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3863Re: Hey Chela Chat: Don't Shoot the Messenger!

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  • drubezarne
    Oct 2, 2008
      Hi Prometheus
      At one time I served on the Satsang Society board. Our finances were
      about $13,000. It was the only time I was able learn about the amount
      of money in the society account and this was because we had to vote on
      how to spend it. Later on, after I stopped going to the meetings (I
      only went to one), it was back to secrecy. Once the new RESA took
      over, she said the finances were a mess, but would't reveal how much
      money there was in the account.

      Secrecy in Eckankar is one of its major components. They justify
      secrecy by invoking "The Law of Silence". This made up law is
      sacrosanct in Eckankar and it's used in all kinds of ways from
      covering up the lies and behavior of every Eck Master (Paul, Darwin,
      and Harold) to the non-disclosure of finances.


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello Liska and All,
      > It's really hard to know how much
      > EK money Klemp has squirreled
      > away. I made some guesses at the
      > amounts of monies that are NOW
      > being brought in and spent, but
      > how much has been accumulated
      > over time?
      > The main EK Org has money in
      > banks, in stocks, bonds, and
      > property, but the Satsang
      > Societies (SS) have money in banks
      > and invested too! With around
      > 100 Satsang Societies it is hard
      > to know how much, of the ESC's
      > money, that Satsang Societies
      > still have in their possession.
      > At one time the local Satsang Societies
      > were accumulating money in "Building
      > Funds." I'm wondering if this has changed.
      > And, since local EK Regional Seminars
      > are declining the money used for these
      > is Not being spent.
      > Also, more money might be accumulating,
      > locally, since money is usually Not spent
      > on keeping local ECK Centers open. Local
      > EK Centers are to be self-sufficient. Thus,
      > the low number of local EK Centers. Klemp
      > doesn't really want (his) money spent in
      > this fashion. That's, also, why Klemp has
      > separate funds like a Missionary Fund and
      > a Building Fund! Why spend all of his (LEM)
      > money on these things when chelas spend
      > more of their money!
      > Also, even when there were more Regional
      > Seminars many RESAs of these Satsang
      > Societies were encouraged (by Peter & Klemp)
      > to sent in a yearly amount (like a donation)
      > to the ESC from their Satsang's funds.
      > These were considered to be "excess funds."
      > Even Bob Lawton's Connecticut Satsang
      > Society gives a yearly amount to the ESC.
      > And they have a "Temple" to fund! The ESC
      > even printed a picture once, in the Mystic
      > World, of Bob and some chelas handing over
      > a check for $2000 or so! How proud they
      > were!
      > If every (100) Satsang Society gave $1000
      > per year that would be an extra $1 million
      > coming in (to Klemp). Many local ECKists
      > aren't even informed by their RESAs that
      > their "extra" money is being sent to the ESC!
      > Many ECKists, still, don't realize that ALL
      > SATSANG SOCIETY MONEY belongs to
      > ECKANKAR! It's Not their money or their
      > TV's or their Tables, etc.... it ALL belongs
      > to Eckankar!
      > Here's a good one. Even the books, photos,
      > CDs, tapes, jewelry, brochures, signs, and
      > all EK materials that are purchased by the
      > local EK Centers and Satsang Societies
      > actually belong to ECKANKAR. They buy
      > these items, with their own money, from
      > Eckankar and Eckankar ends up owning
      > it all including the "profits" from sales!
      > So, if we take $30K (the ave. total in SS
      > bank accounts) and multiply that by 100
      > Satsang Societies we have, maybe, around
      > $30 million dollars, more or less, hidden
      > away (for a rainy day?) in local Satsang
      > Societies.
      > Prometheus
      > Liska wrote:
      > Since Eckankar is one of the most
      > secretive organizations, it's really
      > hard to say how they are doing
      > financially.
      > We used to wonder why they
      > never sent us annual statements
      > like other religions. I heard they
      > moved to Minneapolis to avoid
      > revealing their finances because
      > of California laws.
      > All this secret money stuff should
      > be enough of a clue that there's
      > something wrong with this group.
      > As for clues to how Eckankar is
      > doing one can judge by the turn
      > out at local events. For one thing,
      > there are no youth except for a few
      > that were brought up in eckankar
      > families.
      > When people try to hold events
      > such as intro talks hardly anybody
      > shows up. One H.I. from California
      > told a story on soul forum about
      > renting a hall for over 200 people
      > for an intro talk. His group advertised
      > in the papers, on the radio, and put
      > up posters all over the place. When
      > the day of the talk arrived, 3 people
      > showed up.
      > H.I.'s on soul forum complained that
      > when they couldn't get enough new
      > people to come to their events, the
      > main office said there was something
      > wrong with the way they were presenting
      > the message.
      > They even had a long drawn out
      > discussion on soul forum trying to
      > figure out why young people aren't
      > interested in Eckankar.
      > The low turnout at events, no youth,
      > increased charges for audio and
      > video broadcasts of Klemp, and
      > the heavy handed advertising for
      > the World Wide are all indicators
      > that finances aren't what they used
      > to be.
      > Regards
      > Liska
      > prometheus wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello Mish and All,
      > > Eckankar sales has probably dropped
      > > to about $2.5 million in annual
      > > membership and seminar donations
      > > worldwide. There is probably $500K
      > > per year in total projected material
      > > sales, but IMO this has fallen short
      > > to less than $300K. Of course, there
      > > are also those misc. gifted donations
      > > too that add to the treasury.
      > >
      > > I doubt that payroll and operating
      > > expenses (insurance, etc.) and equipment
      > > costs, etc. would be more than $1.5
      > > million in a normal year. And, since
      > > the EK church is tax exempt this helps
      > > to keep the overall operating costs
      > > low. Of course, this doesn't take into
      > > consideration the Klemps' salaries
      > > (retirement and other perks) or Peter's!
      > >
      > > And, let's face it... Seminars are Not
      > > money makers and this is why Regionals
      > > are being cancelled. These seminars
      > > deplete funds and don't bring in enough
      > > new members or sell enough materials
      > > to justify their existence. Before, each
      > > state or foreign country was to have
      > > one or two regional seminars per year!
      > >
      > > There is a real cash flow problem in
      > > Eckankar and this is why Klemp and
      > > Company are coming up with new ideas
      > > on how to bring in new money. The new
      > > photo with Klemp's goofy gaze and the
      > > increased costs on Internet Seminar
      > > talks are just the beginning.
      > >
      > > I suggested years ago that there be
      > > Condos built with shops (EK businesses)
      > > on the Temple grounds. Really, how much
      > > would that cost? Wouldn't that be a great
      > > money making tax exempt investment
      > > that would benefit everyone? Why is Klemp
      > > so fearful and/or stingy and has No vision
      > > for a real EK community? I guess Klemp
      > > wouldn't want to live near his chelas...
      > > after all HK's No Rebazar... but who is!
      > >
      > > Prometheus
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