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  • prometheus_973
    Aug 7, 2005
      Hi Freefrom,

      Yes, it is nice being "free from the chains of Eck." I saw that Mish
      put the link up (here) to your Yahoo Group site of X-Eckankar at...
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/X-Eckankar_The-chains-of-Eck. It is
      good to have another anti-Eckankar site in order to have more forums
      for discussion, and to share information and experiences.

      Perhaps all of us can help Eckists find the courage of heart and
      Soul as well as the clarity of mind to leave Eckankar. And, also
      prevent those looking at Eckankar as a spiritual path from joining,
      and to help in the healing process by giving support to former

      Knowing thy Self and the reasons why we joined Eckankar and then
      stayed in for as long as we did (when all of the signs were there
      telling us something was wrong!) is an interesting area to explore.
      It mostly seemed to make sense at the time and the rest we just
      accepted on faith. The "paradox" excuse helps one to overlook
      Klemp's shortcomings too! Some Eckists have never had "inner"
      experiences, and many had these prior to, during, and after
      Eckankar! This proves that the Eckincrap-Mahanta induced-experience
      is misidentified.

      On another note... I'm amazed at how some people (Eckists, and other
      cultists) are still constantly making assumptions, jumping to
      erroneous conclusions, and are still rationalizing! And, some of
      these people are even "former" Eckists! You'd think that being in
      Eckankar for 25-35 years would have taught them to be more cautious
      and to look (very closely) before leaping into other fires of
      deception! Some people, it seems, just never learn and seem to
      welcome their daily delusions as a way of life! Amazing! But, just
      look at how many of these cults and religions (sects too) are out
      there! They either feed on people's fears or offer food for their
      egos or both it would seem!

      Thanks for posting the link to this site (ESA) onto your site of X-


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "Freefrom"
      <eckchains@y...> wrote:

      > Thanks, I went ahead and added this group to my links. Hope that's
      OK. Figured it couldn't hurt, although I did inherit the group and
      there are still some members that I don't know much about, since they
      rarely post. I can only assume that many of them are in full
      agreement with whatever I say. *gg* That's Ok, at least I have some
      kind of captive audience. I haven't announced adding this link, and
      if you would prefer your link not be added, just let me know.

      > Freefrom
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