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  • ctecvie
    Aug 7, 2005
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      Hello Christel,

      > o, yes, so it is. one needs a living master---- no, only a teacher.

      It's true that one needs only a teacher, and only if we wish to have
      one! It's our decision.

      > I talk - to the W.N. in june - that the living master hat no
      > love to show to 'the few', who leave ekankar. he shows the
      > how to see those, who left (in the W.N). I noticed, that I
      > accept an inner master, but surely an outer, in his writing f.e.
      > oh no, I also become the answer: in religions, there is the
      > but not the mind decisive.

      Such a typical answer in Eckankar - if you question writings, such
      as the last wisdom notes in your case, then the answer is pretty
      often "you are in the mind, you need to go within to find the answer
      for you". 'Mind' has become a real 'no-no' word in Eckankar.

      > in my case, the mind would mine, to stay
      > in eckankar, Hu-chant, satsang with very lovely persons - but, in
      > heart, no, it couldn't be, because, the mahanta was only an outer
      > master, if at all, for me.

      Well, it's pretty obvious that your heart is right here. It's true
      that sometimes it's hard to give up the group, the people we have
      come to like over the years. But that's, as you point out (I believe
      I have understood correctly), only the mind. The heart says
      something entirely different!

      > but, the HI, I talked: no word, that hk point of the eckists, to
      > devalue these, who go an other way. it's not possible, that all
      > I was wroting - it is not worth, to say any word to my opinion...
      > and it is so depressing, that there are total blocking, no hearing
      > my open words, to awake hearing, understanding. I didn't except:
      > accepting!!! but eventually reading about issues together.

      Yes, it's difficult for them to accept that there's another "truth"
      out there than theirs. So, it's often easier to devaluate the
      messenger (you in that case) than to admit that something's not
      quite right with the teachings and, especially, with the master.
      Discussion is not possible because this would be of the kal.

      > what are this writing here? I think, the most of eckists are not
      > able, to be offen, they aren't ready, to hear other opinions,
      > ever they come from. they only answers in eck-sentences. they are
      > able, to try coming in the thougts of others, isn't so?
      > oh, it is sorry for me. no discussion, when I told my leaving
      > eckankar.

      Yes, that's a pity indeed. I think all we can do with those who
      can't accept us as we are - accept them as they are. I know that
      this is easier said than done. I have learned quite a lot about this
      during the last year. Soon, it will be a year that I left! Hooray! :-

      > the same we could learn in the ddr, there, these, who
      > wasn't able to agree, those are no-man!

      I have found out that it's pretty much the same mechanism in
      oppressing countries like the German Democratic Republic - you can't
      speak your mind, and if you do, this has serious consequences.
      Fortunately, Eckankar isn't quite like that - but you get devaluated
      for sure, and opinions of ex-members or members with serious doubts
      don't count at all.

      > my experience, is it compatible to others???

      Oh, yes!!! For sure!! I have seen pretty much the same thing, and I
      didn't really dare to ask too many questions. Fortunately, I could
      discuss those issues with my husband, so I wasn't all alone.

      > sorry, my english - but I hope, perhabs, you could understand,
      > I'm meaning.

      I think you made yourself quite clear! If there's something you feel
      I didn't understand correctly, just tell me. I'm happy you posted!

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