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  • mishmisha9
    Aug 10, 2005
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      Sun Gazing?? What a crock! I lived and traveled in the Middle East
      several years ago, and became aquainted and familiar with the
      attitudes/beliefs of the culture and society there. First, I would
      say that coming up with scams, such as sun gazing, is in part sport
      and in part a way to sucker people. It's fun to fool people and it
      elevates your belief in your own superiority. If you can fool
      people, especially westerners--why surely you are much smarter than
      them and it makes you feel so good, chuckle, chuckle! Secondly, it
      can be quite profitable for you. Since you didn't really make a
      success with your engineering degree or really want to work in the
      family business, well, why not take money from fools. It again shows
      your superiority and cleaverness at conning, which really is just a
      sport and now has become a lifestyle! LOL!

      It seems, too, that some people have made a lifestyle out of being
      fools! Looking for truth in all the wrong places! : ) Why not just
      trust your inner guidance? Well, I suppose some people in their
      quests for enlightenment have overlooked the basics and have let
      their inner guidance just rather whither/fade away--or is it some
      people just don't possess inner guidance and that is why some people
      are always looking to others for answers that should be found within

      Ingrid said:
      > > The new topic is sun gazing, and it's even promoted by former
      > Eckists! Well, you can do that if you are interested in it, and
      I'm sure that there will be some results if you try hard enough, but
      > that's not my personal favorite pastime. :-))

      Prometheus replied:
      > ***Yes, some people are extremely gullible and foolish! I wonder
      if this person has tried this technique? Perhaps it would increase
      > their brain activity and capacity to equal Twitch's... their hero!
      > If this method is valid then those starving to death in sunny
      > countries can be taught this technique and survive! But, it hasn't
      > been promoted and taught there has it? That's because it's a scam
      > and NASA states that they aren't involved with this as advertised
      on the scam site. So, what can I say... except that some people will
      > never learn. Anyone who follows them is as blind as they are! And,
      > if one does do this sun gazing they might literally become blind!
      > Why should I believe a con-man that sun gazing is safe!

      I wouldn't want to risk injury to my eyes attempting this! And why
      would anyone consider that one could survive for years on just
      sunlight and water? This sun gazing idea is really so silly--I'd be
      embarrassed to suggest its possibility and validity! : )

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