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3504The H.I. Letter - June 2008

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  • prometheus_973
    May 28, 2008
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      The H.I. Letter - June 2008

      Hello All,
      Klemp continues his wordy High School history
      lessons while spinning a web of ongoing deceit
      via misdirection.

      I added some caps and bracketed [ ] my comments:

      "Dear Brothers of the Leaf,
      You well know some of the ways that life can shove
      you into a corner and Squeeze you. You feel like a
      lemon, then: Squeezed until there's nothing left to
      give. All the acid is Squeezed out.

      Having Survived this onslaught, you smile and pat
      yourself on the back. You have won again. After all,
      the Name of the Game is Survival, isn't it?

      Survival is part of the game for sure. BUT life's
      Squeezings leave us Sweeter somehow. Maybe
      they give us Backbone. Maybe a Code of Honor.
      Maybe the ability to tell Right from Wrong--by our
      own lights, of course.

      [Everyday millions of people choose to do the right thing!]

      In other words, Tough love, meted out by Our no-
      nonsense tutor, LIFE, has installed a Moral Compass
      in us.

      [Except, Klemp still sees it "moral" to lie and cover-up
      the truth about Twitchell's fictional writings that became
      the Eckankar Religion! And, we all learn from Life without
      the need of "donating" money to a middleman's vocation!
      And, where's the "compassion" and "empathy" in demonstrating
      true "love" rather than using a 'tough love' justification to
      control people and to treat them badly... for their own good
      of course!]

      Let us look at an EXAMPLE of that.

      CLARENCE THOMAS is one of NINE justices on the
      United States Supreme Court. Long before he
      gained that lofty position, he was a cash strapped
      young lawyer trying to feed his family.

      One day, on his way to work, he spotted a wallet
      on the sidewalk. He began to count the bills. At six
      hundred dollars, he stopped counting; there were
      more. The owner's name was inside, so Thomas
      called him. A gruff voice answered. later the owner
      arrived at his office to claim his wallet. Suspiciously,
      he began to count is bills.

      `It's all there!' Thomas said, peeved.

      The man peeled a five-dollar bill from the stack of
      bills and held it out. Thomas snapped, `I didn't do it
      for the money!' The man walked out without even
      a word of thanks.

      This STORY tells of a principled young man Whose
      Destiny was to lead him to a Cherished Seat on the
      highest court of the land. He did need the money.
      Who would ever have known? No one! Yet he did
      the Right Thing, because he would have known.

      In his MEMOIR, My Grandfather's Son, he writes:
      `Honesty is what you do when no one is looking.'

      [Why did Klemp use Thomas as an "example?"
      Was it to placate the African ECKists, or because
      HK happened to have read this book, or both reasons?
      How about those "lessons" Thomas Didn't learn
      in regard to his behaviour around women and then
      lying like a dog about it in order to reach his ultimate
      goal... like HK has! That Congressional Hearing
      was the True "Test" for Thomas to tell the truth,
      and yet Klemp is clueless and misses this point!]

      You have a destiny too. Yours is to become a Co-
      worker with God, an ECK Master [12th initiate]
      in the Ancient Order of Vairagi Adepts. EVEN NOW,
      the Mahanta, [me, HK] the Living ECK Master
      is testing you.

      [Like those two rich brothers tested and played
      with (the two characters that Dan Akroyd and Eddie
      Murphy played) in the movie Trading Places]

      The course to Mastership is a go-at-your-own-
      speed one, with some version of a wallet-on-the-
      street test.

      [Remember the lost money clip test the one brother
      put Eddie Murphy through?]

      The Name of the GAME, again, is Survival. In reality,
      it is much more than just Survival. It is mainly about
      unfolding, reaching new levels of learning, understanding,
      and wisdom.

      [Eckankar SURVIVORS Anonymous, also, sees Truth
      as being important. Maybe Klemp should have added
      "Catch-22" to his list in order to put his comments into
      proper perspective!]

      This brings to mind the EXAMPLE of the KNIGHTS
      TEMPLARS. They were members of a military-
      religious order in the Middle Ages and were
      also known as the Poor Knights of Christ. In
      a word, they were the first knight-monks. Their
      duty was to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land.

      [Has Klemp been watching the "History" channel
      again? So, are ECKists a.k.a. the "Poor Swordsmen
      of the Sugmad?"]

      One account has it that NINE founding members
      of the Knights Templars were, in fact, members
      of a secret order of European knights, the Order
      of Rebirth in Sion (Zion).

      [I can see the "nine" connection and the how & why
      Twitchell came up with the Nine Silent Ones distortion.
      Yes, these "examples" of the use of "nine" came before
      Twitchell's CONcoction! As Below So Above! And, the
      Klemp family church was the Zion Lutheran in Freemont,
      WI.... "Z"ion anyone?]

      Of interest to US here is HOW they were chosen.

      [Why does Klemp use "us" and includes himself?
      Hasn't HK reached Perfection and All Knowingness
      as the Mahanta?]

      The elders of this Secret Order would be on the
      lookout for the Brightest, the Biggest, and Smartest
      youths from a closely knit group of `friendly families.'

      [Those Three qualifications would have excluded Klemp
      in this present lifetime! BTW-Isn't 'Brightest' and 'Smartest'
      basically the same thing?]

      Most young boys were trained in the martial arts like
      swordplay, shooting arrows with bow and crossbow,
      running, riding, wrestling, and other activities.

      [This is what I did as a youth as well! Apparently Klemp
      was a snot nosed anti-social wimp and led a sheltered
      life! What qualified HK to become a member of the Vairagi
      Order other than being in the right place at the right time,
      being able to "play the game," and deceiving Darwin?]

      Those the elders had their eye on received the same
      training as did all the other sons of the nobility, who
      nonetheless were Not destined to become candidates
      for the Secret Order.

      [Yes, HK was the son of a farmer and far from being
      "nobility." Does this means that the next Mahanta ("C"),
      in 2020, might Not be of the EK Nobility as well?]

      When a youth of one of these `friendly families'
      neared the age of maturity, around age eighteen,
      one or, usually, more of the Secret Elders would
      nominate him for membership in the Secret Order.
      Only one youth per generation would be considered
      in each family. And he could pass or fail.

      [How many youths (and adults) from all of the EK
      `friendly families' will enter the `Secret Order' of Vairagi
      Masters in any given lifetime? Remember, one has
      to be a 12th initiate!]

      This Order was a highly select group of knights.
      When the elders met in the conclave, they might
      determine that none of the candidates measured
      up to that Order's strict criteria. In that case, all from
      that generation were passed over. The failed candidates
      never knew that, however. They went on with life.

      [ECKists need to read between the lines. Klemp
      is making a disclaimer to justify his Not Stepping
      Down by saying, "None of the candidates measured
      up to that Order's strict criteria."]

      But the chosen few were taught the Secret Teachings
      as fast as they could assimilate them.

      [How many Living and Real candidates, or members,
      of the Secret Vairagi Order does Eckankar have?
      There are none! Do they speak at EK Seminars? No!
      One has to be an 11th just to be a candidate! Or,
      is this more of PT's imaginary EK Teachings? At least
      the Knights Templars was a Real Historical Group!]

      In Many Ways, the Disciplines of HIGHER INITIATES
      run Parallel to theirs. You, too, must learn at your own
      rate. You also find the right use for your talents and

      [See, I knew the whole purpose of this article was to
      diffuse the frustrations that many Higher Initiates have
      been expressing. Klemp just won't step down! And,
      he's Not promoting the longtime 7ths who are/were
      RESAs! There should, also, be many more NINTHS!
      Klemp is set in his tired old ways, and is fearful, stingy
      and selfish!]

      Being a Candidate for Co-workership with God is an
      Enviable position to be in. This is Not a Game. It is all
      about love and Service." [End of Article]

      [Isn't it interesting what Klemp doesn't mention. HK
      never mentions being a "Co-worker with the Mahanta!"
      And why does Klemp use the word "God" instead of
      SUGMAD when speaking to his H.I.s? Isn't "God"
      really KAL? Klemp is Playing Games with the H.I.s
      and that's why he saying, "this is not a game" when
      he stated in the past (as an early 28 year old `candidate')
      that he learned to "play the game" in order to fool the
      psychologist so that he could be released from a Mental
      Institution in 1970. And, isn't it interesting that Klemp,
      once again, promotes "Service" when he uses the example
      of the "wallet-on-the-street test" (live LIFE) and mentions
      "the course to Mastership is a go-at-your-own-speed one."
      It seems that Klemp just can't get away from using those
      Catch-22 contradictions!]

      *Please feel free to comment with your own perspectives.

      BTW- ECKists can use the following to supplement HK's

      GOOGLE Timelife.com click on "As Seen On TV" Introducing:
      "I Can Only Imagine Platinum" music CDs. 3 CDs at
      only $9.99!

      Note the Principle of the Threes (3 CDs)! And Note the
      Principal of the Threes again with the 3 NINEs! Also,
      recall that Klemp mentioned the NINE Supreme Court
      Justices, and the NINE founding members of the Knights

      I'm sure that Klemp just had a "senior moment" by
      forgetting to mention and tie in the NINE Silent Ones
      to his story. However this Christian Music CD does seem
      to tie in all of these EK principles just as HK attempted
      to with his hero Clarence Thomas and those "heroic"
      Knights Templars!

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