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3556Re: women as eckmasters ...now??

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  • mishmisha9
    Jul 3, 2008
      Hi, Leanne!

      I believe it serves Klemp's purpose to bring out the
      female eck masters since it will allow him to place Joan
      in a position of authority beside him, like co-L.E.M.
      After reading his book "Those Wonderful ECK Masters,"
      it seems that Klemp is inserting the idea in a somewhat
      subtle way that Joan would be elevated to eck master.
      However, for the slow learning chela, when reflecting
      back to this book, it is obvious that Joan had already
      become an eck master, just like Kata Daki. Klemp spins
      Joan into some of the stories showing how she is acting
      like an eck master--well, the book is interesting to read
      when you look for this subtle slight of hand that Klemp
      is doing regarding Joan.

      Klemp is looking at his age and energy in staying at the
      helm of the eck org. He had asserted at one time that he
      would hold the leadership position 10 to 20 years, but he
      has well exceeded it now. And it doesn't look like he is anytime
      soon ready to step down.

      In "Those Wonderful ECK Masters," pages 235-236, Klemp
      addresses how long he would serve as L.E.M and if any initiates
      were in training. He wrote: ". . . a few initiates were indeed
      in training for leadership in ECK, but no one was ready yet
      to assume the responsibility. It might take several years or
      many more for the first one to complete all the tests. Accordingly,
      the Master would continue for another cycle as the Mahanta,
      the Living ECK Master."

      So, H.I.'s and the power players like Peter Skelsky still have
      a long wait to become the next chosen one. Quite a contrast
      to how long Klemp waited! LOL! But Klemp is still holding on
      to the power and seems intent not to let go--and the "another
      cycle" would be how long, 12 years?

      Klemp needs Joan though because he can't trust sharing the
      limelight with anyone else. He most likely fears that he might
      suffer the same fate as Darwin--he might have done unto him
      what he did to Gross! : )

      Klemp paves the way for Joan becoming a female eck master
      by giving Kata Daki the same attention he does to the other
      eck masters in "Those Wonderful ECK Masters," by devoting
      a chapter to each, including a chapter for this female eck master.
      Klemp explains that now is the time for the female masters to
      appear with this explanation on page 63:

      "Before we get too far along, we need to say a word about
      the female members of the Vairagi Order. There are precious
      few of them in relation to the number of males, and it is for
      a good reason. In past ages, and sometimes even today, it
      was easier for a male to move about in harsh societies and
      environments. So a Soul that had earned the right to incarnate
      into a lifetime devoted to the quest for Mastership often chose
      a male body. It was simply easier to get around in. That is not
      to say the individual's quest for truth was easier. It was not. . . . "

      Note that nothing is mentioned here about the Masculine Principle
      that was taught in the earlier eck teachings as a prerequisite
      in becoming an eck master, or that Vairagi Adepts are only 'just
      men.' Klemp is opening the door for female leadership, but of
      course, that would be Joan and only Joan. He might even have
      reflected back on the messy position in choosing PT's predecessor,
      as to how much easier it would have been if Gail had had some
      official authority as an eck master instead of using a dream
      by a lover and future wife of Darwin Gross as justification! This
      brought into question the authority and validity of Gross as LEM
      and his authority to pass his title and powers on to Klemp.

      So, bringing out female eck masters today fits in with the
      continuing conning of the chelas--Klemp is revising the teachings
      to suit his specific purposes. He needs Joan to have some legitimate
      power in order to help him hold onto the reins of the eck org.

      Role and rolling, very funny! : )


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, Leanne Thompson
      <le_anne_thompson@...> wrote:
      > I read somewhere that there couldn't be any women eck masters (something to do with
      energies. I think ego.) ANd now they are comming up with kata daki. And Joan Klemps
      role(maybe they roll in bed). Funny how they are changing their tune now. Whatever
      happened to Grahm ???? who was kicked out and ford johnson had him write his
      experiences in a book?
      > Leanne
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