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  • prometheus_973
    Aug 11, 2005
      Hi Ingrid,
      This is fun exposing the insanity and scam of Eckankar and Klum

      > > ***One other disservice Klemp does for Eckists is to put down
      traditional medicine. He even encouraged his one older brother to go
      to Mexico for Layatril treatments for cancer. HK's brother,
      however, was lucky in that he didn't listen to the advice of
      the "Prophet!"

      > I think you have to do what common sense tells you, and of course
      in what you trust. And if the chosen method does not work, then you
      have to change something. I am fond of alternative healing methods
      as well, but I think we really need to use our discrimination and
      inform ourselves as much as possible, and stay open for anything
      that comes up as we go along. And traditional medicine is excellent
      in some fields!

      ###True, However, the Layatril treatments were proven to be a scam
      to rob sick, rich and desparate Americans (mostly) of their money.
      One could say that it did give some people hope, but it also
      prevented many from receiving needed traditional treatment. Rod
      Stewart had lytics in song mentioning Latatril but I'm not sure if
      it was "Better off Dead" or "Foolish Behavior?"

      > > ***Yes, and I'm sure that psycho-somatic illnesses have
      increased as a result of self-fulling prophecies due to the fear
      induced mass hypnosis of trying to be Co-Workers through the "as if"
      thinking that they are taking on Karma for the Mahanta!

      > Yes, exactly. One should remember the self-fulfilling prophecies
      and the mass hypnosis to help the mahanta with our karma! What crap
      he uses to explain his mental (and now physical as well) disorders!!
      Incredible that people can fall for it, but so it is!

      ###Yes, and the Youths in Eck are being brainwashed with this same
      crap! What will happen to them, I wonder, when they come out of the
      fog and realize the truth when seeing the lies?

      > > ***Some of the illnesses that H.I.s have comes from the stress
      of being in a leadership position and the expectations of the
      hierarchy! More and more is expected if there are to be more

      > The big shot in our community died of cancer some years ago. There
      were people who said at the time that he burned himself out by
      serving the eck. I think they were right - not quite in the way they
      were thinking, but right anyway! His wife is still alive and gives
      advice for many in the area. Not long ago, she denied that there was
      a computer system for initiations, even if HK himself mentions that
      in one of the books for HIs! I didn't like the couple too much
      because they seemed too "sweet" for me, but I didn't know them well

      ### Yes, some H.I.s don't want to accept the truth about the
      computer generated pink slips for initiation either! It takes away
      from the magic and mystical imaginings and masks the deception of
      the fraud. Yes, I also know what you mean by people acting
      too "sweet." I knew a RESA who would give Eckists a hug and then
      say, "I love you!" This was her "thing" for awhile, and it seemed
      quite inappropriate and over the top! It caught people off guard and
      was something only a "RESA" could get away with. No one else could
      or would do this, because then those special words would
      (eventually) have no meaning or value if said so casually and

      > > ***Yes, and this fear that Eckists have of Ford's book is rather
      strange and contradicts the dogma of Mahanta protection. Or, do they
      see the reading of this book in the same way as smoking or drinking
      is seen? However, I don't believe that reading it would be in
      violation of the Four Zoas!

      > LOL!! But you know, there's kind of a fifth zoa - negativity, a
      big "no-no" in Eckankar as well! :-)

      ### Yes, funny how the truth can become negative when it is not
      their truth, or when they (Eckists) are not ready to hear it!

      > > ***Actually, women can't become the LEM/Mahanta and it looks
      like only a few males can within a normal lifetime! So, in a way
      this is like the Catholic Church and the Pope while the Cardinals
      would be those (male) 7th and 8th initiates positioning themselves
      like the Klumpster did! I think that most Eckists are more concerned
      with achieving God Realization, if they can only act nutty enough!

      > The nuttier the better - look at HK's "god realization"
      experience! And Paul who was "a master in training" ... seems to
      have been, with all his strange "I have spoken" articles in that
      local magazine! But, you know, Prometheus - we women will become men
      in the next few lifetimes, in order to be eligible as the
      LEM/mahanta! :-)

      ### Yes, that's the Catch-22 of the scam! I guess that one or two
      Catholic women (living today) can become the Pope in their next or
      some other futuristic incarnation! What are the odds?

      > > ***Yes, some people are extremely gullible and foolish! I wonder
      if this person has tried this technique? <Sun Gazing>

      > I don't think so - those people just talk and tell about
      experiences of others! But, I'm not surprised - HK does the same!

      ### Right, I doubt if this person has done any Sun Gazing on her
      own, but she is of that mind set to try anything and everything
      others have to offer. Too bad that she doesn't have more Self-
      confidence in her own Self by now.

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