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3618Re: Ford's entire book available in pdf for free

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  • mishmisha9
    Jul 29 7:53 PM
      Welcome to the site. Loved reading your posts. I don't have
      much of a background in eckankar--wasn't a member very
      long, but long enough to come away from eck events with
      headaches and stomach pains. I agree that Harold is a nasty
      man--he doesn't have enough sense to cover that up in what
      he writes. I guess he is so "sick" he doesn't realize what a cad
      he is. Yeah, too bad about Joan but yet she willingly got herself
      into it and for some reason (I can't figure out the attraction) she
      hooked up with Klemp.

      But back to nasty Klemp--reading off and on some discussions
      on eck chat sites, many of them seem to emulate Klemp's
      harsh and nasty way of communicating, but yet they will often
      sign off "in eck love." Reminds me of a parent beating his kid
      half to death but telling him he did it out of love!


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "pjr_sr" <pjr_sr@...> wrote:
      > Prometheus and all
      > Yes, I read Julian Johnson's book Path of the Masters. I figured I
      > would do my own research rather than just take someone's word for it,
      > so I've been reading the other books that Paul plagiarized. Currently,
      > I'm reading The Way of the White Clouds by Lama Anagarika Govinda.
      > Paul stole passages from chapter 2 to write his fable about Lai Tsi
      > and used it to make up the name of one of his Eck Masters Tomo Geshig.
      > Most libraries with an interlibrary loan system can get these books.
      > I joined Eckankar a long time ago. As a family we paid for lifetime
      > memberships. Now, I have to figure out if I want to work from the
      > inside to put a stop to the madness and help others escape or just
      > leave it all behind. My doubts grew over the years about all that
      > Mahanta malarkey and that Harold was working with chelas from the inner.
      > When Harold Klemp wrote that chelas who only believed in him as an
      > outer Master and not as the inner Master too and then went so far as
      > to call them schizophrenic eckists, I had to say, "Yes, I'm a
      > schizophrenic eckist!"
      > I've been collecting Klemp's nasty quotes and I don't see how anybody
      > after reading them can believe he is Sugmad (God) on earth. At last
      > year's WW he said some pretty ill-tempered things about his own wife.
      > I could tell they hurt her as she walked off the stage.
      > I'm currently stuck, finishing a Satsang class. I gave each of the
      > people in the class a scanned copy of Johnson's Path of the Masters.
      > They don't suspect my true feelings about the Eckankar mess, but they
      > sure appreciated the book. Now, if I could only figure out a way to
      > sneak in Ford's book into the Satsang...
      > I don't know how many of you are active or reading these posts, but is
      > anybody interested in helping distribute the .pdf of Ford's book to
      > different sites dealing with Eckankar including those with Eckankar
      > members?
      > If it's not asking too much, I would also like to get to know your
      > backgrounds.
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