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4027Klemp Is Still Wearing A Bullet Proof Vest!

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  • prometheus_973
    Oct 30, 2008
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      Hello All,
      At Minneapolis EK Seminars, since 9/11/2001,
      ECKists have been required to go through metal
      detectors while Klemp wears a bullet proof vest
      and has armed body guards standing near him!

      Do ECKists find anything wrong with this picture?

      What would Jesus or Gandhi do? Would they have
      their followers searched before they were able to
      enter a hall to listen to their talk? Would Jesus or
      Gandhi be fearful of death and wear a bullet proof
      vest and have armed body guards ready to shoot
      and kill someone?

      And, isn't the LEM/Mahanta (Klemp) supposed to be
      so much "higher" and "greater" than Jesus or Gandhi!
      It seems the proof doesn't bear this out does it! Klemp
      is fearful and is losing his mind (via fear & ego) more
      and more each day. He's afraid to promote Joan to
      the 12th and afraid to anoint a new LEM!

      I've heard some comments about the 2008 EWWS,
      but I'm not all that interested in Klemp's nonsense.
      If I was all that interested in what he had to say
      I would have paid my $30 and taped the talk! But,
      why should I? It's all a bunch of crap anyway. Klemp
      never says anything that is new or interesting. HK's
      pep talks are dumbed down because Klemp's
      consciousness isn't above that of a 2nd initiate!

      Almost any H.I. could prepare and give a better
      talk than Klemp's! Just put a Klemp mask on
      someone and introduce him as the Mahanta the
      Living ECK Master and viola! If the person's voice
      doesn't sound quite like Klemp's then he could
      attribute this to a food allergy which was the
      result of taking on more Karma for his chelas!

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