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3366ECK Masters Get Face Lifts!

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  • prometheus_973
    May 2, 2008
      Hi All,
      Here's a repost that I thought would be interesting
      to look at again. Do ECKists ever wonder about How
      they are being manipulated and controlled (NLP?) by
      their overseers (i.e. HK, ESC, RESAs, etc.)??? No! Too
      much thinking is "bad" for ECKists and just leads to
      more stress and doubt, especially, when some Real
      Truth and Reality seeps in. Imagination with denial
      and pride works best for the EK religious follower!

      The latest EK mantra is: "Change is Change ($$$)."
      This is The "Why" for all of the new edits, updates
      and revisions (i.e. Workbook for Masters 4 Discourse,
      etc., etc.) as well as the other Repackaging... like with
      the Newly Altered EK Master Photos. There's always
      a twist to make the Revisions "appear" refreshed,
      new, and better, thus, more Desirable to Possess!

      And, if ECKists really want to look at the picture
      of Twitchell's "actual" former Master, KIRPAL SINGH,
      they can GOOGLE his name!

      Also, if ECKists go to the ECKANKAR.org site
      and READ ALL of the Twitchell information that
      Klemp provides they could do a count of the
      number of times that "SUDAR Singh" is mentioned
      and compare that to the number of times "KIRPAL
      Singh" is mentioned.

      ALL TOTAL: I think I counted 15 TIMES that KLEMP
      mentioned KIRPAL Singh's name, 3 times HK
      mentioned SUDAR Singh's name, and once for
      Sundar Singh's name. Strange, that a former LEM,
      SUDAR, is mentioned only 3 times and KIRPAL of
      Radhasoami Satsang is mentioned 15 times! HK
      is covering up this historical Truth with another
      fictional EK Master!

      There are "New Color Portraits of Six ECK Masters"
      for sale! I recently saw a "New From ECK" listing for
      EK Materials that Klemp wants ECKists and EK Centers
      to purchase ($$$).

      ECKists should ask themselves WHY the need for
      "New" EK Master color portraits? Well, anything "old"
      that is updated brings in "new" money! Eckankar
      (Klemp) is always finding new ways to pull money
      in from the chelas. The "new portraits" will mean
      that the "old" ones will need to be replaced. ECK
      Centers will spend ECKists' donated money to do
      these updates.

      Why was it necessary to touch-up these portraits?
      Why have the ECK Masters' appearances changed?
      Why are these Masters looking younger and HK
      (in real life) looking older?

      These EK Masters are fictional characters...
      they aren't real... they're imaginary! This is WHY
      their images (portraits) can get a face lift to look
      younger and more attractive!

      Really, when one compares the old drawings of
      Kata Daki, Rami Nuri, and Yaubl Sacabi to these
      "new portraits" they NOW look Younger and Much
      More Attractive (and vibrant)! Maybe an ESC staffer
      used a function that reversed aging on a computer
      program and then had an artist air brushed it in,
      or maybe these "new (face lift) color portraits" were
      all done on a computer!

      Anyway, Shams looks kind of different and with a
      strange looking hat (looks too big) pulled way down
      and has his hair pulled back. Towart Mangagi looks
      about the same... slight touch up... maybe a bit younger
      and more vibrant with just a bit more "glow" (Aura).
      Rami Nuri seems to have a lot of "glow" too... both
      seem to have more "glow" than Klemp does! All seem
      to look more vibrant than Klemp... the boss/man.

      Klemp's "new color portrait" isn't really new! It's the
      same older "official photo" that is on the Wisdom Notes,
      but touched-up (slightly). Therefore, the older photo
      shows HK looking younger than he actually looks today!
      Tricky (and vain) isn't he!

      Also, If one compares the two, the "official photo" and
      the "new portrait," one will see that the "new portrait"
      is touched-up and lightened to show a glow (Aura)
      around him (is this a "visual aid" for ECKists?). HK's dark
      blue suit in the "official photo" is now a "lighter" blue in
      the "new portrait" due to an air brushing effect.

      Just look for the same suit and tie! Whether HK's smiling
      or not... all of these "official photos" were taken at the
      same photo shoot and several years ago.

      So, what does it all mean? It means that Eckankar is
      using the illusion of appearance (youth & beauty), as
      well as, Vanity in order to attract people to these fictional
      ECK Masters. The ECK Masters are supposed to be timeless,
      but isn't everyone, as Soul, timeless too!

      This is just a promotional (KAL) technique to increase
      revenue. It also creates an deceptive illusion. The ECK
      Masters NOW look younger and more attractive for younger
      ECKists and for the public. Older ECKists are given newer
      hopes, promises, and visual impressions (illusion) of a
      youthful and timeless existence AFTER this one has ended!

      The touch-up of these portraits is a KAL trick! However,
      If the affects of aging can be reversed naturally by these
      ECK Masters then Why hasn't Klemp done it for himself?!
      Can't HK (the greatest Mahanta) overcome time and gravity
      and the "lower" planes as Rebazar has? I guess Not! :-)

      This is just more proof that these ECK Masters don't
      exist... they're imaginary! And, it also shows Klemp's
      dishonesty in playing these visual tricks upon chelas!
      Klemp is a scammer and a trickster, a Black Magician,
      and an agent for the KAL. His light is out... this is
      why he needs an artist to give his own image a fake glow!

      So ECKists should keep buying EK Materials and spending
      their hard-earned money to go to and stay at EK Seminars.
      Just hang in there for that next initiation (One is promised
      at death too!) and spend more money... after all, you can't
      take it with you! And, thus, there's no need to leave anything
      to family members when you can donate it all to Eckankar...

      Doesn't ECKANKAR look and sound more and more like
      all of the other religions and scams out there in the land
      of Maya (illusion)... it should because it is! The approach
      is just slightly different and that's why there are so many
      different religions and scams happening! Soul is Its own
      Master... Soul just need the experiences... and freedom to
      Be... without the limiting religious dogmas and man-made
      hierarchies! See, Know, and Be your own Master Soul.. Now!

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