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3397Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Questions About The "Astral Library" :D

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  • etznab@aol.com
    May 6, 2008
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      In a message dated 5/5/08 9:48:04 AM Central Daylight Time, ewickings@... writes:

      To answer your question about Alice Bailey's similarities;  I had posted a bunch of this info here on ESA probably about two years ago?  Sometime around May of 2005?  I'll go in and check to be sure....  I also posted some of the links that take you directly to the source of where I found it. 


         That sounds interesting. I would be interested,
      if you have the time to share, and/or provide some

         What interests me most, however, are any ex-
      amples where written material from other books and
      authors is/was attributed to Eck Masters. This, IMO,
      is beyond plagiarism.

         Having an eye for history - fact vs. fiction - I find it
      (and found it) most unsettling whenever Eck Masters
      (that I believed in as "real" people) are/were animated
      by historical literature written by someone else. Why
      the Dave/Doug debates, etc., focused on plaigarism
      is understandable, IMO. However, "creating real living
      people" from literature by real living people - when the
      two parties are not the same - is very curious to me.
      It's something I have tried to capture the evolution of
      over time, and in order to better understand how and
      why it came about.

         BTW, this is also beyond (and more than) some
      Astral Library theory/allegation, IMO, because what
      I'm talking about has more to do with the creation of
      fiction and pseudo history than plaigarism, or just a
      matter of copying data from one place to another.

         In Ford Johnson's book was a quote attributed to
      Rebazar Tarzs (pp. 115, 116) that is suspiciously
      similar (IMO) to a quote by Vivekananda in The Path
      of the Masters (Punjab: R.S.S.B, 1985), p. 28. by
      Julian Johnson. More than anything else in Ford's
      book, this was something that disturbed me most.
      It was also what set me on a course to research
      more about Eckankar history for myself.

         I don't know that I've seen many examples of
      similarities between A.B. and P.T.'s writings. It
      would be something I'd like to look at though.



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