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  • prometheus_973
    Nov 9, 2008
      Hello Ma-li and All,
      I was being asked to approve or disapprove
      potential initiations in 1990 by my RESA.
      I rationalized this by thinking that Klemp (the
      Mahanta) had so much to do with running the
      universes that he needed governors (RESAs)
      and others within the hierarchy to do the more
      basic duties. After all, that's why it was a
      hierarchy! Catch-22!

      When one wants and needs to believe there is
      always a way for the mind to rationalize.
      It's very difficult (and inconvenient) to wake-up
      to the Truth because that would mean detaching
      oneself (letting go) from: their religious beliefs;
      their society of friends; the dogma that freed
      them from their original fears. Many ECKists can't
      see that any religion (including ECKankar) is merely
      a stop-gap until they have learned to walk their
      own Walk (path) as their own Master and Cliff-Hanger.
      Only one's inflated Ego and a need for Power and
      Money would create and maintain a religion. Twit
      created EK from what he read and learned on a
      personal and subjective level. To silence the critics
      Twitchell, Gross, and Klemp took the "as if" approach
      and became pseudo Masters with self-created titles
      and powers that made them beyond reproach.
      Catch-22 again!

      And, where is the empathy? Where is the Mahanta's
      protection from (karma) cancer? Why are there Metal
      Detectors and Searches at ECK Seminars for only Klemp's
      talk? Why are there Searches for Seminar Tours of the
      ECK Temple and the ESC?

      Basically, the status quo of H.I. ECKists don't want
      to know the Truth, although, many would like to see
      more "Change," especially, in Leadership. It must have
      been very disappointing for them NOT to see any
      "changes" coming in 2008-2009 when Klemp spoke
      so much about "change" at the October 2007 EWWS!
      I don't see why more H.I.s haven't just thrown in the
      towel and said "F___ it all!" It's disgusting to see that
      Klemp is maintaing a narcissistic "death grip" on power
      without any regard to the ECKankar membership.

      Maybe this is a "TEST" for them? The higher they are
      and the longer they've served makes it even more difficult
      (a greater challenge) for these Chelas to "Let Go" of
      Religion! Thus, those who have the most to gain, also,
      have the most to lose.

      But, what is it ECK H.I.s would LOSE by leaving their
      Church? They would lose: their Initiation Number
      and EK Membership Card; most of their ECK "friends;"
      their Positions and Duties within the RESA Hierarchy;
      their Co-dependency, and Servitude mindset; their
      Passiveness (disguised as detachment); their Fears;
      their Silence.

      And, what would H.I.s they GAIN by leaving EK?
      They gain and realize: Spiritual Freedom and Self-
      Mastery, now, in this lifetime; Self-Reliance; Clarity
      and a New Perspective with regained, rejuvenated,
      and expanded Insights; regained Love and Empathy;
      Less Stress, more Peace of Mind; and Contentment.

      Yes, the belief in ANY religion is a KAL Test and
      only the strong can break the ties that have bound
      generations. Eventually, one has to graduate from
      or quit school and start living life. Klemp is just a
      self-proclaimed expert, intellectual, and teacher
      who couldn't function in the real world.


      Ma-li wrote:

      You have no idea what a kick in the butt this
      has been to learn that something I really believed
      in for so long, is pure fiction for the most part....
      that fraud has been perpetrated on so many for
      financial gain, for power, and without a thought
      for the harm done to the hundres/thousands who
      actually bought into the "dream".

      Several years ago I was asked by the RESA if
      I thought a 6th initiation for B. was acceptable,
      and if I'd approve one.

      B. was dying of cancer. At the time I had no
      idea why she was asking me since she never
      wanted my opinion on anything else. Of course,
      I said yes, that B really deserved it since she was
      such a dedicated Eckist. I knew the two women
      didn't get along...B had told me many times of
      the nasty things the other did and said. In fact,
      she's the one who told me the other had written
      ESC that I was inactive.

      Anyway, I thought no more about the incident
      or initiations, until years later when I began to
      wonder why "the inner Master who sees all, and
      knows all" would need to ask the RESA and a 5th
      about someone's initiation. I suspected then that
      things weren't as they seemed.

      Today I wonder why she chose to ask me if
      I would recommend the initiation. I know she
      didn't like B or me, and maybe she just wanted
      to refuse B her dying wish. Doesn't matter now
      anyway. This whole subject brings up a lot of
      bitter feelings and memories, and reminders of
      the back peddaling the former RESA did when
      I asked about things. There was always an excuse,
      and always "because the Mahanta said so".
      Just can't believe they got so much stuff "on
      the inner" that concerned me.

      If I dared to say any of this to any of the eck
      friends, they would be horrified, and I would
      be ostracized.....not that I'm not already on
      the outside....way out of the loop. It feels good
      to unload what has been on my mind, but there's
      still a little voice saying I'm going to get into
      big trouble for this. Sure hope it's just paranoia.

      Thanks for the link. I'll read it later today.


      drubezarne wrote:

      Ma-li, I've been in that position when RESAS
      would ask my opinion about other eckists up
      for initiation (company promotion). If Klemp
      was what he claimed to be - omniscient and
      omnipotent, there wouldn't be a need for this
      kind of thing. He would know everything and
      make his determination based on a person's
      spiritual unfoldment. It's another example
      showing he's a fake.

      Yes, Paul Twitchell made it all up. What he
      didn't make up, he stole from other writers
      and claimed as his own awe-inspiring insights.
      Remember, like Ron Hubbard, Twitchell was
      a third-rate science fiction writer. He learned
      from his mentor that writing books was not
      going to get him rich and give him the recognition
      he craved. So, he made up a religion/cult and
      put himself at the head of it.

      He didn't really get away with the plagiarism.
      It's dogging Eckankar today. You've seen references
      to it all over the web. Try writing Peter Skelsky,
      Harold Klemp, or Jack Heil about the plagiarism.
      You're never going to hear back from any of them.

      Yes, the female Eck Master is another mythical
      being promoted by Klemp to appease his female
      followers. He never explained how a female
      becomes an Eck Master even though the Shariyat
      says a female can never be the Living Eck Master.

      It's good that you're getting rid of all that poison
      by expressing your doubts on this forum.

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