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3552Re: Doug Marman's Books "The Whole Truth", and "The Silent Questions"

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  • ringing_radience
    Jul 2, 2008
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      Thanks for your response prometheus_973.

      To be clear though, my real purpose in posting this question here
      was to find out if anyone here has actually read either of these 2
      newer books by Doug. And if so, where exactly does it seem he is
      trying to go with them? In other words, did he write these two books
      to try and show the validity of the inner teachings of Eckankar, or
      is he forming a breakaway group of his own that has very different
      ideas about these teachings that are not in harmony with the current
      Eckankar movement?

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > Welcome to the site! Doug is an EK apologist who
      > stated on Ford Johnson's (former) Truth-Seeker Site
      > that EK Master Rebazar Tarzs is probably myth, and
      > that the Jewish Holocaust, also, was probably myth!
      > Check our LINKS page to read these DM comments
      > for yourself!
      > I'm sure that Klemp finds Doug an embarrassment,
      > but Klemp knows better than to alienate him. Doug
      > knows too many dirty little details and where the
      > skeletons are hidden. This is why Klemp still befriends
      > him, tolerates, and placates him by mentioning Rumi
      > so often. Rumi is Doug's hero, although, Rumi was
      > inspired by and worshipped a 4th Plane God (i.e. Kal/
      > Satan). Refer to Klemp's "Autobiography of a Modern
      > Prophet," pg.385, and look up "Satan" in the index of
      > the Shariyat. However, this fact seems to elude ECKists,
      > as well as, the fact that Klemp can't write poetry to even
      > equal a 13th Century 2nd/4th Plane "follower" of ECK
      > (Kal) and Rumi wasn't even an EK Master according to
      > HK's Eckankar Lexicon!
      > Yes, I've seen Doug's site! Doug is very hard-headed
      > and evasive, but he does point out some of the distortions
      > of Twitchell that have been carried over to form current
      > dogma. Doug agrees that Twitchell didn't create/use
      > or mention the 14th Initiation or the Mahanta title until
      > January 1969.
      > PT was supposedly initiated to the 12th by Rebazar
      > in 1965 and should have "known" about and spoken
      > of the "Mahanta" sooner. However, when one reads
      > past issues of the monthly "The Wisdom Notes"
      > from "Jan. 1968-Oct. 1971" one can see how PT
      > was experimenting with various titles for himself
      > and didn't mention the Mahanta until Jan. 1, 1969!
      > Therefore, it seems that Doug is hanging onto Eckankar
      > because he's a 7th with authority, power, respect (ego),
      > has time and money and friendships invested, and because
      > he has an EK following! This is how Ford Johnson should
      > have handled things (and used the Internet) while creating
      > a power base for himself within the EK org. and before
      > breaking all ties with Klemp and Company!
      > If you want to read current views held by Marman
      > then just visit (GOOGLE) the A.R.E. site.
      > Prometheus
      > ringing_radience wrote:
      > >
      > Hello everyone,
      > >
      > This my first post.
      > >
      > Has anyone read either of these two newer books
      > by Doug Marman? Does anyone know what Doug's
      > current stance is on Eckankar, or how Harold
      > and Eckankar view Doug Marman and these latest
      > writings of his? I stumbled onto Doug's web site
      > while doing some research.
      > >
      > If you are not familiar with these books, you can read
      > about them here:
      > >
      > http://www.spiritualdialogues.com/index.html
      > >
      > Thanks!
      > >
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