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  • prometheus_973
    Aug 1, 2008
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      Hi Mish and All,
      Doc (Not a M.D.) Brown's comments are both
      humorous and sad. It seems he's almost always
      been involved with the multi-level marketing (Km)
      thing, as well as, the EK multi-initiation level,
      hierarchical, chicken (henhouse) pecking order.

      It's quite common for longtime 7th Initiates
      (like Steve) to rationalize about their "inner"
      status. However, I believe that in Lesson 3
      of the Master 4 Discourse that it states the
      Ninth Initiation has Three Stages with the
      3rd and Final Stage being the "outer" confirmation
      (pink slip). Steve hasn't even completed the
      Final Stage for the 8th Initiation and yet he
      claims to be a "GATEKEEPER" for the SUGMAD!

      I looked at Chapter 12 (Circles of ECK Initiations)
      in the Shariyat 2 and saw this quote for the 7th

      "He now has the right to choose whether he will
      pursue the rest of the way on the path of Eckankar.

      There are FIVE MORE INITIATIONS for him to take
      BEFORE entering into the TRUE CIRCLE of ADEPTS
      who are the Brotherhood of the Ancient Order
      of the Vairagi."

      So, 7 plus 5 = 12!

      Therefore, the Holy Scripture of Eckankar states
      that an ECKist must be a 12th Initiate "BEFORE
      WHO ARE THE BROTHERHOOD [of Just men]

      It does seem that ECKists have a problem with
      doing the math and connecting the dots... like
      Klemp does! Delusion breeds more delusion
      (as above so below)!

      More of my comments are added to the text below......


      misha wrote:
      Liska, thank you for sharing your "strange email" from
      Stephen Brown, a self-proclaimed "I am of the gatekeepers
      of the High Worlds of God" and verbose Moderator of HuChat(?).
      I question Stephen Brown's moderator status on HuChat because
      in a recent SOP, here is the list of moderators:
      "9.3 Your elected moderators for the year beginning
      May 21st, 2008 and ending May 14th, 2009, are:
      > Paula J.
      > Dorothea
      > Niels-Jul Yrvin"
      Perhaps, these 3 are moderators in name only? Or maybe
      Stephen Brown is just being more delusional in thinking he
      is a moderator! LOL!
      Regardless, his email certainly does show how nutty and
      delusional these eckists are becoming. The brain-washing
      technique that Joan wrote about in the June Mystic World,
      the gaze of the master, is still another recent example of
      Klemp's attempts at mind control and brain washing, not
      to mention having the chelas spend money on the picture--
      more revenue.
      Message # 3530:

      Klemp's Tiwaja (Divine Gaze) Doesn't Heal!

      Klemp is selling pictures of his Glazed Gaze
      (the Tiwaja). Why doesn't this "Divine" Gaze,
      or the Outer Darshan Heal ECK Chelas and High
      Initiates from their Health "troubles?"

      I'm sure that some of these physically "troubled"
      (sick) H.I. Staffers have seen and spoken to
      Klemp at the ESC. One H.I. who recently died
      of cancer was on the EK Board. He saw & spoke
      to HK often. Why didn't HK's Tiwaja Heal him of
      his cancer? I know, it was his karma... Catch-22!
      But doesn't the 12/14th Plane LEM have power
      over the 4th Plane God of all other religions (i.e.
      Kal/Satan) and the Lords of Karma? Isn't a 7th
      initiate above Karma anyway!?

      The following definition for "TIWAJA" doesn't put
      restrictions upon it nor does it have any other

      *HK: "Tiwaja. Also Tiwaga. The gaze of the Master
      which Has The Power To Uplift and HEAL All Things;
      one of the mighty acts of God granted to one who
      becomes a CHANNEL for Spiritual Power." [EK Lexicon]

      Hmmmm. Could it be that this is WHY Peter Skelsky
      and Joan go to visit ESC Staffers in the hospital rather
      than Klemp visiting them! If Klemp visited them and
      gave them his Divine Gaze and they weren't Healed
      then what would this say about Klemp's Divine Powers!

      Here's "A Seed For Contemplation" from Klemp's
      "The Language of Soul" that he had posted on

      *HK: "The Holy Spirit often works through professional
      medical people to help US out when WE're in Trouble.
      After all, all Healing comes from Divine Spirit,
      No Matter what It chooses as Its instrument."

      However, Klemp as the LEM is the so-called Living
      "Instrument" for those members of the Eckankar Religion!
      Why doesn't HK Heal Chelas and H.I.s of cancer, etc....
      because he can't... HK's a phony master! He's all Talk!
      Gazing at Klemp's picture or one of Jesus or Buddha
      has the same effect for the religious believer!

      prometheus (also) wrote:

      Klemp is now selling photos of his gaze!
      It's called the Tiwaja, or Gaze of the Master.

      The photo Klemp is selling of himself cuts off
      his chin and half of his forehead and his left ear.
      His skin is colorless and looks washed out and
      grey! And, there is a blueish hue around the right
      side of his head like an aura! HK's right eyelid droops,
      he's wearing glasses, and his lips are cracked!

      The 5X7 is $15.00 and the 8.5X10 is $25.00!

      ECKists, I'm sure, will enjoy the hypnotic effect...
      If they can just get past the cost and HK's goofy

      Misha (continued):

      Klemp's book, "Those Wonderful ECK Masters" is full
      of mind control/brain washing techniques as well.
      And when there are self-appointed guardians of the gate
      like Stephen Brown, one can easily see why eckankar fits
      the definition of a cult. Stephen Brown having spent most
      of his adult life as an eck cult member proves how
      damaging eckankar is--he is as you stated a prime example
      of a "delusional and egocentric voice" that has drifted way
      out into looney tunes land. Good for a laugh for sure, but
      also too bad, so sad as a wasted life in this lifetime!
      BTW, notice also how Stephen Brown professes a love
      for Liska while insulting Liska, calling him a child, interferes
      by telling Liska what to do, and arrogantly states he Stephen
      Brown has given Liska "a great gift." Stephen Brown is an
      excellent example of a delusional mind at its finest moment.
      It must have been a long journey to reach this sad state
      of unawareness? Or was he nutty from the beginning? One
      has to wonder. But we who have been members of eckankar
      have been witness to much craziness, filtering down from
      Klemp and through the masses of his faithful chelas! I think
      these crazed individuals could be dangerous not only to
      themselves but to others as well. Stephen Brown is just
      one of many lost souls who got hooked up in the eckankar
      cult. Many of these long timers are too lost to be saved and
      I'm truly sorry for that. But anyone considering joining the
      eckankar cult needs to really think about this--hopefully,
      reading Stephen Brown's crazy email will be good enough
      to scare many away and therefore Stephen Brown truly has
      given the world a "gift!" As well as a good laugh! LOL!
      Thanks again Liska for sharing this!

      Prometheus: {MY CAPS & Bracked Comments}

      Letter from StepHEN {from the EK HEN house}
      "DEAR Liska,
      > >
      I stand WITH you at a crossroads of consciousness and
      ask ONLY that MY WORDS may serve you in the name
      of the Great Sugmad, the Divine ECK and the Eternal Mahanta.

      {It's funny that Steve thinks that he has this authority}

      Face to Face, Eyes to Eyes and Heart to Heart {No Soul to Soul?}
      I GAZE into the depths of your being and KNOW that my Beloved
      WahZ will fill my {2nd and 4th Plane} words with his {2nd and 4th
      Plane} thoughts, my {lower plane} thoughts with his {lower plane}
      words and my {black} heart with all the Divine Love {of KAL}
      it can contain {or imagine} in this {delusional} moment that
      I might {ever so} HUMBLY share it with you.
      > >
      Your words are like those of a child who asks "Daddy{o} ,
      why can't I {be a free thinker}? {Why do you want me to say,
      who's your} Daddy, it makes no sense to me. Daddy, it won't
      hurt anyone {or anymore will it?}. Daddy, why {are you hurting
      me}? PETULANT and NAIVELY certain, YOU FAIL to grasp the
      consequences {TRUTH?} of your actions both to yourself and
      others {this is for your own good!}.

      Yet, I AM of the GATEKEEPERS of the High Worlds of God
      and faced with the responsibility of ACTING with Kindness and
      Compassion that I MIGHT embrace the rhythm that perhaps opens
      your heart rather than closes it. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah....."

      {Me}: Notice that Steve states that he is a "Gatekeeper...
      of God" and not of "SUGMAD." Perhaps, this is a Freudian
      slip into Steve's unconscious mind and the real truth of
      the matter. Steve, as does Klemp, serves the 2nd and 4th
      Plane "GOD" who is the KAL or SATAN! No wonder, then,
      that SB responded as he did!!! Steve and many other long-
      time H.I.s have lost their balance, if they ever had much to
      begin with! They have certainly been Distracted with Lower
      Plane "Busy Work" and have lost their way from their original
      goals (as Soul) when they first joined Eckankar. When Steve
      and others first "joined" the EK Club it was called ASOST,
      A Way of Life, and referred to as A Spiritual Path, etc. With
      Klemp Eckankar became focused on being a Religion!

      The Shariyat 2 in Chapter 12 states that 7ths are permitted
      to leave Eckankar. So, why don't they? They can continue
      their studies under the guidance the Silent Ones who are
      beyond ALL Religious Dogma, Laws, Rules, Procedures
      (guidelines), and who are in charge of the Sound Current,
      etc. and are above the LEM/Mahanta and are the True Co-
      Workers of the SUGMAD! See the definition for MAHAVAKYIS
      on page 131 of the EK Lexicon.

      The truth is that 7ths (and 8ths & 9ths) are attached to
      their status (ego), friends, and power and are, also, attached
      to fear. They don't want to leave because they can't stand
      on their own two "spiritual" feet. They have become Co-
      dependent and their "spiritual muscle" (as Soul) has atrophied!
      Those with jobs at the ESC don't have any other place else
      to go for employment and are caught in a Catch-22!

      And, when one is doing multi-level marketing and depending
      upon Eckists for their source of additional income this, too,
      becomes another reason to "act" the part, to give the
      appearance as a loyal and trusted "Gatekeeper," and to
      retain their membership and rank in the pecking order
      of the EK henhouse.
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