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  • prometheus_973
    Nov 8, 2008
      Hello Ma-li and All,
      First, I'd like to point out that Kata-Daki
      (K.D.) is Kay-Dee (Katherine) Twitchell.
      Paul created this Female ECK Master in
      memory of his sister and nine years after
      her death.

      Anyway, I'd like to insert my comments
      (below) to what has been shared.

      Ma-li wrote:

      "Looks like the few Eckists thee were
      in this area back in the beginning,
      missed the boat on the 7th initiations
      by the late 80s -early 90s. The highest
      there was then was a 4th. Oh well..."

      ME: Some remote areas didn't have many
      (any) H.I.s because most chelas need to
      gain the attention of the powers that be
      (the RESA).

      "If I am understanding you, people like
      me will never get further because we
      don't have the resources, have health
      issues, or may have pissed off someone
      higher up who is now in a position of
      power re: initiations etc. Gee, do you
      think when the RESA's best friend takes
      it upon herself to write ESC that another
      chela isn't an active member, that it would
      make a difference? Especially, if that person
      then becomes RESA after the friend steps
      down a year later, and remains there for
      over a decade."

      ME: Well, for promotion one needs to
      become an Active Vahana (explorer) by
      doing and participating in Intros or Book
      Discussions or even teaching a Satsang
      Class. Of course, one needs to be "trained"
      and "have a solid foundation in the EK
      teachings." Thus, just having an "Active"
      (current & paid) ECK membership is not
      enough. Eckankar is an "Outer" religion
      just like all others!

      "In the above instance, I was an active
      member in as much that I paid my
      yearly membership, wrote reports,
      and went to functions when I was able.
      I just wasn't in the same class as the
      above mentioned people. I was a small
      business owner, they were in the medical
      profession by marriage. I didn't have the
      money or the time they had to devote
      to promoting Eckanakar. Maybe I'm all
      wet about this, but I noticed after ESC
      was told by this 4th that I was inactive,
      other chela's kept getting their initiations,
      but I never got another one. At some
      point I didn't really care anymore, and
      there were too many inconsistencies
      about many things in the ECK community.
      I have never been an ass kisser, and don't
      plan to start at this point. lol"

      ME: It seems that there are a lot of chiropractors,
      acupuncturists, and massage therapists in
      ECKankar. The former doesn't have the same
      prestige (and vanity) associated with it than
      the other two have. But, yes, the friends of
      the RESA will be promoted faster than others
      who are more spiritually advanced.

      "I do know that when word gets out that
      I'v left the path, I will no longer be friends
      with several of the people...not by my choice,
      but by theirs. Then the gossip will fly, and
      all sorts of things that aren't true will be
      spread about the area. Small price to pay
      for freedom."

      ME: It is true that many ECKists won't want
      to associate with you. Some will be fearful
      to hear the Truth, and some will see it as
      being Negative. They won't want to be "infected,"
      or have others (higher up) think they are in
      agreement with some of your newly found
      perspectives and insights. They don't want
      to be Black Listed, too, on initiations.

      "In short, guess I didn't play the game
      very well. Of course, I never knew there
      was a game when it came to one's spiritual
      beliefs. Thought we were all on the same
      page, and were there for spiritual growth.
      Hadn't a clue that it was just like in the
      business world, and the little, honest,
      hardworking guy gets stepped on by
      those wanting whatever place of power
      was available. I don't understand the
      need for power, and for causing grief
      for others. Power makes for strange

      ME: No, you didn't play-the-game well
      at all! Catch-22! Klemp mentions in his
      accounts from being locked-up, in that
      Mental Institution, that he learned to
      "play-the-game" (PTG) with the psychologist
      in order to be released early. HK used this
      same PTG technique when he worked under
      DG at the ESC by maintaining a wimpy facade
      to disarm Gross. Darwin needed someone
      who wanted to "write" and wimpy HK was
      the obvious choice. Thus, DG promoted
      Klemp with even more of Higher Initiations
      and was unaware of Klemp's own power

      "The thing that appealed to me in the
      beginning was that Eckankar was an
      individual path. In a way that's BS, and
      I see that now. Makes me wonder about
      the many who are new to the path. When,
      if ever, will they reach the point I've reached,
      and will they be as confused about it as
      I've been? I didn't have a clue about all
      the things that have gone down until
      I read some of the links on your group
      home page. Blew my mind, to say the
      least. So much deception, outright lies,
      and corruption by those we put our trust
      in. Eckankar, the path that was supposed
      to be different, is no different that any other
      religion. Granted, there is truth to be learned
      from studying it, but then, there is truth in
      all religions. We just have to discern what's
      truth from what's garbage."

      ME: ECKankar does start out as something
      quite different from the end results! Way
      back it did seem to be more "spiritual" and
      an "individual path." Many of Twitchell's
      plagiarized concepts were very intriguing
      until one discovers that many of these were
      taken from other fraudulent religions based
      upon lies and myth and "tweaked" for the
      Western New Age mindset.

      "Did Paul just make up the number he used
      as LEM to lend creadence to the ancientness
      of his religion? If he made it all up, how did
      he get away with the plagerism etc.?"

      ME: As for the number 971 that's a puzzle,
      except, Twitchell did die in the month of
      September (9) and in the year 1971 (9/71)!
      Ironic, that this is probably the only prophecy
      that Twitchell got right, and PT didn't even
      know what it really pertained to! Karma? LOL!

      "Was the "new" female ECK Master also
      a fabrication by HK to pacify the women
      coming to the path? Seems I can remember
      someone telling me many years ago that
      there could never be a female because
      of energies, or such."

      ME: Well, according to EK Dogma there
      can't be a Female LEM/Mahanta or Mahanta
      in Training. However, there can be Female
      12th Initiates who are ECK Masters and
      are Not LEM/Mahantas. Kata Daki, otherwise,
      wouldn't be called an ECK Master and listed
      as a member of the Vairagi Order. Unless,
      of course, she received her 12th on the
      "Inner." However, even the LEM/Mahanta
      has the "outer confirmation" of the 12th

      "How do you clip these posts in Yahoo
      so that they don't go on forever and ever?"

      ME: I first highlight the text I want to "reply to"
      (before replying) then go to "edit" and "copy"
      it. I then "reply" and do a "delete" of the whole
      text before doing a "paste" of what I "copied."
      You should also do a "preview" before posting.
      You might want to go back and do more "editing"
      before "previewing" it again and then "sending"
      the final version. Just make sure that everyone
      knows who said what. -Prometheus
      p.s. I had to edit and repost this so those getting
      the emails will have two similar ones.


      Prometheus wrote:

      Hello Mi-li and All,
      Many of those active chelas joining EK
      in 1973, under Darwin, had become
      7ths in the mid to late 1980's or by
      1991. Many others remained 6ths.
      However, most of those who have the
      6th and are ESAs will be promoted to
      the 7th when they become RESAs. This
      is how HK maintains a reserve for the
      RESA position.

      Klemp did replace some of those, of high
      rank, when the split occurred in 1984,
      but then he slowed other initiations down
      due to DG sending out 500 5th initiation
      pink slips before leaving (late 1983?).
      Unfortunately, HK's been stingy with higher
      initiations above the 5th and, especially,
      with any above the 7th!

      What's really ironic is that those chelas
      Darwin skipped initiations on or who
      were only 4ths for a few months before
      getting their 5ths became Klemp's RESAs!
      Those 500 pink slips that DG sent out for
      the 5th was no worse than giving Klemp
      and Company all of their "fast tracked"

      Now, however, a 5th needs to become
      a Cleric (and maybe an Initiator) before
      they will be eligible for the 6th, and
      a 6th needs to become an ESA before
      they are eligible for the 7th. Of course,
      this process can vary some depending
      upon the RESA but it usually takes a lot
      of "training" and volunteer work (jumping
      through hoops) and a lot of H.I. networking
      and RESA ass kissing!

      In many Satsang Societies the area H.I.s
      are called by the RESA when the "Initiation
      List" comes down from the ESC. They do
      this to get a yea or nay, but have to explain
      why they've given the nay. Thus, in many
      cases it's the computer generated list based
      on one's membership date and last initiation
      date and the approval of local H.I.s that
      determine whether or not someone will
      or won't get that next initiation. Of course,
      the local RESA has, mostly, the last word.

      If most ECKists knew how initiations were
      really done they would know that the rest
      of the crap about "inner communication"
      with the Mahanta was a lie as well!

      FYI-One, usually, had to keep in touch
      with others (H.I.s) and teach a Satsang Class
      etc. in order to get recognition for promotion.
      Of course, chelas needed to keep that EK
      membership current too. Otherwise, one
      can/will get passed over for initiation.

      Keeping in touch with and on a friendly
      basis with the RESA also helps with promotion.
      And, one has to watch one's "language."
      You cannot share other beliefs and question
      or "second guess" the Mahanta. The 2012
      myth or prediction is one such thing that
      would raise a red flag. Many chelas who
      are in rural areas, are disabled, and don't
      see or talk to other ECKists on a regular
      basis need to know how to play-the-game.

      BTW- Maybe Klemp is waiting until 2018
      to step down as LEM/Mahanta. That would
      give him 36 (completed) years or Three 12
      year cycles! It seems HK and his inflated ego
      wants to go down in history as the biggest
      and best Bullshitter in EK history... even above
      Twitchell! Plus, his comments about the "in
      training" versus the "full" Mahanta prevents
      anyone, after him, from being seen as "high."
      This is typical behaviour for a narcissist!

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