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4035When Will Klemp's "Official Photo" Be Updated?

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  • prometheus_973
    Nov 1, 2008
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      Klemp is vain! This is why his Wisdom
      Notes picture has not been updated to
      show how old he really looks. This is just
      more proof that Klemp is Not a real Master.
      A real Master wouldn't display such vanity
      by overseeing the printing of an earlier
      picture that makes him look years younger
      than he actually is! When will ECKists see
      an updated picture showing a really old
      and grey Klemp on the Wisdom Notes page?

      BTW- I'm told that there were No Blue
      Flowers in the vase next to Klemp when
      he gave his talk on stage at the 2008 ECK
      Worldwide Seminar. Cut Blue Flowers are
      the symbol of the Mahanta. The rumor is
      that the ECK did this to show chelas that
      Klemp has lost the Mahanta Consciousness!