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3560Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Women Eckmasters... Now or Never Were???

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  • Leanne Thompson
    Jul 4, 2008
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      Will klemp collect social security as a man or eck master?



      --- On Fri, 7/4/08, prometheus_973 <prometheus_973@...> wrote:

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      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Women Eckmasters... Now or Never Were???
      To: EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Friday, July 4, 2008, 11:08 AM

      Hello All,
      I think Mish explained Klemp's slight of hand tactics
      rather well! Yes, in 2005 when Those Wonderful EK
      Masters was written Klemp talked about being around
      for another (12 year) cycle. Therefore, Klemp is planning
      to stay for Three 12 year cycles, or 36 years. So, HK's
      reign is to be from 1981-2017! Or, would that be 2018!
      Klemp was 39 years old (1942) when DG made him the
      LEM. Klemp is 66 years old now, as is, his first wife and
      8th initiate Marge. I think Gail (who "made" Darwin) is
      67 years old and Joan is still 65. Anyway, Klemp doesn't
      want to let go of all his powers (as Mahanta) until he is
      75 or 76 years old! This is Why HK needs Joan to help
      him with the running of the org.

      Therefore, Klemp needs to pave the way for Joan becoming
      the next LEM or Co-LEM. For Klemp to say that there is
      no one ready after 27 years is a lie! Besides, some of these
      ECKists have been members as long as he has, thus, they
      have been "in training" for 40 years! Anyway, this is why
      Klemp is placing Joan on the same level with Kata Daki (KD).
      Even Kata Daki is a fake EK Master and was created 9 years
      after Twitchell's sister's (Kay-Dee) death. Anyway, this is
      what the older H.I.s have to look forward to. Eventually,
      (by 2017 or 2018) someone, Marge and Harold's daughter's
      age, will become the next Emperor of Eckankar.

      On another note:
      As far as when Twitchell first created and spoke of Rebazar?
      I think PT probably created RT around 1955. This was when
      Kirpal Singh first came to the U.S. and this was when Twitchell
      was initiated by Kirpal. PT had been writing fiction, plagiarizing,
      exaggerating (to extremes at times) and using name and word
      substitution in his articles from almost day one! IMO Twit simply
      used Kirpal's status and example and Ruhani Satsang dogma
      to form the basis for his fictional character of (master) Rebazar


      Leanne wrote:
      I read somewhere that there couldn't be any women
      eck masters (something to do with energies. I think ego .)
      ANd now they are comming up with kata daki. And Joan
      Klemps role (maybe they roll in bed). Funny how they
      are changing their tune now. Whatever happened to Grahm ????
      who was kicked out and ford johnson had him write his
      experiences in a book?

      Mish wrote:
      "Note that nothing is mentioned here about the Masculine Principle
      that was taught in the earlier eck teachings as a prerequisite
      to becoming an eck master, or that Vairagi Adepts are only 'just
      men.' Klemp is opening the door for female leadership, but of
      course, that would be Joan and only Joan. He might even have
      reflected back on the messy position in choosing PT's successor,
      as to how much easier it would have been if Gail had had some
      official authority as an eck master instead of using a dream
      by a lover and future wife of Darwin Gross as justification! This
      brought into question the authority and validity of Gross as LEM
      and his authority to pass his title and powers on to Klemp."

      Etznab wrote:
      "Doing research about Eckankar
      history for educational purposes
      I am attempting to clarify some

      Primarily, When did Paul and
      Gail get married? (I assume 1964,
      but not certain of day and month)
      And, when did Rebazar Tarzs first
      appear in print.

      I'd asked "these" questions on
      A.R.E., but so far no response.

      Do you have the date someplace
      in your archives for when Paul and
      Gail were married? Want to hazard
      a guess when the name Rebazar Tarzs
      first appeared in print?"

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