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371Re: Sun gazing

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  • mishmisha9
    Aug 11, 2005
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      Well, I think sun gazing might work for those "few" people whose
      brains only function at 3-10%! I would imagine that anyone who would
      go to one of those sun gazing workshops would fall into that
      category! : ) So, I guess it would seem "real" to those
      already "blind" to reality. Yes, the brain is capable of being


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "ctecvie"
      <ctecvie@y...> wrote:
      > Hello Mish,
      > I can see that you "love" sun gazing! LOL (just kidding ...)
      > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "mishmisha9"
      > <mishmisha9@y...> wrote:
      > > Sun Gazing?? What a crock! I lived and traveled in the Middle
      > > several years ago, and became aquainted and familiar with the
      > > attitudes/beliefs of the culture and society there. First, I
      > > say that coming up with scams, such as sun gazing, is in part
      > > and in part a way to sucker people. It's fun to fool people and
      > > elevates your belief in your own superiority. If you can fool
      > > people, especially westerners--why surely you are much smarter
      > > them and it makes you feel so good, chuckle, chuckle!
      > That's true. Westerners are seemingly so smart ... and they can be
      > fooled so easily sometimes!
      > > Secondly, it
      > > can be quite profitable for you.
      > This is so for sure! I remember how once, being on vacation in a
      > similar country, a local guy talked to me and made me believe that
      > knew me from the hotel. We went with him to his home and then were
      > talked into giving a donation for something. We were lucky that we
      > could get away with a relatively small sum of money. The situation
      > wasn't really dangerous but could have become so. I just believed
      > because I thought all the people there were friendly! But not all
      > > It seems, too, that some people have made a lifestyle out of
      > > fools! Looking for truth in all the wrong places! : ) Why not
      > > trust your inner guidance?
      > Inner guidance ...?? ;-)) Who needs inner guidance when he can be
      > fool ...!! :-D
      > > Well, I suppose some people in their
      > > quests for enlightenment have overlooked the basics and have let
      > > their inner guidance just rather whither/fade away--or is it
      > > people just don't possess inner guidance and that is why some
      > >people
      > > are always looking to others for answers that should be found
      > within
      > > themselves?
      > I think that this is close to the truth - as I see it. How about
      > finding enlightenment all around us? How about opening our eyes
      > see the beauty of life? Why always do "extraordinary" things for
      > enlightenment? I'm not saying that one cannot do extraordinary
      > because they make life interesting, too. But I think that
      > enlightenment can be found in doing simple things as waking up in
      > morning and being grateful for the day!
      > > I wouldn't want to risk injury to my eyes attempting this! And
      > > would anyone consider that one could survive for years on just
      > > sunlight and water? This sun gazing idea is really so silly--I'd
      > > embarrassed to suggest its possibility and validity! : )
      > And, why should it make life more enjoyable??
      > Ingrid
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