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3361Re: Eckists Don't Need A mahanta - The Holy Spirit Will Do Just Fine!

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  • jivatmananda
    May 1, 2008
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      Here is another example. This afternoon, I needed to take a quick nap,
      but I was also expecting a delivery and I didn't want to open
      the door half-awake. Anyway, I decided to take a short nap as my
      productivity at work was getting too low.

      After some 25 minutes, I heard a horn sound from the street. I
      instantly knew it was a cue that the person I was expecting would soon
      come. I got up and made myself ready. Five minutes later, the person
      was there.

      I guess Eckists would credit the Mahanta for that. It could even make
      a good story for a seminar or the Mystic World.

      Well, rather than doing my current job, I think I would really enjoy
      getting credited and paid for daily miracles like that. ;)


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973"
      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > I was recently on a driving trip and had a very
      > unique experience where the Holy Spirit intervened.
      > I was in the left hand "fast" lane and going through
      > the city at around 11:30 a.m. I was keeping up with
      > the flow of traffic and making good time. In the distance
      > I saw a car pull onto the left hand shoulder and stop.
      > A cop got out and pointed his laser gun at me but it
      > was too late... for him... I was too close for the laser
      > to get a bead on me. I made it by a matter of a few
      > feet and a couple of seconds... it was a close call!
      > But wait! There's more!
      > This close call (at getting a speeding ticket) caused
      > me to slow down about 15 mph. However, I still stayed
      > in the left "fast" lane and had made it out of down town
      > and was now headed out of the city when it happened.
      > Suddenly my car began to lose control I thought it
      > was due to a flat tire, but whatever it was I needed
      > to regain control! After swerving some I pulled the
      > car over to the left hand shoulder stopped and got
      > out to view the damage. I looked down to see which
      > tire went flat and began to wonder who I should call
      > for help. The driver's side tires looked okay so that
      > means I probably needed to change a tire on the
      > dangerous freeway side. I watched for traffic and
      > went around to view the damage. Those tires looked
      > fine... I even touched them and they both looked
      > good. I now decided that something must have broken
      > loose from the under carriage or suspension. It did
      > look like the left rear wheel suspension looked lower
      > and I thought that maybe I'd blown a shock or broke
      > a spring.
      > Anyway, if I hadn't slowed down due to the cop I might
      > have flipped the car or run it into the concrete divider,
      > or into another car!
      > I got back inside the car started it up and drove slowly
      > and picked up speed until I could safely merge across
      > the four lanes. I thought I'd see if I could make it to the
      > next exit, but the car seemed to be driving okay so I thought
      > that I'd go to the closest dealer instead.
      > After 45 minutes at the dealer's service center it was
      > determined that my yaw stabilization sensor malfunctioned
      > and this had locked up the brake on a rear wheel. There
      > was nothing that they could do since they didn't have the
      > part and a replacement would cost about $800. Anyway,
      > I slowed down and made it the rest of the way home without
      > incident.
      > Now, if I was still an Eckist I could always attribute my
      > good fortune and protection to the Mahanta! But, I'm not
      > an Eckist... and to top that off I've been spitting into the
      > Mahanta's (HK's) face!
      > So, how can this be? Well... no one needs a middleman,
      > and a phony one at that!
      > Just go directly to the Source... the Holy Spirit (Eck, etc.)!
      > Besides, IT will come to you! Actually, IT has all along!
      > Klemp and the other religious leaders (i.e., demi-gods,
      > and mini-masters) just take the credit! It's a Catch-22!
      > Prometheus
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