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3358Re: Harry's Takeover In 6 Easy To Understand Steps

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  • prometheus_973
    May 1, 2008
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      Hello All,
      The financial thing, for ECKists, is a real Catch-22.
      It's true that many ECKists won't question finances
      as they blindly accept/surrender to whatever is told
      them. This is how that "Leap of Faith" works that Klemp
      has spoken about. This is, also, how it works for all
      religious followers, but somehow ECKists think or
      imagine that they are above it all... the lower worlds.
      They have deluded themselves because deep down
      they know that they aren't able to get answers for
      their questions and that there would be retribution
      for asking those questions in the first place. Really,
      can ECKists ask the ESC Staff to see the financial records
      of their church! They can ask, but to question where
      the money goes!!! That shows a lack of trust doesn't
      it! People in charge know how to turn it back around
      to stab and silence the questioner with guilt or fear
      tactics... every ECKist wants that next Initiation!

      The LEM is the physical leader of the physical church.
      His purpose is to run the physical org and to answer
      questions pertaining to the physical aspects of the
      teachings and to this lifetime. Therefore, HK should
      be honest and straight forward and be neutral (neither
      for or against) the reasons as to why financial questions
      are asked. However, such is Not the case!

      Also, the yearly membership donation is Not supposed
      to be a fixed amount, but a "suggested" amount. This
      means that ECKists can make any "Donation" amount
      for their memberships! If Not, then Eckankar can lose
      its TAX FREE status. Seminar "Donations" work the same!


      Mish wrote:
      The problem with eckists regarding the money is that they are not
      complaining! They don't care about the money in eckankar as long as
      they can scrape together their annual membership fee so that they will
      still be eligible for their initiations. Eckists are so wanting those
      initiations that they don't care if eckankar is fraudulent or not!

      So now I wonder how this strained U.S. economy will play out with the
      eckists. I wonder how many will fall behind in paying their membership
      dues? If they do, I would guess that they will be surprised that their
      beloved eckankar will still be demanding their money by arranging
      monthly payments. Eckists will be reminded that there is no free ride!

      But this brings us to a brighter note! How many potential new members
      will pass because of that membership fee (donation)? It just might be
      hard times for Klemp and company!

      Elizabeth wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > If the org is running this business properly, they would be investing all
      > those MILLIONS they are collecting yearly, and there would be no need for
      > anyone to pay membership dues! Residual money from books and stupid little
      > bonus crap the members get to purchase; photos of their beloved mahanta
      > levitating on the clouds.... Hu tapes, talk tapes, DVD's, jewelry etc....
      > Heck they could even help fund each and every local satsang society and
      > center... If klump was investing his money properly!!! I'm sure someone
      > could get the financial records covertly. ;-) Or maybe MN non-disclosure
      > for non profits needs to change! Klempankar wouldn't be able to hide behind
      > the laws then. What does it take to get such a law changed? I'd be
      > interested in knowing.
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