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3829Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Links & Mahanta Creation Date

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  • etznab@aol.com
    Sep 24 8:08 PM
      "BTW-I'll go in later and remove the Truth-
      Seeker Links that no longer work and contact
      Ford to see what he plans on doing about
      that site. Thanks for your comments."

      Thanks Prometheus.

      Since using a new computer I am unable to
      respond by e-mail to a website without first
      configuring my mail accounts. The message
      won't go through.

      It wasn't this way with the old computer, but
      now it asks for my POP server and for other
      information that I don't know the answers to.

      Some day I'll take the time to set this up, but
      it will probably invole calling tech support.

      This is why I haven't tried to contact Ford, or
      Thetruth-seeker website myself.


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      From: prometheus_973 <prometheus_973@...>
      To: EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 11:10 am
      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Links & Mahanta Creation Date

      Hello Liska and All,

      It's true that these books of Twitchell's

      were written (with plagiarisms & exaggerations)

      prior to JAN. 1, 1969. However, PT's books

      were, also, Edited AFTER those dates!

      Therefore, I'm still convinced that the


      for JAN. 1, 1969 is the first time Twitchell

      used the term MAHANTA, in print, for

      all ECKists to see. Why would PT NOT

      have mentioned or used this term,

      "Mahanta," in prior MONTHLY issues his=0

      THE WISDOM NOTES, unless, he had JUST

      CREATED this position/title for himself!

      BTW-I'll go in later and remove the Truth-

      Seeker Links that no longer work and contact

      Ford to see what he plans on doing about

      that site. Thanks for your comments.


      drubezarne wrote:


      > Prometheus


      > I noticed it too. You might want to clear out the dead links. Also,

      > pages 163 - 164 of Ford's book Confessions of a God Seeker says

      > the word Mahanta appeared in The Flute of God, Illuminated Way

      > Letters, and Letters to Gail. He wrote these between 1960 and 1966.

      > The official date for the establishment of Eckankar was 1965. It

      > then Paul declared it the world's greatest spiritual path from

      > all religions came. That's when you find the terms, Rod of Eck

      > Power, Mahanta, Sugmad, Vairagi Eck Masters, and all the rest of

      > garbage that is still promoted by the ego driven Klemp today.


      > By the way, many of these copyrighted terms were stolen from other

      > religions/spiritual teachings. You can find the name eckankar,

      > masters, sugmad, and others in Johnson's Path of the Masters. The

      > original spelling of sugmad was surmadi (Sufi term), eckankar comes

      > from the Sikh term Ekonkar which means One God, V
      airagi Eck Masters

      > comes from Vairagis, the adepts of India, Mahanta is a Hindi and

      > word that means head of a monastic establishment and "big", Rod of

      > Power comes from Theosophy's Rod of Power concept or from

      > found in Egyptian and Christian writings.


      > Regards

      > Liska


      > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "D.R.D."

      > <etznab@> wrote:

      > >

      > >

      > > Several of TheTruth-seeker links

      > > in your list are no good. They don't

      > > appear to work.

      > >

      > > Have you tried to contact the web-

      > > site owner? or have any information

      > > about this?

      > >

      > > What good is that site and/or its

      > > links if they don't work?

      > >

      > > Etznab

      > >

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