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  • prometheus_973
    Aug 8, 2005
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      Hi Freefrom,

      I enjoyed your response. We seem to think and sound much alike.
      Sometimes, I think that semantics just points out our uniqueness and
      individual experiences as we sort it all out for deeper insights
      into the big WHY?

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "Freefrom"
      <eckchains@y...> wrote:
      > Prometheus wrote...
      On another note... I'm amazed at how some people (Eckists, and other
      cultists) are still constantly making assumptions, jumping to
      erroneous conclusions, and are still rationalizing! And, some of
      these people are even "former" Eckists! You'd think that being in
      Eckankar for 25-35 years would have taught them to be more cautious
      and to look (very closely) before leaping into other fires of
      deception! Some people, it seems, just never learn and seem to
      welcome their daily delusions as a way of life! Amazing! But, just
      look at how many of these cults and religions (sects too) are out
      there! They either feed on people's fears or offer food for their
      egos or both it would seem!

      > Freefrom:
      I agree whole heartedly, but I will have to admit that I find myself
      at times being drawn back into similar cultic and religious beliefs
      before I finally do a reality check and realize I'm going down that
      path away from my own common sense. I think a lot of it has to do
      with family members and "friends" still being involved with
      eckankrap. It is a little bit like an addiction and that magical
      thinking from childhood. Experiences of mine have shown me that
      there is some truth to spirituality and psychic stuff that does
      happen, IMO. The problem is when you attribute it all to One org
      like eeck! (g)

      ***Yes, it is only natural that one replaces one habit with another
      or one religion with another. There is a void that needs to be
      filled. However, with time, Soul fills that void with a greater
      knowledge of Its own idenity and purpose (happiness/contentment?).
      One needs to have time to get to know OneSelf when a relationship
      has ended. There needs to be time for healing and re-evaluation and
      contemplation... one needs to "chill" for awhile. New and greater
      experiences await those who are free of the dogma and prejudical
      beliefs that were mapped out and programed into us for those self-
      fulling expectations. And, yes there is some truth to the spiritual
      and psychic stuff that we and others experience, but only some of it
      is Truth for the individual while only some of it is Truth for us
      all! No one path or religion has Truth! Actually, if one would take
      everything written by everyone they would still not find Truth! This
      may sound like a given, but look at how many people hang onto the
      words of those they see as "experts" or "Masters!"

      > I have often thought that it may be closer to the truth that God
      is an "Athiest" or a "non believer", in that it does not matter so
      much what the dogma is. As far as ego goes, it has occured to me
      that as ego expands in a good way to be all inclusive, it may not
      disappear exactly, but my experience becomes more flexible, lighter
      and adaptable. Just my take on things. I also notice that the dogma,
      such as eck becomes more transparent and loses it's influence. It is
      just another belief system after all. IMO Truth does not need
      defending or to be forced.*

      ***Yes, "God" (IMO) IS! Therefore, how can a total awareness of all
      that IS lower that awareness to belief and especially to limited or
      inaccurate beliefs? I'm certain, however, that "God" understands our
      little escapades (but we don't!) since it all eventually leads to an
      awareness of the innate cause for why we search for happiness. It is
      a longing (Soul has) to return to the absolute reality of Being
      (ISNESS)! Religions, cults and other scams are distractions that
      pacify and take (trap) our minds (and egos) into "safe" and "secure"
      little boxes. The (a) reality is that life is more fragile than we
      can handle, and thus the need for the ego to protect with
      distractions and delusions!

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