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3514What Dreams May Come?

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  • prometheus_973
    Jun 2, 2008
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      Hello All,
      What if an ECK H.I. (maybe a RESA) had a dream
      where they were handed the Rod of ECK Power
      by Rebazar or by one of the NINE Silent Ones?

      Would a H.I. dare share this dream in a Satsang,
      or even in a H.I.R.O.? Really, what would happen
      if they shared this unique dream experience?!

      Would this unique dream be seen as a KAL trick,
      or as a precognition of a future life versus this
      current lifetime? Probably as a future life precognition
      if the H.I. were female... so says the Pope/Mahanta
      except in HK's wife's case... Catch-22!

      Really, though, what would happen if an ECK H.I.
      dreamed they had received the Rod of ECK Power?

      Could it possibly mean that Klemp was no longer
      the LEM/Mahanta? Really, is there even a slight
      possibility that SUGMAD would do this... make
      a change in ECK leadership and that Klemp would
      deny this change? Can ECKists trust Klemp to tell
      them that the Rod has been passed to someone

      Aren't ECK Higher Initiates capable of seeing this
      change as well, or do they have to always rely upon
      Klemp to tell them when to jump and how high?

      This is another Catch-22 with Klemp's version
      or remake of Eckankar. Only he, supposedly, has
      the ability to see and know and interpret anything
      and everything ECK! Why is that?

      This insight, however, doesn't require abilities
      beyond the 6th Plane (initiation) does it? What
      if other H.I.s had the passing of the Rod dream
      and saw another current H.I. receiving the ROD
      of ECK POWER? Would Klemp step down or hang
      on and get burned? Would HK hang on long enough
      to share the wealth and power with his wife instead
      of with a younger ECKist?

      With the Catch-22 ploy only Pope Klemp is capable
      of "knowing" anything and, therefore, must give
      "approval" in writing of ECKists' inner dream experiences,
      etc. or else it's all a moot point or is false and/or
      a KAL (Lower Plane) experience!

      Klemp has stated that "Change is Change" but changes
      in leadership are only known to him and in the edited
      hindsight stories of those agreeing with him. Where are
      those stories that have seen another (other than Joan)
      taking Klemp's place? It could be that the New Mahanta
      is hiding in plain sight until he feels it is safe to come