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3867Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Hey Chela Chat: Don't Shoot the Messenger!

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  • Elizabeth
    Oct 2, 2008
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      Liska wrote:
      >As for clues to how Eckankar is doing one can judge by the turn out at
      local events. For one thing, there are no youth except for a few that
      were brought up in eckankar families.
      ****I was brought up in the teachings. I never met other eckist youth in school. I felt embarrassed to even share the teachings with my friends....  Why would any youth feel comfortable doing that, the other kids would think we were strange.  And to be honest, when I did share the religion our family belonged to with friends, they told me it was a cult. So I stopped sharing.  Kids now a days are not that much different from when I was first in the teachings ('72-'73)  Most youth that attend seminars, local events etc,   do so because their parents have hauled them to the events and they enjoy hanging out with kids their own age. When I was attending the kids rooms were nothing more than a baby sitting service. Of course they eventually attempted to offer the kids a more structured "spiritual" entertainment in the rooms.... Or should I call it brainwashing? 
      ****My 17 yr old daughter and I have a similar conversation last night.  She is agnostic and I tend to lean that way now after leaving the path.  We believe something created "all this" but just not sure "It" is a god or wee man like Klemp! My daughter has studied several religions, as I did in school, including mythology, and other cultures.They all have their deities, gods, myths, dogma...  And for me to state it was always difficult for me to follow eckankar for 30 years because of that underlying questioning, is a huge admission coming from me..... So why did I stay for some many years?  LOL   
      Liska wrote:
      >When people try to hold events such as intro talks hardly anybody
      shows up. One H.I. from California told a story on soul forum about
      renting a hall for over 200 people for an intro talk. His group
      advertised in the papers, on the radio, and put up posters all over
      the place. When the day of the talk arrived, 3 people showed up.
      ****Yep, and guess who had to pay for these halls hey would rent for over 200 hundred people if not enough would show up?  ESC surely didn't! 
      Liska wrote:
      >H.I.'s on soul forum complained that when they couldn't get enough new
      People to come to their events, the main office said there was
      Something wrong with the way they were presenting the message.
      ****How can that be, if the HI's were following the guidelines for media pr and using ESC's pre listed Titles etc? I would have to say it is eckankar that people are not interested in, no mater how it is packaged, topic titles etc....    
      Liska wrote:
      >They even had a long drawn out discussion on soul forum trying to
      figure out why young people aren't interested in Eckankar.
      ****Part of it might be because the parents are more interested in their own spiritual growth, and trying to break the family karmic bond.... At least that was how it was in my family!  
      Liska wrote:
      The low turnout at events, no youth, increased charges for audio and
      video broadcasts of Klemp, and the heavy handed advertising for the
      World Wide are all indicators that finances aren't what they used to be.
      ****Yep.... And the membership isn't what it used to be either!  But you won't be able to convince some of those eckist that won't take off their rose colored glasses, or should I say blue?  ;-)
      No Love in Eck,
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