks, trees, the two-legged beings, the

      > > legged beings, the winged, or the swimming beings. IT is the

      > > Summer breeze that tickles the leaves. IT is the rain that

      > > and sustains life for the rooted beings. IT is everywhere in

      > > everything. IT IS ME, and I AM IT.

      > >

      > > All this being said, I don't know what to do about spiritual

      > > exercises, or how to progress from here. It's like I'm

      > > alone once again, and need to make a choice about what to do

      > > If someone would care to share their experiences and choices

      > > this point, I'd appreciate it. You can use my private email

      > > you'd prefer.

      > >

      > > Thank you all for being here, and thank you so much
      Prometheus for

      > > creating this forum for people like me to find when they
      search for

      > > the answers.

      > >

      > > Namaste

      > >

      > > Ma-li

      > >

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