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  • prometheus_973
    Aug 8, 2005
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      Hi Ingrid,

      I thought I'd make a few more comments to what you have replied.

      Ingrid wrote:
      > I have made some great experiences in this field during the last
      year. I met those who wouldn't budge no matter which facts I
      presented them. Naive as I was after having left, I thought that
      anyone facing the facts would see what I was seeing and just leave -
      but no! I was amazed at the reactions, and angry as well. Now I can
      take that much better than before and just let them be where they

      ***Yes, I know Eckists who have even read Confessions of a God
      Seeker by Ford Johnson, and still remain as members! Actually, many
      of those Eckists did Not really "read" the book... they just did a
      Twitchell like skim! They were too afraid to do a slow read and
      contemplate on the information. This is what also makes them angry.
      They are afraid that former Eckists are right! None of them want to
      return to square one! Eckists are too comfortable in their delusions
      and want to remain in their own private little Sound Proof Dark
      Room. As above (with Klemp) so below (with the rank and file)!

      > And I have met people who had already questions & doubts, and
      after discussing them in our newsgroup, they just left without
      blinking an eye. Those were the great experiences.

      ***It was more difficult for me to leave. At first, I didn't want to
      believe what was in front of me, but I really had no choice if I
      wanted to remain true to myself! That has always been an important
      factor in being a truth seeker... and truth is so very elusive!
      However, lucky for me that I have usually recognized an inner
      guidance when It has presented Itself to me when making crucial
      decisions. Strange, though, that Spirit guided me to Eckankar in the
      first place. I guess I needed the "eckperience" in order to learn
      the difference between truth and deception, and to meet certain
      individuals for karmic reasons as well... or not!

      > It is, indeed! And it's fascinating to look back and see when the
      doubts started and for how long I still lasted before leaving.

      ***My doubts started long ago, but I always rationalized by thinking
      that I didn't know as much as the H.I.s, and that eventually I would
      have a break through in higher awareness. It was the "just Be"
      concept and those like it that always gave me hope. Of course those
      Higher Initiations were awfully enticing too! They really impressed
      me for quite awhile. However, the more that I watched and listened
      to these "leaders" the more that I noticed strange behavior. I even
      heard the same words and jargon repeated over and over, but saw no
      true substance behind the facade and attempts at real caring or
      friendliness. Of course, there were always exceptions to the rule
      and this gave me hope. But, it also pointed out that the initiations
      were not earned though higher consciousness. And, acting "as if" you
      are what you imagine yourself to be is a key step (delusion) to
      becoming a loyal chela, and with time as a paid and always current
      member... to those higher initiations. <LOL>

      > Eckankar did and does a good job in misleading the seekers. Once
      we start to believe, it seems we can be told anything for a certain
      amount of time! I didn't have inner experiences either - well, at
      the beginning I did have some. But then, they faded more and more. I
      have always been more the type to be guided by inner knowing. This
      was so before and after Eckankar, and also while I was a member. I
      wake up in the morning and know what needs to be done and which
      decision I need to take.

      ***I usually had the spectacular "inner" experiences, but I did also
      have the ones of "knowingness" too! Some of my wilder experiences
      were before I joined Eckankar, but I have had even
      more "interesting" experiences since leaving Eckankar! I had a
      friend that only had experiences of knowingness, and I sometimes
      envied her. However, since she is still in Eckankar and is even
      afraid to read "Confessions" (too Kal for the Mahanta to protect
      her?) I now see that her "knowingness" is limited by her fears!

      > I think that this is a pattern that sunk in deeply. Many Eckists
      are that way - it's in the teachings.

      ***Eckists are members of a private club! They feel privileged
      (vain) that they have all of that loving guidance and protection and
      that they are so advanced spiritually! <so sad> Once an Eckist buys
      into this crap for 25-35 years one doesn't want to know the truth!
      The truth about Eckankar is a hinderance for obtaining those higher
      initiations, local and state positions, and speaking engagements at
      regional and major seminars! This is because some Eckists just like
      being the center of attention! And, why throw all that away along
      with all of those years of service, and initiations for the sake of
      truth? I was going to mention the donations of money, but much of
      that was tax deductible anyway!

      > Amazing indeed. But Eckankar does not teach those things. Just
      don't question and accept everything an authority tells you! The
      longer you were in Eckankar, the more this principle could do its
      damage, and so it's not a real surprise for me that some of those
      who left don't have any discriminations and lack a lot of common
      sense! Quite natural when you think how we all were brainwashed!

      ***Yes, some of these people were into other weird things as
      Eckists! I heard an Eckist talk of using Rune stones, in a Rountable
      Discussion, and was surprised that she wasn't asked to explain how
      that fit in with the Eckankar teachings. I wouldn't, as an ESA, have
      let that information go by so passively. So, as you can see, I was a
      good soldier who followed guidelines and was brain-washed to know
      the Mahanta's mission. But, it was tough being in the field of
      action. I even wrote to Klemp, many years ago, telling him of the
      need for more guidelines and leadership trainings. I was amazed to
      finally see the H.I. Leadership book come out in 2001. It only took
      Klump 20 years to write the first complete book! The even funnier
      thing is that many Eckists are both stubborn and individualistic,
      and don't follow or believe in guidelines!

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