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3826PT Used Many Teachings & Philosophies

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  • prometheus_973
    Sep 23, 2008
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      Paul Twitchell used many different teachings
      and philosophies to create Eckankar. However,
      PT's "research" was incomplete and was distorted
      by his own ego, bias, and personal desires.

      On page 74 of "The Flute of God" Twitchell states:

      "Buddha said, 'The summit of Reality can only be
      realized within oneself.' Schopenhauser stated,
      'The essential to life's happiness resides in what
      one has in one's Self.' The principle source of human
      life comes from within and from the depth of Soul.

      The jewels of the ECK Wisdom are seldom strewn
      along the highway for people, but are left for the
      individual to find and know."

      ME: Therefore, these same "jewels" of "Wisdom"
      coming from Buddha and Schopenhauser, and
      others, are there for everyone "to find and know!"
      Why does one need a middleman, a preacher or
      a conman or godman, or any "expert" to interpret
      what is "left for the individual." You don't!

      Here's a site for info on Schopenhauser:

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