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4050Re: HK's Negative Actions Have Hurt The Vahana Effort!

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  • drubezarne
    Nov 4 1:14 PM
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      Prometheus, maybe somebody out there knows the story about the metal
      detectors. I thought they started using them when some crazed woman
      started running down the aisle toward Klemp shouting "Master, Master...!"

      The Shariyat states that H.I.'s are supposed to be willing to lay down
      their own lives for the Master. If that's true, then Klemp doesn't
      need metal detectors because any H.I. will take a bullet for him.
      Somebody should remind him of that Shariyat passage. Any ESC staff

      By the way, what happened to Twitchell's repeated claims that all
      H.I.'s can communicate with each other through the inner channels? So,
      here we have another Eckankar myth because if this was true, Klemp
      could just send messages to all the H.I.'s. He wouldn't need to ask
      eckists to spy on each other (refer to his fox in the henhouse
      article) and he could protect himself at seminars by sending out a
      "Help Me!" command on the inner.

      So, Harold, why spend all that money for security and make eckists
      wait in long lines going through metal detectors? Just reserve all the
      front row seats for H.I.'s. Then, if there's an emergency, you give
      the command on the inner for every H.I. to save you while you hightail
      it out of there.


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > I wonder what EK Seminar "Newcomers"
      > thought about the Metal Detectors and
      > the Searches for Klemp's Sat. evening talk?
      > They were invited to hear Guru Klemp
      > give his talk and then had to go through
      > Metal Detectors and open their bags to
      > be Searched!!! Wouldn't a "Man of God"
      > place his trust in God?
      > These Metal Detectors and Searches
      > have been going on for years and yet
      > nobody is permitted to complain! ECK
      > Leaders know they have to keep silent
      > about what they see. ECKists have to
      > rationalize and turn a blind eye to it all
      > in order to have ECKankar work for them
      > like their former religions worked for them
      > (or not) all of those years ago.
      > Would 2nd or 4th Plane (of Consciousness)
      > Gandhi or Jesus worry about Terrorists?
      > Yet, 14th Plane (of Con) Klemp seems to
      > be paranoid and fearful! Doesn't this make
      > ECKists wonder why? How can this be!
      > Why should ECK Vahanas do all of that
      > work when Klemp's negative behaviour
      > destroys it all! How disheartening and
      > embarrassing!
      > ECKists should ask themselves, Would
      > it be okay to do a body and bag search
      > of people before they attended a local
      > ECK Worship Service?
      > As much as most former ECKists dislike
      > Klemp we would never do him harm.
      > Even if I lived within driving range of
      > Minneapolis I'd never go to an EK Seminar,
      > the EK Temple, or to the ESC to shout and
      > protest. The Internet is enough. But, Klemp's
      > knee jerk reaction to Fear was due to 9/11
      > and is not about a threat from former ECKists.
      > Klemp has gotten more and more paranoid,
      > delusional, and mean spirited over the years.
      > Really, are Terrorists going to target Klemp?
      > Hmmmm, maybe a narcissist would think so!
      > BTW- Since Klemp claims to be a "Modern
      > Prophet" why didn't he foresee 9/11/2001?
      > Psychics can make generalized predictions.
      > Thus, why should ECKists continue to work
      > for Klemp when he behaves like a fearful moron!
      > What kind of a spiritual leader is Klemp when
      > he's so paranoid? It's obvious that HK is just
      > acting in a role he inherited from Gross, and
      > that he can't get beyond his long-term mentally
      > unstable nature!
      > This is a Wake-UP Call for ECKists! Metal
      > Detectors Do Not Equate to Higher Consciousness!
      > Prometheus
      > Prometheus Wrote:
      > Are the Metal Detectors (for HK's talk)
      > and Searches and Checked Bags for the
      > Temple and ESC Tours still necessary?
      > Why?
      > These security precautions were, originally,
      > in response to the 9/11/2001 Terrorist
      > Attacks. Why has Klemp continued this
      > Fear Mongering search policy?
      > Why is HK still wearing a Bullet Proof Vest
      > and has Armed Body Guards when 9/11
      > was a Terrorist Attack against this Country
      > and Not against Klemp personally!
      > Klemp's paranoia is proof that he's Not
      > a Master! Do these security efforts make
      > ECKists feel safer? Perhaps, especially
      > during HK's talk. But, isn't the Mahanta
      > supposed to "protect" chelas anyway and
      > at all times? But, why can't the Mahanta
      > "protect" himself? Even if HK was shot or
      > blown up by Terrorists... wouldn't that be
      > part of his Karmic Mission?
      > Why then, is Klemp fearful of his own
      > death? Talk is cheap isn't it! Klemp can't
      > walk the walk!
      > What are the chances of Terrorists attacking
      > Klemp and Company? Really! What are the
      > chances? I'll bet there's a greater chance of
      > being struck by lightening or attacked by a
      > shark!
      > Once again, Why do ECKists Not See what
      > is right in front of them? It seems to be the
      > blind leading the blind when Chelas say
      > nothing about those Metal Detectors or
      > Searches. Don't think that Klemp knows
      > nothing about these security precautions,
      > after all, he's the Mahanta isn't he! Thus,
      > if he didn't know he wouldn't be much of
      > a Mahanta would he! Either way, Klemp is
      > Not who or what he claims. It's so obvious!
      > Prometheus
      > Prometheus Wrote:
      > I forgot to ask if Klemp still has his minions
      > checking bags for the EK Temple and ESC
      > tours? Does one get off the bus and still
      > have their Bags Searched and Checked?
      > I actually thought that the Metal Detectors
      > at the main hall on Sat. night and searches
      > at the EK Temple in Oct. 2001 were strange
      > for ECKists to be put through. It seemed to
      > be a knee-jerk reaction to fear. However,
      > I, also, thought that it was only temporary!
      > To see these policies continue after all these
      > years really makes me wonder WHY?
      > Is Klemp so paranoid and egotistical that he
      > needs all of these precautions and defenses?
      > Yes, it seems so!
      > Really, why would someone want to assassinate
      > Klemp? He's a loser! This just shows how
      > mentally unstable Klemp really is! Yet, HK's
      > nutty and paranoid Seminar behavior has
      > now become "normal" operating procedure.
      > Why don't ECKists ever question this? Or,
      > are they afraid to? Sure they are! And who would
      > be listening anyway? Probably someone who
      > would, also, be writing their name on a list.
      > But, are other EK speakers or performers given
      > Bullet Proof Vests to wear? Are there Metal
      > Detectors on Friday night or during the day?
      > No! Of course not! It's all for old paranoid Klemp!
      > Really, the proof is in the pudding! How can
      > Klemp be what he claims when he is so fearful!
      > Think about it! This is real undeniable proof!
      > It is factual! It is real! Those Metal Detectors
      > and the Searches at the Temple and ESC are
      > proof of Klemp's fear! One might question
      > whether HK has a Bullet Proof Vest on or has
      > Armed Body Guards, but there's no rationalizing
      > the other proof, or is there! Denial isn't just a
      > river in Egypt! LOL!
      > Prometheus
      > prometheus wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > At Minneapolis EK Seminars, since 9/11/2001,
      > ECKists have been required to go through metal
      > detectors while Klemp wears a bullet proof vest
      > and has armed body guards standing near him!
      > Do ECKists find anything wrong with this picture?
      > What would Jesus or Gandhi do? Would they have
      > their followers searched before they were able to
      > enter a hall to listen to their talk? Would Jesus or
      > Gandhi be fearful of death and wear a bullet proof
      > vest and have armed body guards ready to shoot
      > and kill someone?
      > And, isn't the LEM/Mahanta (Klemp) supposed to be
      > so much "higher" and "greater" than Jesus or Gandhi!
      > It seems the proof doesn't bear this out does it! Klemp
      > is fearful and is losing his mind (via fear & ego) more
      > and more each day. He's afraid to promote Joan to
      > the 12th and afraid to anoint a new LEM!
      > I've heard some comments about the 2008 EWWS,
      > but I'm not all that interested in Klemp's nonsense.
      > If I was all that interested in what he had to say
      > I would have paid my $30 and taped the talk! But,
      > why should I? It's all a bunch of crap anyway. Klemp
      > never says anything that is new or interesting. HK's
      > pep talks are dumbed down because Klemp's
      > consciousness isn't above that of a 2nd initiate!
      > Almost any H.I. could prepare and give a better
      > talk than Klemp's! Just put a Klemp mask on
      > someone and introduce him as the Mahanta the
      > Living ECK Master and viola! If the person's voice
      > doesn't sound quite like Klemp's then he could
      > attribute this to a food allergy which was the
      > result of taking on more Karma for his chelas!
      > LOL!
      > Prometheus
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