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  • Elizabeth
    Apr 29, 2008
      Prometheus wrote:
      Anyway, students of religion, of history, and of man
      can see where and how religion has progressed and
      increased its hold on people and has changed throughout
      world history. Religion can be a complicated topic with
      one's personal beliefs and experiences mixed in with
      those of others. Religion includes myth, superstition,
      tradition and a hodge-podge of other things according
      to culture.
      The bottom line is that each of us should have our own
      personal and private religion and be that religion's leader!
      The group and mob mentality to conform (group think)
      and directed by "leaders" is not a path to freedom. Religious
      hierarchies have the same purpose as the non-secular
      political hierarchies they were modeled after. It's to control!
      ..... One of my siblings took a "History Of Religions" class in college a couple years ago.  This was when she actually did some back ground research on eckankar.  For those of you not familiar with our family history as eck members;   I was a member of eckankar from the age of 12.   Spent a little over 30 yrs. as a member.  Our entire family joined late 1971, to include grandparents, parents and my 3 siblings and myself.  I used to boast about coming from a four generation family of eckists....   (rolling my eyes!)
      I left the teachings almost 5 yrs ago, but it took my sister longer to find her way out.  The class she took, as well as her instructor, pushed her to research eckankar not only from a members perspective, but with a neutral look into it's history.  When she started looking for info on the net, that was when she actually realized there was more to my leaving the path and being disowned by my entire family because of it, than she understood.  I was the black sheep of the family and was warned not to communicate with me or listen to anything I had to say!    What was more upsetting to them the most was the fact that they always thought of me as the one more DEVOTED and unlikely to leave in the first place!  So for me to leave, rocked them to their core, as it did many eck members in my local area and on the Internet / eck chat groups. 
      I completely agree with Prometheus!  The bottom line is,  I am my own personal and private religion and leader.... I need no middle man to have connection and experiences with spirit!  No one needs to guide me, save me, or take me to the next level of the god worlds.  No one is higher, better or more spiritual than the next guy! 
      I'm really enjoying the current conversations taking place here.  And of course Etznab you impress me with each new topic you bring to the group.
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